Best Christian Colleges California Has To Offer

Attending the best Christian colleges California offers can expose you to the wondrous world of religion. Not only will you be able to acquire a strong education but also one that’s rooted in the words of Christ. This guide will explore five of the best schools with top-rated religious studies programs to consider.
Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $15,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $20,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

5 Best Christian Colleges California Has to Offer

1. Santa Rosa Junior College

2-4 Year; Santa Rosa, CA
Average Annual Cost: $6,585
Santa Rosa Junior College has one of the best religious studies programs in the entire state. The program’s foundation revolves around studying sacred texts, like the bible. You’ll also review different religious history tenets to better understand the world’s religions.
This program is remarkably well-rounded for Christian and non-denominational students. You’ll take an evidence-based approach to study religion’s historical, literary, and social concepts. You’ll also explore how religion has shaped general culture in countries worldwide.
If you intend to acquire a degree in religious studies, the college currently offers an Associate of Arts. You’ll also be enrolled in Philosophy, Humanities, and Religious Studies department. With such a diverse approach to studying religion, students will have a multidisciplinary learning experience.
Some of the most popular courses students can expect to take in this program include:

  • History of God
  • The Jewish Bible and the Birth of God
  • Jesus and the Invention of Christianity
  • Mesoamerican Origins of Latino Culture
  • Introduction to Asian Philosophy
  • Buddhism
  • Islam

2. California State University – Northridge

4 Year; Northridge, CA
Average Annual Cost: $8,523
California State University – Northridge is one of the best Christian colleges California offers. It is a great school to consider if you want to delve into religious studies. They also have various religious clubs for students to join to further their learning of God. Some of the most popular Christian-affiliated clubs include:

  • Christian Students
  • InterVarsity Matador Christian Fellowship
  • Asian American Christian Fellowship

Regarding religious studies, students will explore many fundamentals of religions worldwide. Along with Christianity, you’ll learn about Buddhism, Islam, and Catholicism. This learning pathway is one of the most popular at the university, speaking to the quality of its curriculum.
This program offers a multidisciplinary approach like other religious courses at top universities. Students will specialize in not only religion but also social sciences and humanities. During your studies, you’ll broaden your horizon in medicine, business, social work, and cultural studies worldwide.
California State University – Northridge currently offers minors, majors, and double majors, in religious studies. Students can easily try their hands at unique specialties to help them live a godlier life.

3. California State University – Long Beach

4 Year; Long Beach, CA
Average Annual Cost: $10,054
Although California State University – Long Beach has no religious affiliations, its religious studies program is optimal. Students will explore religion in historical and cultural contexts to experience major religions in the modern world. With a unique approach to learning, you’ll find this program also incorporates humanities and social sciences.
You’ll learn about multiple religions during your studies, including Christianity. Students will also explore Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. You’ll not only learn how these religions are interpreted in modern society but also their biblical context historically.
There are three main learning pathways at California State University – Long Beach. Students can acquire a religious studies degree as a major or a certificate program. There are also minor programs that you can take alongside other majors.
Another massive benefit of this program is that it can help you make a mark in various industries after graduation. Law students, teachers, managers, aid-workers, and even performance artists often take the religious studies program. It’s a widely accepted field of study that is highly versatile in the working world.

4. Epic Bible College

4 Year; Sacramento, CA
Average Annual Cost: $10,439
Epic Bible College is one of the top Christian colleges in California, offering numerous avenues of study for students. Along with your chosen major, your curriculum will include quality biblical education. Students will receive the fundamental skills to begin ministry within four years of study.
Instead of a traditional approach to learning through academics and theorists, Epic Bible College offers real-world experience. Students will work alongside faculty members currently active in ministry, helping embolden their real-world skills. As mentioned, there are multiple learning pathways to consider, including:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministerial Studies
  • General Education

Within each pathway, you’ll experience an assortment of specialties, including:

  • Worship Arts
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • Nonprofit Management

Students will also experience a well-rounded campus where they can meet new friends and network. Every student will feel welcomed and comfortable with an impressive number of clubs and activities.

5. Humboldt State University

4 Year; Arcata, CA
Average Annual Cost: $14,956
The final school recommended for students interested in Christian education is  Humboldt State University. With their religious studies program, you’ll combine religion and liberal arts tenets. Your studies give you a multidisciplinary approach to religion and religious people worldwide.
What makes this program unique is that it deepens the understanding of not only Christianity but other religions. Students will learn about Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism in their courses. 
Also, you’ll focus on unique specialties such as shamanism and goddess worship. Many classes revolve around studying sacred texts, including the bible, and how they apply to modern-day religion.
Another interesting concept of this program is how it analyzes pop culture in the development of religion. With a multidisciplinary curriculum, students will find themselves delving into psychology and mysticism regarding how they relate to spiritual development.
Overall, this is one of the more uniquely developed programs to consider for religious studies.
Like many other universities, you’ll find an assortment of clubs to consider as someone interested in religion. One of the most notable at Humboldt State University is Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). This organization is for students interested in learning more about God and spreading awareness of Him. 
Alternatively, there is a religious study club to join if you want a more diverse approach to learning about worldwide religions.

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