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Best Computer Science Schools

Every computer and mobile device has had a graduate from the best computer science schools involved in its production. The depth of a computer science degree is often overlooked but can be helpful in several industries. It can help you create immersive environments in video games or troubleshoot network systems.

At its core, a computer science degree explores the foundations of computation and information. Students will be able to learn about algorithms, protocols, programming languages, cybersecurity, and more. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most fast-paced degree options as technology constantly evolves.

To help you get the degree of your dreams, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top computer science schools nationwide. Each selection is ranked by projected annual cost and by using the following criteria:

  • Average annual prices below $22,000
  • Median starting salaries of no less than $24,000
  • Accredited programs recognized by reputable organizations
Accredited Computer Science Programs That Might Interest You
Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

6 Best Computer Science Schools

1. Brigham Young University – Provo

4 Year; Provo, UT

Average Annual Cost: $13,474

Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Brigham Young University – Provo is quite notable. Many graduates from the program are employed by industry-leading companies, allowing you to acquire gainful employment. You could also work in multiple industries, such as health, animation, business, and banking.

The program requires students to get between 74 and 77 hours of core courses, based on the school’s requirements. You’ll study data structures, operating systems, algorithm analysis, software design, and more. Also, there are several electives that you can take to explore various specialties.

Students often find themselves working with machine learning, signal image processing, software design, security, and interface software as a specialty. During your final years of study, you can decide to take a specific emphasis to gather more experience in a particular area. Currently, there are four primary options for selecting an emphasis, including:

  • Software Engineering
  • Animation
  • Data Science
  • Bioinformatics

Students can opt to continue their studies after acquiring a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University – Provo as an added benefit. They currently offer Master’s and Ph.D. programs for graduate students. During your studies, you’ll focus on specific tenets of computer-related specialties, such as:

  • Advanced Computer Security
  • Computer-Aided Geometric Design
  • Interactive Software Systems
  • Interactive Animation Technology
  • Computer Graphics

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2. University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus

4 Year; Denver, CO

Average Annual Cost: $14,470

The University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus offers two computer science degree programs. Students can choose between a Bachelor’s of Arts or Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science. Each program provides an assortment of reputable courses to help establish a strong foundation for a technology career.

In the Bachelor of Arts Computer Science program, you’ll learn to work in various fields. It’s a highly flexible program that allows for 38 elective courses so you can custom tailor your degree. You’ll also have options for specialization in other fields to earn a double major, minor, or additional certificate.

To obtain a Bachelor of Arts, you’ll need 120 total credit hours of coursework, which includes:

  • 24 core credit hours
  • 43 computer science credit hours
  • Seven math credit hours
  • Eight natural or physical science credit hours
  • 38 electives credit hours

If you’re more interested in a Bachelor of Science upon graduation, this degree program is ideal for creative work in computer science. Students will learn how to apply basic computational principles for collaborating on innovative technological projects. You’ll find most of your courses revolve around machine learning and data science.

With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, you’ll also explore software engineering, scientific computing, theory, cyber-physical systems, and more. The total credit hours required for graduation are slightly higher, at 128. During your studies, you’ll need:

  • 24 core credit hours
  • 22 math and science credit hours
  • Three engineering design credit hours
  • 46 computer science or computer science systems credit hours
  • 21 computer science breadth credit hours
  • 12 computer science technical electives credit hours

3. Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs

4 Year; Colorado Springs, CO

Average Annual Cost: $17,203

Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs is a fantastic option for a computer science degree. At a technical school, you are guaranteed to get plenty of traditional and online computer science experience. Students will have access to 14 different degree options, depending on preference.

Some of the most popular program options you can enroll in include:

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Computer Science (Cybersecurity Engineering)
  • Computer Science (Data Science)
  • Computer Science (Software)
  • Computer Engineering
  • Other Degree Options
  • Electronics Technology (Associates)
  • Computer Science (Master’s)
  • Computer Science (Doctorate)

Compared to other schools offering the same program, Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs is more diverse. You can study in specific specialties rather than having a generic computer science degree. Also, with a blend of in-person and online learning, it’s a highly flexible program.

With 22% of students graduating annually and 42% returning after their first year, it shows the program’s success. You’ll be able to navigate through various fundamental and modernized concepts to assist your career. Upon graduation, you’ll be more than prepared to pursue employment in an assortment of industries.

4. University of Baltimore

4 Year; Baltimore, MD

Average Annual Cost: $17,206

Instead of working towards a standard computer science degree, the University of Baltimore is slightly different. Their program provides students with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management. If you want a tech-driven career in the corporate sector, this degree program is ideal.

During your studies, you’ll develop strong business skills while strengthening your IT skills. You’ll find the majority of your courses are a blend of business and technology. When you graduate, you’ll know how to apply information systems technology to assist companies across various industries.

Some of the most common courses students in this program experience include:

  • Business Law
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Statistics
  • Systems Analysis & Logical Design
  • Structural Programming Using Procedural Language
  • Income Taxation
  • Introduction to Programming

5. University of Maryland – University College

4 Year; Adelphi, MD

Average Annual Cost: $18,048

The University of Maryland – University College offers an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Instead of having to attend in-person classroom instruction, you can learn at your own pace. This program is ideal for students looking for flexibility and who may currently be employed.

Fortunately, you’ll have access to the same high-quality curriculum as what would be offered on-campus. In the program, students explore computer software and hardware for government and corporate environments. With the diverse courses, you’ll graduate with specialized knowledge to help you acquire your dream career.

University of Maryland – University College ensures every student can analyze, design, and develop technical solutions. You’ll also have the fundamentals for adhering to national standards, ethics, and regulations in computer applications. With the help of your courses, you can more readily use emerging technologies and methodologies for resolving human or computer interactions.

There are an endless number of benefits that you can receive from the school’s online curriculum. In total, you’ll require 120 credits to obtain your degree, 36 of which are core and 43 are electives. Students will also be required to take 41 general education courses outlined by the University of Maryland – University College.

When enrolled, some of the most common courses you’ll find in your academic plan include:

  • Compiler Theory and Design
  • Intermediate Programming
  • Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming
  • Building Secure Python Applications
  • Current Trends and Projects in Computer Science
  • Calculus
  • Introduction to Discrete Structures

6. National University

4 Year; La Jolla, CA

Average Annual Cost: $20,722

If you’re on the hunt for a traditional computer science degree, National University has a great program available. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is ideal for prospective students. In your courses, you’ll gather the design and technical skills needed for the growing field of computer science.

The curriculum is balanced to provide in-class and real-world assignments, helping you diversify your employable skills. Students can also study online or on campus, depending on their preferences and course offerings. Some of the fundamentals you’ll learn about during your studies include:

  • Computer architecture
  • Software engineering
  • Computer communication networks
  • Operating systems
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Object-oriented programming

Upon graduation, you’ll know how to communicate effectively with your team members while engaging in professional projects. Students will also learn how to make informed and ethical computer-based judgments while analyzing complex computer problems. Undoubtedly, this four-year program is ideal for anyone looking for a computer science degree after graduating.

Computer Science Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the schools below.