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Best Marketing Colleges

With the help of the best marketing colleges, students can explore one of the most diverse career fields. As a marketing professional, you will learn several skills and concepts, from communication to writing skills. Whether you are interested in public relations or digital marketing, the options are endless.

Marketing is one of the most competitive business-related fields worldwide. Undoubtedly, students will want to get into the top schools to become the most competitive graduates vying for high-ranking jobs.

In this guide, we have compiled the top 10 marketing colleges to consider nationwide. Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $16,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $40,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

10 Best Marketing Colleges

1. University of South Florida – Sarasota – Manatee

4 Year; Sarasota, FL

Average Annual Cost: $2,082

At the University of South Florida – Sarasota – Manatee, students will be able to explore a Marketing major. With this degree field, you will learn about not only the essential tenets of marketing but also communications. Alongside faculty, peers, and campus leaders, students will use creative and analytical strategies to keep the community informed.

Since this is a highly dynamic field with various dimensions, students will gather a well-rounded experience during their studies. They will explore product pricing, promotions, product distribution, and planning. Each course’s concepts will help prepare learners for careers in healthcare institutions, governments, political campaigns, charity organizations, and more.

It is important to note that marketing is an ever-changing field that requires professionals to think on their feet. That said, you can expect your undergraduate studies to adapt to a quick-paced environment. You will use traditional and digital media sources to communicate with the public, paired with learning how to attract new customers.

Within the Marketing major, students can also choose to focus on specific specialties. These specialties include Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Sports & Entertainment Management.

2. Foothill College

4 Year; Los Altos Hills, CA

Average Annual Cost: $3,859

Foothill College has a unique marketing-related program from the other schools on this list. Instead of offering a generic marketing course, they feature a Communications major. Within this major, you will explore many of the same tenets that you would in a standard marketing course.

For example, some of the compulsory classes that students will be expected to take include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Group Discussion
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Introduction to Communication Studies

This major is unique because it has a special focus on exploring how to craft effective communications in different industries. You will learn about debating, setting up debates, and how to be an effective leader in the workplace. There is also a considerable focus on multicultural communication, an essential facet for career opportunities.

At Foothill College, students will work towards either an Associate in Arts Degree in Communications or a Certificate of Achievement in Communications. The AA program requires students to take 30 major credits, while the certificate pathway requires up to 25 credits. You will also require 15 core credits and 15 support credits for graduation.

Communications is a diverse field that opens the door to many career options. As one of the best marketing colleges in the country, Foothill College helps students find work in human resources, healthcare, government, telecommunications, public relations, and politics.

3. University of Houston – Downtown

4 Year; Houston, TX

Average Annual Cost: $6,848

Whether it’s for international charities that need to raise awareness or local businesses that need growth, marketing is a worldwide need. At the University of Houston – Downtown, students can work towards obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, a competitive career field for business-minded individuals.

Upon graduation, you will find many different career opportunities, whether in non-profit or for-profit organizations. During your time in the Marketing program, you will explore your individual talents and skills for developing effective marketing materials. Students will also try their hands at personal selling, advertising, and public relations.

One of the most important facets of the major is marketing research. Students will learn how to analyze metrics to determine the success of marketing campaigns. There’s no doubt that this career field is only slated to grow as the demand for marketing professionals will increase by 32 percent.

Many graduates from the University of Houston – Downtown find work in various fields and become:

  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Marketing Sales Representatives
  • Marketing Account Executives
  • Marketing Assistants

4. Bellevue College

4 Year; Bellevue, WA

Average Annual Cost: $7,870

At Bellevue College, students have two distinct options if they want to study marketing. The first option is the Digital Marketing major, while the second is Marketing Management. Within the Digital Marketing major, you will have the opportunity to acquire a BAS in Digital Marketing or an AAS-T in Digital Marketing.

Both degrees in this specialty give students a competitive edge in modern marketing. You will explore online video, mobile marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization, and digital analytics.

Also, there are plenty of phenomenal career opportunities you will find available after graduation, including:

  • SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Digital Content Producer

One of the most exciting concepts of the Digital Marketing course is the variety of classes students will take. A few examples of typical courses include:

  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Film and Television Marketing

Another option for marketing students is to enroll in Marketing Management. This major takes a more traditional business-focused approach to marketing. Many graduates will find it beneficial for advertising, sales, and customer service careers.

Instead of being a specific specialty, Marketing Management explores a broad overview of marketing theory. You will work on improving oral and written communication and managing marketing programs.

There are also multiple degrees and certificate options students can consider, including

  • Associate of Arts in Marketing Management
  • Certificate of Achievement in Promotional Marketing, Retail Marketing, or Web Marketing
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Product Development, and Innovation
  • Certificate of Completion in Digital Content, Digital Media, Digital Advertising, Digital Measurement & Analytics

5. Prince George’s Community College

2-4 Year; Largo, MD

Average Annual Cost: $9,069

Prince George’s Community College has two degree programs for prospective students to consider. First, you can enroll in the AAS in Marketing Management or opt to receive the Marketing Management Certificate. Both programs are classified as career programs, giving students the most employable skills upon graduation.

During your studies, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to create effective marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to use modern tools and techniques to assist non-profit and government organizations with marketing. Another unique aspect of this program is that it puts a strong focus on the distribution of goods and services.

Instead of opting for a standard marketing program, this career program is often preferred. Students will find many careers in various fields, including selling, transportation, inventory control, and warehousing. To obtain your Associate of Applied Science in Marketing Management, you will be required to take up to 60 course credits.

A few examples of the most common courses students take in this pathway include:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Composition II: Writing for Business
  • Physical Geography
  • Salesmanship
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Foundations of Communication

As you can tell, compared to other marketing programs, this learning pathway is diverse. Students will find it simple to work in management positions upon graduation. This benefit is also why Prince George’s Community College’s program is excellent for working professionals.

6. Utah Valley University

4 Year; Orem, UT

Average Annual Cost: $9,159

Students interested in a four-year degree program will love the marketing majors available from Utah Valley University. Currently, they offer a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Marketing for students to explore. Both programs focus on effective communication, sales, and marketing fundamentals.

To obtain either degree, students will need to acquire 120 semester credits throughout their studies. You will also be expected to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher in most business courses. With the comprehensive list of class offerings, you can guarantee you will get a well-rounded education in this program.

Some of the most common courses you will explore during your studies include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Topics in Marketing
  • Advanced Professional Selling
  • Content Marketing
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sales Management
  • Retail Management
  • Customer Experience

The diversity of the course selection is essential for preparing students for a significant number of careers. You could find yourself working in retail management or for a significant non-profit organization. Both the BA and BS programs focus on the core fundamentals of business management, ideal for all business specialties.

7. Miami University – Hamilton

4 Year; Hamilton, OH

Average Annual Cost: $11,559

The Miami University – Hamilton has a fantastic marketing program for students. As a part of the Farmer School of Business, you will explore a diverse curriculum designed for all learners. You will learn about supply chain management, sales management, personal selling, and consumer behavior in your courses.

Students will try their hands at problem-solving, ensuring value is created for customers. At the same time, they will also be learning about global marketing research. These concepts work together, providing you with a well-rounded marketing degree with a strong business background. In fact, this learning pathway is one of the most popular.

Aside from taking marketing as a major, students can also choose to take it as a minor. You can study an alternative area of interest while learning about external business functions. The marketing minor works perfectly with other degree interests, helping students work on their collaboration and teamwork.

8. University of Maryland – University College

4 Year; Adelphi, MD

Average Annual Cost: $14,288

If you are interested in studying marketing at the University of Maryland – University College, you will be a part of the Robert H. Smith School of Business. In this department, students can work towards acquiring a BS, MS, and PhD degree in marketing. It is also one of the most prestigious options for students nationwide, as many graduates have become leading scholars.

When looking at the curriculum, you’ll find that the University of Maryland – University College has a diverse collection of learning opportunities. Students will learn how to work within all levels of an organization, ensuring services and goods are offered. The program also ensures students understand how to use their marketing skills when addressing community and professional needs.

In total, you will be enrolling in a four-year plan that includes numerous courses, such as:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Macro-Economics
  • Marketing Research Methods
  • Marketing Policies and Strategies
  • Managing People and Organizations
  • Business Finance

9. Miami University – Middletown

4 Year; Middletown, OH

Average Annual Cost: $14,630

The Miami University – Middletown’s marketing program is similar to the Hamilton campus in that it helps students develop well-rounded business acumen. With an assortment of marketing courses paired with general business, you will have the skills and knowledge to explore numerous employment opportunities.

There’s no doubt that this marketing program has an advanced curriculum, helping students adapt to a fast-paced workplace.

One of the more unique concepts of this program is something you will experience during your final years of study. Before acquiring your degree, you can get hands-on knowledge that addresses marketing problems with clients. This approach helps ensure students are equipped with the know-how to enter advanced marketing positions upon graduation.

10. Metropolitan State University

4 Year; Saint Paul, MN

Average Annual Cost: $15,225

The marketing program at Metropolitan State University is one of the better options for students. In the curriculum, you will get into all of the points that work together to create a diverse field. Many of your courses will explore marketing and business management’s technological, psychographic, and demographic concepts.

This course is something to consider if you want to pursue a career as a buyer, marketing researcher, business communications specialist, and more. Another massive benefit of the program is that it is available both in-person and online. Alternatively, students can also take a hybrid program, combining in-person and online courses.

During their studies, there are several outcomes that students can expect to meet. You will learn how to create marketing communications plans, develop global marketing plans, and assess buyer behavior. It is also common for your courses to explore business ethics and brand strategies for for-profit and non-profit entities.

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