10 Best Journalism Schools in America

The best journalism school in North America can give you access to the wondrous world of communication. As one of the essential careers for keeping the public informed, this specialty is an exciting and ever-changing industry. From TV journalism to online blogs, there are numerous careers to explore with a degree in journalism from one of the top 10 journalism schools.

To help you find the best journalism colleges, we’ve curated a list of ten schools for journalism students. Each of these journalism schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $28,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $40,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies
Accredited Programs That Might Interest You
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Best Journalism Schools

1. CUNY Brooklyn College

4 Year; Brooklyn, NY

Average Annual Cost: $3,067

The Journalism and Media Studies program at the City University of New York Brooklyn College is for the world’s most enthusiastic storytellers. With this journalism degree program, journalism major students learn to convey messages across several platforms while exploring various topics and subject areas. Undoubtedly, this program is ideal for journalism students looking to tell the United States and the world some of the most meaningful stories.

What makes this best college journalism program unique is that it approaches journalism in all ways, including communications, ethics, and critical thinking. By combining all of these facets, you can become a member of public service. There are six primary outcomes you can expect to acquire during your studies in this journalism school in one of the best journalism colleges.

Students will learn how the civic nature of journalism works, ranging from its political economy to its history. You’ll also learn the ethical principles of communication and how they work their way into professionalism. Also, students will explore the unbiased nature of providing quality storytelling.

2. De Anza College

2 to 4 Year; Cupertino, CA

Average Annual Cost: $5,394

De Anza College is another best journalism school option for a well-rounded education focusing on journalism and mass communication. During your studies, you’ll explore an assortment of courses, including news and feature writing, student broadcast journalism, sports journalism, public relations, and more. Students will explore numerous facets of this public communication career to help them acquire the fundamental skills to examine several industries as journalists.

Students will dive into information literacy paired with critical thinking to solve print, digital, and video content problems. You’ll also diversify your communication and expression skills while exercising your First Amendment rights. Journalism department students can also expect to learn more about global, social, cultural, and environmental justice in storytelling.

There are a couple of different degree options for journalism students at De Anza College and a new certificate program. Students can acquire an Associate in Arts in Journalism or an Associate in Arts Transfer degree. As an added benefit, the school recently created Public Relations Certificates to help you prepare for a specialty career in PR.

3. Potomac State College of West Virginia University

4 Year; Keyser, WV

Average Annual Cost: $8,622

At Potomac State College of West Virginia University, students can earn an Associate of Arts in Communication Studies. This program is unique because it focuses on the facets of journalism and communication as a whole. Students will be able to diversify their knowledge in mass communication as well as face-to-face conversations.

Another fantastic component of this program is that it’s developed for modern society. For example, students will explore the role of television and social media in journalism. During your courses, you’ll explore communication across various industries, including government, business, non-profit organizations, and media.

Upon graduation, you’ll have the necessary skills to work with conflict negotiation, public opinion research, copywriting, producing and publishing, editing, and more. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most diverse journalism programs you can consider enrolling in. With 42% of the student body returning after their first year, it speaks to the program’s quality.

4. University of Wyoming

4 Year; Laramie, WY

Average Annual Cost: $11,085

Journalism is a field of study that spans the world of communication, and the University of Wyoming’s program understands that concept. At this school, prospective journalism majors can acquire several unique degree options. With this level of versatility, you can develop an undergraduate and graduate school resume to find your dream job placement.

The general program options at the University of Wyoming include:

  • Communication Major or Minor
  • Journalism Major or Minor
  • Public Relations Minor
  • Marketing Communication Minor
  • Master’s Degree in Communication

One of the most notable features of this program is that it focuses on all communication elements in journalism. Students will branch out into web design, photography, advertising, media production, and more. There are also many study options to further your professional development, including studying abroad and internships.

In general, the school has an incredible retention rate of 77%, with 60% of students graduating with their desired degrees. As a journalism major, you’ll be able to pursue careers in several industries, including:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Law
  • Government
  • Speech Writing
  • Sales
  • Speech Instruction
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Consultant

5. Utah State University

4 Year; Logan, UT

Average Annual Cost: $13,257

The JCOM (Journalism and Communication) program at Utah State University is a remarkable opportunity for students. Your courses will provide you with skills in video production, information gathering, media literacy, writing, online journalism, and more. This program is one of the most renowned, as its students often win regional and national awards in public relations, journalism, and multimedia.

If you’re looking for a program where you can learn from industry experts, Utah State University is ideal. Their faculty members are nationally recognized scholars, photographers, editors, PR specialists, and more. You can guarantee you’ll gather the most relevant real-world experience to help you pursue your dream career.

Another remarkable tenet of the JCOM program is that they encourage students to get hands-on experience through internships. Before graduating, you can work for a company for one semester to help gather on-the-job skills that will surely help your resume. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most well-rounded programs to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in this field.

6. Brigham Young University – Provo

4 Year; Provo, UT

Average Annual Cost: $13,474

Pursuing a degree in journalism at Brigham Young University – Provo makes you a part of the School of Communications. Recently renamed, the News Media (formerly Journalism) program is essential for all story-minded individuals. You’ll gather the fundamental skills to explore community building, democratic decision-making, and public deliberation during your studies.

Each of your classes will provide you with the skills to explore lucid writing, analytical thinking, and interviewing. Students will also better understand using images, words, and sounds to portray stories accurately and in a relatable fashion. There’s no doubt this program is essential for students interested in a traditional broadcast or print journalism career and online media.

Brigham Young University – Provo is unique from other journalism programs because of its lab learning environments. Within the newsrooms, you’ll get hands-on experience in an assortment of ways. Students will produce visual and audio content as well as work with automated editing and production equipment.

7. University of Wisconsin – River Falls

4 Year; River Falls, WI

Average Annual Cost: $13,844

The journalism program at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls is a fantastic opportunity for exploring multiple facets of the industry. Graduates often find themselves working in numerous careers, including news anchors, digital editors, multimedia journalists, copy editors, photojournalists, and more. Like many other programs, this avenue of study is ideal for those interested in communicating important information to the general public.

With future-proof course offerings, students will navigate through current and historical journalism practices. The curriculum is filled with a diverse offering of class options for students to enroll in, such as:

  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Print News Writing
  • Mass Communication Law
  • Opinion Writing
  • First Amendment in American Society
  • Information Gathering
  • Introduction to Visual Communication
  • TV News Photography
  • Mass Media and Society

8. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

4 Year; Whitewater, WI

Average Annual Cost: $14,417

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater offers a journalism program spanning four years to help you work towards your dream career. With your bachelor’s degree, you can find placement in print, web, broadcast, and international news. This program differs from others because it focuses on 21st-century journalism compared to historical methods of communication.

Students will graduate with current and relevant knowledge about videography, photography, editing, and producing. You can also gather specialty experience in writing, sound development, and more. Everything you need to pursue a career in digital media or print media will be provided during your studies.

There are plenty of reasons why this program is essential for journalism majors, one of which is hands-on experience. The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater is one of the only journalism programs with an on-campus television station. Journalism students will get experience working on documentaries, talk shows, commercials, and more.

9. University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

4 Year; Oshkosh, WI

Average Annual Cost: $14,687

As a part of the journalism department at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, students can explore numerous professional opportunities. You’ll quickly find work in public relations, advertising, and multimedia journalism. One of the fundamental tenets of this course is the First Amendment paired with ethical core journalism principles.

During your studies, you’ll explore the world of creativity and professionalism blended with journalistic ethics. After graduating, you’ll have the fundamental skills to tell the world’s stories clearly and professionally. Students also have access to fantastic learning facilities, such as a digital photo studio and computer labs.

All of your core courses will revolve around multimedia, visual arts, and writing. There are also advanced degree programs to consider if you want to broaden your professional experience. You can sign up for in-class projects and national competitions to pad your resume for the most competitive-minded individuals.

10. Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

4 Year; University Park, PA

Average Annual Cost: $27,530

Imagine a world where you could acquire your journalism degree entirely online. Pennsylvania State University – World Campus offers an online degree option for students interested in digital communication. You’ll gather a strong understanding of journalism with tailored course options for different specialties. For example, students can opt to specialize in media management, telecommunications, or visual media. With enrollment in this program, you can graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism and Media.

This highly recognized accreditation can assist you in finding careers as a digital or print journalist. Students at PSU will learn how to use ethics and law to provide stories during their studies while understanding freedom of speech. There’s also a strong focus on multimedia skills for developing, researching, and creating journalistic pieces. All in all, it’s a very well-rounded program that can quickly adapt to your schedule.

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