8 Best Interior Design Schools in Texas

The best interior design schools in Texas can give you multiple opportunities to transform residential and commercial spaces as an interior designer. Students will learn about various methods to implement environmentally-friendly practices to create adaptable spaces. As an interior design student, you’ll gather a strong foundation in historical and contemporary furnishings, color theory, and art styles.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best design schools in Texas. Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $20,000
  • A median starting salary of up to $250,000 upon graduation
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies
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Best Interior Design Schools In Texas

1. El Paso Community College

2 to 4 Year; El Paso, TX

Average Annual Cost: $3,848

El Paso Community College offers students several fantastic opportunities when exploring the world of interior design. Interior design school here gives you access to state-of-the-art equipment, a fully stocked fabric library, modern software programs, a resource library, and more. All of the interior design degree program course offerings are reviewed by advisory board members to ensure they meet the academic standards for students across the design community.

There are three primary interior design degree programs that you can take as a prospective interior design student at El Paso Community College. There’s the Interior Design Technology program which provides an Associate of Applied Science. Students can also enroll in the Kitchen & Bath Design and Personal Design specialties.

Both of these pathways provide students with a Certificate of Completion upon graduating. If you wish to receive a different degree, you can use your Associate of Applied Science to apply to a four-year program. You can guarantee the design intelligence you’ll learn during your studies give you the fundamentals for future fine art learning.

63% of students return to El Paso Community College after their first year, and 22% graduate to pursue their dream careers. With your degree or certificate in hand, you can earn between $13,702 and $59,253 annually.

2. Houston Community College

2 to 4 Year; Houston, TX

Average Annual Cost: $4,813

Houston Community College has a fabulous interior design degree program that adapts to the needs of students for a future-proof education. After completing your interior design education, you’ll be able to excel in your desired career field of designing interior spaces. Students will know how to communicate designing concepts, develop high-quality presentations, and apply critical thinking to solve design problems.

Another massive tenet of this course is to ensure students plan and design interior spaces using software programs. You’ll learn to use technical, cultural, theoretical, and historical concepts in commercial and residential areas. There are many fantastic interior design courses that you’ll take during your studies, including:

  • Internships
  • Lighting
  • Technical Drawing
  • Professional Practices
  • Building Systems
  • Graphics (Revit)
  • Textiles
  • Photoshop
  • Fundamentals of Interior Design

Houston Community College offers students three different interior design school pathways to choose from. You can obtain a Certificate of Interior Decorating, an Occupational Skills Award in Interior Design Communication or an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Interior Design. With the completion of your desired program, you can pursue further education or a four-year degree program.

Overall, the Houston Community College retains 65% of its student body, proving the worthiness of its course selection. Also, students who graduate can earn between $14,840 and $63,005 with their degrees and certificates.

3. Collin County Community College District

2 to 4 Year; McKinney, TX

Average Annual Cost: $7,040

Collin County Community College District, also known as Collin College, is another school with a competitive interior design program. After graduation, students can earn between $28,236 and $61,218 with a degree in their desired field. In this field of study, you’ll learn how a client’s space affects how they interact with the world.

Students will navigate ways to design interior spaces responsibly while considering their client’s needs and sociocultural elements. The skills you acquire will be fundamental for your career, helping you with space planning, meeting building codes, and understanding spatial composition. Students will also gather strong skills in computer-aided design drafting and modeling.

There are currently four distinct program options students can choose from when enrolled at Collin County Community College District. You can acquire an AAS in Interior Design or an OSA in Interior Design. There are also two certificate programs (level 1 and 2) for the specialty. The Associate of Applied Science is the most popular, as it can significantly improve your chances of attending a four-year program.

During your studies, you’ll encounter many fantastic courses, including:

  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Basic Elements of Design
  • History of Interiors
  • Residential Design
  • Computer-Aided Drafting for Interior Designers
  • Materials, Methods, and Estimating
  • Rendering Techniques
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4. Lone Star College System

2 to 4 Year; The Woodlands, TX

Average Annual Cost: $8,711

Lone Star College System sees 53% of its students returning for their second year of study, with 18% graduating overall. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn between $9,167 and $65,362 annually, depending on your field of study. As an interior design major, you’ll find several profitable career opportunities available after you graduate.

As someone with a creative eye for design, this course is the perfect option to begin your career. As a constantly evolving field, students will learn traditional and modern design methods to further their learning. You’ll also have the opportunity to master your designing skills step-by-step with the program’s project-based learning approach.

Students will receive hands-on experience working with developing rooms with other interior designers and creating perfect spatial layouts. There is an assortment of lessons you can participate in to acquire your certificate, including:

  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Vast World of Interior Design
  • You Gotta Have Style
  • Plan That Space!
  • Design for All
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green
  • The Fabrics of Our Lives

5. San Jacinto Community College

2 to 4 Year; Pasadena, TX

Average Annual Cost: $9,638

The interior design program at San Jacinto Community College is a phenomenal opportunity for creative-minded individuals. You’ll explore interior design’s business, technical, and creative aspects for commercial and residential spaces. Students will learn to give professional presentations while implementing problem-solving techniques to create adaptive and comfortable interior spaces.

You’ll receive hands-on training with commercial and residential interiors during your studies while acquiring 60 semester credit hours. You’ll also learn how to identify and research interior space problems using space planning, design analysis, and programming. Post-graduation, students can find careers in various specialties, including:

  • Design product retail buying
  • Product researching
  • Freelance writing for interior design
  • AutoCAD drafting
  • Textile designing
  • Furniture designing
  • In-house corporate interior designing

With your degree in hand, there’s the possibility of earning between $16,478 and $65,066 after graduating. San Jacinto Community College also retains 72% of its student body, with 24% graduating to pursue their career goals.

6. Texas State University

4 Year; San Marcos, TX

Average Annual Cost: $14,887

Texas State University’s interior design program is one of the most well-rounded in the state. It incorporates design theory, architecture, technology, liberal arts, graphic communication, and art history. Also, it’s important to note that the Council of Interior Design Accreditation accredits the program.

Students will explore many interior design concepts such as business practices, accessibility, concept development, constructions, and materials. Also, you will be required to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam to register as a designer post-graduation. Like many other fine art degree programs, this field is highly competitive and requires students to complete a Proficiency Review after 18 credit hours.

With your studies, you’ll participate in an assortment of courses that give you the fundamentals for a successful career. A few of the most common course offerings for interior design students include:

  • Residential and Commercial Interior Design
  • Comprehensive Interior Design
  • Contemporary Interiors & Architecture
  • Design Graphics & Portfolio
  • People, Environment, and Behavior
  • Basic Interior Design
  • Introduction to Research in Family and Consumer Sciences

This program from Texas State University is competitive and one of the best in the state. Nearly 77% of students return after their first year, with a 55% graduation rate. You can earn between $24,300 and $51,200 annually with a TXST degree.

7. Blinn College

2 to 4 Year; Brenham, TX

Average Annual Cost: $14,917

Blinn College is a fantastic solution if you’ve always had a passion for interior design paired with architectural concepts. Their interior design courses are available through an Associates of Arts in Architecture. Although you won’t graduate with a specialty in interior design, you’ll have the fundamentals to move onto a four-year interior design course, if desired.

In the architecture program, students will work through design fundamentals, including architectural history and drawing. You’ll use your skills to combine practicality and creativity to create proficient interior residential and commercial designs. Another massive benefit of this program is it increases your employability in your desired field of study.

Approximately 52% of students at Blinn College return for their second year, with 15% graduating annually. Once you have your degree, you can earn an average of $37,500 in your desired field of study.

8. The University of Texas at Austin

4 Year; Austin, TX

Average Annual Cost: $18,350

As another unique learning pathway for interior design students, The University of Texas at Austin has a fantastic program. Their program is specifically designed to help students understand and promote the relevance of design in creating environments. You’ll explore a multi-faceted program that focuses on the importance of innovation and interacting with the world.

Students will use state-of-the-art labs to work through professionalism, creativity, and hands-on opportunities. You’ll also acquire a world-class education through the help of innovative facilities designed for interior design students. Currently, there are three-degree programs that students can consider, which include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Interior Design First Professional
  • Master of Interior Design First Professional
  • Master of Interior Design Post Professional

During your time as an undergraduate student, you’ll participate in an assortment of courses. A few examples of topics you’ll explore include:

  • Visual Communication
  • Advanced Interior Design
  • Topics in Interior Design Theory
  • Interiors and Society
  • Topics in the History of Architecture
  • Designing for Human Behavior
  • Environmental Controls

Undoubtedly, The University of Texas at Austin is one of the most impressive in the state. 95% of their students return to study after their first year and 82.6% graduate. With your degree, there’s the potential to earn about $67,839 annually, depending on your field of study.

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