Best Jobs for Felons


If you’re in the market for a fresh start and a way to get yourself back on your feet, you’ve come to the right place. has compiled a list of the most open job opportunities out there. Though it is never going to be easy to find your perfect fit, the job options on this list will provide you with a solid head start.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to job-searching is to stay determined and never give up. You can build your future the way you want it, as long as you keep a good focus on the things that matter. Currently, our list features 25 different fields of work that you can choose from.

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Automotive:  If you like to work with your hands and spend time fixing vehicles then this is the job for you.  Considered manual labor and hard work by many, for those that enjoy this type of work, this is a great career for a second chance.

Building and Personnel Services:  ​​It’s a high demand job with a lot of opportunities. There are many companies that need help in the upkeep of their facilities or cleaning those of a client.  Most of the time you will be cleaning residential or commercial services.

Commercial Services:  Commercial buildings need help to keep well maintained.  Jobs in this area might be helping with property management, cleaning commercial buildings, maintaining the roofing, plumbing, concrete, etc.

Community Organizations:  Community organizations are there to improve the community that they’re a part of.  Most of the time they are open to working with those who have a record.

Computer Hardware & Software:  Most of the work at these companies will be focused on delivery of hardware products, assembly, or helping create software.

Construction and Trade:  These types of jobs are some of the best paying opportunities you’re going to find. You can often find a position in the field because the work demands so much. This job is for those who like working on job sites and working with your hands.

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Consumer Products Manufacturing: These companies need workers to help inspect, package, and deliver products.  This is typically hands on the product work to deliver the final result to a buyer.

Department, Clothing and Shoe Stores: Most of the jobs here you’ll find are in warehouse or inventory.This job is for you if you enjoy working with the public and don’t mind handling and managing the inventory of a store.

Financial Services: You can find opportunities, for those with a record, to work in the financial industry.  These jobs would be mostly helping with customer service.  No need for certifications to do these types of jobs.

Grocery Stores: Grocery stores need people to handle the warehouse inventory, stock shelves, clean the store, and help customers.  Most of the time working for these companies will be focused on helping customers and maintaining the locations depending on the needs of the company.

Healthcare Services and Hospitals: It’s not impossible to work in healthcare after a felony, but it is very difficult to get a job in the healthcare industry. These are considered on a case by case basis. Usually, these are jobs like CNA, phlebotomist, and caregiver. Crimes that tend to be the hardest in obtaining a job as a healthcare worker involve drug-related crimes, violent crimes, or sexual crimes.

Home Centers and Hardware Stores: A lot of the large hardware stores and home centers are a great place for a second chance. Just like with the grocery store industry, here you’ll be focused on stocking, customer service, and aiding customers with ideas to help them with projects.

Home Furniture and Housewares Stores: Similar to home centers and hardware stores, home furniture and housewares stores, the jobs will be centered on customer service and sales.

Hotels, Motels, and Resorts: This industry needs many employees to maintain everything that goes into creating a great stay at these locations.  You can clean rooms, be a handyman to fix broken items, or work in customer service to help guests.

Industrial Manufacturing: This industry may have a bit of a higher health risk because the products are often chemicals or other items that may be hazardous. These companies need people to help inspect, package and deliver products that they’re trying to get to their buyers.

Metal and Mineral Manufacturing: People are needed to extract and mine raw materials in order to be taken to where they can be used in development projects.  Jobs like these require a lot of hard work, but they do pay very well.

Oil and Gas Services: Working in the oil and gas industry is a challenge. It is also dangerous. The long hours and physical demands on your body can take their toll, but the pay is some of the highest available.

Residential Services and Maintenance:  There is always a need for skilled craftsmen. Basically all manual labor in this category, but the pay is good and depending on what you chose to do, there is consistent work.

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Restaurants and Food Service:  This may be one of the easiest types of jobs you can get into. Food service/restaurant jobs are usually server/chef/dishwasher.  It’s a great start if you need to get a job fast. There is a pretty long list here which means there are a lot of opportunities to get a job in this industry.

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Retail:  Companies need assistance in stocking their shelves and helping their patrons.  These companies can be found in many locations.  

Staffing and Outsourcing:  Going through a staffing and outsourcing company can be an easy way to get a job. The job you get hired to do may be short term employment or long term. It all depends on who they hire for and what jobs are available at the time.

Telecommunication Services:  These companies need people to help build and maintain their networks. This industry is constantly growing because of the increasing demands of modern communication. This effort requires many workers so there is a high demand for workers in this industry.

Transportation:  Airlines and vehicle rental companies need help to clean and maintain their modes of transportation.  This is a very hands-on labor-intensive job.

Trucking and Logistics:  Trucking and logistics is the movement of products or goods from one location to another. Transporting goods or helping to navigate the logistics of these products is what you can do in this industry.  These jobs pay a good salary and work is consistent. You may need to get licensed.  Not sure where to start, you may want to check this site.

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Waste and Sanitation Services:  The work gets dirty and you may end up smelling a little ripe after your shift. It does pay well and there are growth opportunities.

So you’ve found the job for you… or maybe not. But at least you’ve been proactive in taking steps toward building your future. There’s no better way to revamp your life than to turn over a new leaf, acquire new skills, and start down a new career path. As long as you don’t give up, you can accomplish important milestones in your future, despite your past.

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