Best Interior Design Schools in Florida

Enrolling in Florida’s best interior design schools will expose you to a fabulous career filled with creativity.

By transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary, you can help people feel perfectly at home.

It’s a trendy career field to consider with sufficient job opportunities and a flexible schedule.

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If you have a creative passion for interior design, you must find the best program to fit your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore the top programs in Florida to help you get started. Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $10,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $25,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

Best Interior Design Schools in Florida

1. Florida State College at Jacksonville

4 Year; Jacksonville, FL

Average Annual Cost: $3,129

Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Interior Design program takes a unique approach, focusing on the psychology of the specialty. Your programs will walk you through the importance of giving a specific feeling to a room, offering a new perspective on design. It also focuses on elements similar to other programs, including interior design’s technical and aesthetic concepts.

When you graduate, you’ll obtain an A.S. in Interior Design Technology, helping prepare you for your career. Alternatively, you can take your A.S. and move on to a four-year program to get a bachelor’s degree. This well-rounded program is one of the best in the state, as it’s an outstanding balance of hands-on and real-life training and experience.

Students will learn how textiles perform in spaces and master the art of computer-aided drafting. You will also gather unique space-planning skills and other fundamentals, such as furniture and accessory arrangement. Two other skill areas are color selection and client communication.

2. Indian River State College

4 Year; Fort Pierce, FL

Average Annual Cost: $3,786

The interior design program at Indian River State College is a fantastic learning opportunity for prospective students. During your courses, you’ll explore an assortment of creative, organized, and imaginative options to help start your career. You’re also expected to learn how to develop visually appealing design solutions for an assortment of spaces.

With the completion of this program, students will be given an A.S. in Interior Design. You can then take the National Interior Design Examination (NCIDQ) to acquire your certifications. After passing the exam, you’ll be fully prepared to begin your career as an interior designer.

This program is unique because it provides students with opportunities to be career-ready upon graduation. It also provides a well-rounded education to help graduates find careers in private homes, retail establishments, and even growing corporate businesses. If you want to further your degree, you may also find employment with architectural design firms.

At Indian River State College, there are a couple of avenues of study you can take on. The most popular is the Interior Design Technology A.S. program, which prepares students for further education. Completing this program can help you work towards a Bachelor’s Degree at IRSC.

Alternatively, students can acquire one of two technical certificates. These can be completed at the same time as obtaining your A.S. degree. Students can choose either a Home Staging Certificate or a Kitchen and Bath Design Certificate as an added specialty.

3. Eastern Florida State College

4 Year; Cocoa, FL

Average Annual Cost: $4,743

Instead of offering a standard program, Eastern Florida State College takes a unique approach to interior design. Alternatively, students can enroll in the Drafting and Design program, which takes a more technical approach. Rather than working with furniture and textiles, you’ll have an architectural specialty that can become a profitable career.

You can move on to commercial and residential construction careers with your degree. It’s common for graduates to work with architectural design firms, creating unique concepts for private and corporate clients. Within the Drafting and Design Technology program, you will be exposed to many fundamentals to help you begin a career in interior design.

During your studies, you will explore visual guidelines, use 3D printing to render concepts, and master 3D modeling and CAD programs. There are plenty of state-of-the-art tools you’ll be able to work with to help diversify your skills.

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4. Daytona State College

4 Year; Daytona Beach, FL

Average Annual Cost: $8,866

The central premise of the Interior Design Technology program at Daytona State College is to help students become career-ready. With your degree, getting employment in construction, architecture, or interior design will be more straightforward. It’s a unique program that balances academic standards and aesthetic principles to help you design iconic spaces.

Students will work through many concepts, including computer-aided drawing, visual and oral presentations, and interior design theory. You will also get plenty of hands-on experience working with textiles and drafting projects and presentations. After you’ve finished your program, you can move on to the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination.

As one of the best interior design schools in Florida, there’s no doubt that this program comes with plenty of great courses. Some of the most valuable concepts you will learn during your enrollment include:

  • Sales
  • Space Planning
  • Visual Merchandising
  • CAD usage
  • Architectural concepts

5. Palm Beach State College

4 Year; Lake Worth, FL

Average Annual Cost: $9,481

The interior design program at Palm Beach State College is similar to others in Florida. Students will be able to obtain an A.S. in Interior Design after completing their coursework. With this program, you’ll focus on interior design’s technical and professional aspects.

Students will get hands-on experience working with cost-effectiveness, health and safety, and managing clients’ needs. On top of the technical aspects, you’ll gather valuable knowledge to help you master the aesthetics of understanding design and space planning. When you finish your studies, you can then move on to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination.

With the interior design course at Palm Beach State College, you’ll have three consecutive terms of study. Students must acquire 75 credits, 15 general education, and 60 required courses. Some of the courses you can expect to take when enrolled in this program include:

  • Design Studio
  • Interior Design Graphics
  • Sustainable Design
  • Professional Practices
  • Technical Design
  • Building and Barrier-Free Codes
  • CAD for Interiors
  • Interior Detailing
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