Best Colleges That Offer InState Tuition to Out-of-State Students

With this list of the best colleges that offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students, studying at your dream school for much less is possible.

Fortunately, numerous programs across the United States give out-of-state students equal opportunities for academics as in-state students. In this guide, we review 10 top-ranked institutions that participate in these benefits for distance students.

Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $19,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $35,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

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Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.  

10 Best Colleges That Offer InState Tuition to Out-of-State Students

1. Augusta University

4 Year; Augusta, GA

Average Annual Cost: $12,239

Augusta University has out-of-state tuition waivers for students who do not meet the requirements to be considered Georgia residents. That said, there are eligibility guidelines students must meet to be granted in-state tuition over their years of study.

Applying for these waivers will have your out-of-state fees deducted from your tuition, allowing you to pay in-state tuition.

If you are granted a tuition waiver, it is important to note that you will need to resubmit an application annually. This is particularly important for visa-holding students, who will also need to present immigration documents at the time of application.

Augusta University offers many different out-of-state tuition waivers, including:

  • Waivers for non-resident students
  • Economic advantage waivers
  • Waivers for career consular officials
  • Waivers for separated military personnel
  • Waivers for Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservist members
  • Military personnel waivers
  • Additional waivers through South Carolina scholarships

To learn more about the tuition fee waivers available from Augusta University, you can visit this link.

2. West Virginia University

4 Year; Morgantown, WV

Average Annual Cost: $13,355

West Virginia University is one of the few schools that offers a unique opportunity to graduate students. As a graduate student, you could be eligible to receive an out-of-state tuition waiver under the Academic Common Market.

Unfortunately, this school no longer supports this benefit for undergraduate students. However, if you are already enrolled in the Reduced Tuition Program, your benefits remain. There are a couple of notable restrictions for students looking for in-state tuition using this program.

West Virginia University does not recognize double majors, and there are specific requirements you must meet every school year, including:

  • You must maintain residency in your home state.
  • Your academic plan must not be longer than five academic years.
  • You must not change institutions or majors.
  • Students must remain enrolled in full-time (12+ credit hours) learning.
  • Students must maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher).

Another unique option is available for students who live in Garret County, Maryland. If you want to attend West Virginia University, you could be eligible to receive in-state tuition instead of out-of-state. However, you must be pursuing a full or part-time baccalaureate degree.

All your tuition and fees will be based on the in-state fees at West Virginia University. That said, students must be Garret County residents and have an associate’s degree from Garrett College.

To learn more about tuition waivers for out-of-state students at West Virginia University, you can visit this link.

3. University of Arizona

4 Year; Tucson, AZ

Average Annual Cost: $13,358

The University of Arizona offers in-state tuition to out-of-state students through the state’s Professional Student Exchange Program. This program is available through the Arizona Board of Regents. It allows a certain number of students to enroll in five professional programs with reduced tuition.

With the help of the sponsorship, students will be responsible for paying in-state tuition as long as they are within one of the five fields of study. When calculating your tuition and fees, you’ll pay the difference between standard tuition and WICHE support.

Students will also be responsible for their own lodging, supplies, meals, books, and personal needs. This support fee is a significant benefit for students looking to have assistance with covering the cost of education.

The five fields of study that are covered by the Professional Student Exchange Program are:

If you want to learn more about tuition waivers from the University of Arizona, you can visit this link.

4. Emporia State University

4 Year; Emporia, KS

Average Annual Cost: $14,794

The Midwest Student Exchange Program is an excellent opportunity for students interested in attending out-of-state schools in the Midwest. To be eligible, the student must reside in Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Indiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, or Ohio.

Also, if you are an undergraduate student, you must be classified as full-time and make considerable progress towards your degree to remain eligible.

With the help of this benefit, students can pay in-state tuition instead of exorbitant out-of-state costs. There are also academic requirements that Emporia State University requires students to have in this program, such as:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Four English and math units
  • Three social science and natural science credits
  • An ACT score above 21 points

These unique benefits also extend to graduate students, with some requirements. Graduate students must have at least six credit hours going towards their degree and have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. These students must also maintain a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 hours of study.

At Emporia State University, specific academic programs are available for students seeking in-state tuition. These programs include:

  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Youth Services
  • Archives
  • Elementary Literacy
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Information Systems
  • Sociology
  • Physical Sciences
  • Marketing

To learn more about paying in-state tuition as an out-of-state student at Emporia State University, visit this link.

5. Mississippi State University

4 Year; Mississippi State, MS

Average Annual Cost: $16,122

With the help of the Academic Common Market (ACM) Program, students at Mississippi State University can pay reduced tuition costs. The purpose of this program is to give distance students access to specific degree programs not available in their state.

All benefits are administered through the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). To be eligible for this benefit, you must live in one of the 15 approved states, from Alabama to West Virginia.

Students must also choose a specific program approved for the ACM Program and be admitted unconditionally through Mississippi State University. Other specific requirements to be entitled to in-state tuition include:

  • A 2.75 GPA score or higher
  • A minimum ACT sub-score of 19 for English and Math
  • A minimum ACT composite score of 22

At Mississippi State University, the tuition remission is at 100%, and to keep this benefit, students must continue to meet specific criteria. To learn more about what’s expected from in-state students seeking out-of-state tuition at this school, visit this link.

6. University of Arkansas

4 Year; Fayetteville, AR

Average Annual Cost: $16,507

At the University of Arkansas, you could be applicable to receive tuition assistance if you are joining a specific program. Like other schools on this list, this institution offers in-state tuition to out-of-state students through the Academic Common Market Program.

With the program’s help, students can explore various fields of knowledge that are not typically available in their state.

If you are interested in this benefit, getting accepted into a program through the Academic Common Market is not enough. You will also need to get a Certification of Residency from the Common Market Coordinator. From there, you can begin your field of study in another state at a significantly reduced cost.

At the University of Arkansas, there are several fantastic bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs you can enroll in. A few examples include:

  • Kinesiology
  • Architecture
  • Public Policy
  • Philosophy

To learn more about the Academic Common Market Program at the University of Arkansas, visit this link.

7. University of Baltimore

4 Year; Baltimore, MD

Average Annual Cost: $17,206

The University of Baltimore is another fantastic school offering out-of-state tuition assistance through the Academic Common Market Program.

To be eligible, students must enroll in an approved program within an accredited university, which the University of Baltimore is. You will also be required to seek a full-time degree, whether that be a graduate, transfer, or undergraduate degree.

There are different submission guidelines for your application, which are available annually. It’s important to note that these deadlines are final, so you must submit your application on time.

You can find all the steps for applying through your OneStop account, which is managed by the government of Maryland. To learn more about the Academic Common Market Program and the University of Baltimore, visit this link.

8. Louisiana State University

4 Year; Baton Rouge, LA

Average Annual Cost: $17,811

The Louisiana State University (LSU) is a fantastic university with an awe-inspiring campus you can attend. Fortunately, it offers out-of-state students the ability to explore numerous programs that are not currently offered in their home state.

With the help of the Academic Common Market Program, students can save on out-of-state tuition. By enrolling in the program and being approved, you will have all your out-of-state tuition fees waived, giving you access to in-state tuition.

This can be massively beneficial for students interested in pursuing expensive education opportunities. It’s also important to note that students will be awarded in-state scholarships, as your non-resident tuition rate affects your status.

As with other schools that participate in the Academic Common Market Program, there are specific undergraduate programs students must enroll in. At Louisiana State University, you can explore the following majors:

  • Architecture
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Library and Information Science

To learn more about Louisiana State University’s waived out-of-state tuition fees, visit this link.

9. Kansas State University

4 Year; Manhattan, KS

Average Annual Cost: $18,433

Kansas State University offers a few unique opportunities for out-of-state students to have in-state tuition costs. As a non-resident student, you could qualify for the Missouri Reciprocal Program, Founders Non-Resident Merit Award, Missouri Match Program, or the Midwest Student Exchange Program.

With the help of these programs, your out-of-state tuition fees will be waived, and you can also access several additional scholarships.

It’s best if students use the scholarship finder to see which tuition benefits they can apply for based on their personal criteria. For example, you could qualify for many additional benefits, such as the Wildcat Non-Resident Award. With this scholarship, you will be awarded:

  • 50% discounts on out-of-state tuition portions
  • An estimated $8,000 award for 30 credit hours

To learn more about the different out-of-state tuition savings and scholarships at Kansas State University, visit this link.

10. Texas A&M University

4 Year; College Station, TX

Average Annual Cost: $18,919

As you browse the student resources at Texas A&M University, you will find that it is another one of the many institutions participating in the Academic Common Market. This program allows students to pay in-state tuition instead of higher out-of-state fees.

That said, there are eligibility requirements to meet and maintain to continue receiving the benefit. With this program, Texas A&M University can ensure there isn’t unnecessary duplication of educational programs across participating states. It also helps add extra support to courses that could serve additional students.

Above all else, it encourages learners to get new experiences in different states, helping them get an education they would otherwise not have. A few of the most notable eligibility requirements you must meet before applying for the ACM Program include:

  • Students must live within the 15 SREB states.
  • Students must work with an ACM coordinator to determine eligible programs.
  • Students must be approved for ACM-approved programs.
  • Students must apply for a Certification of Residency.

Unlike other institutions, Texas A&M University only offers this type of tuition assistance to graduate-level students. This means you can acquire a master’s, doctoral, or other related graduate degree as an ACM student.

A few examples of the graduate degree programs this school offers under the ACM Program include:

  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Animal Breeding
  • Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Architecture
  • Anthropology
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Wildlife Science
  • Real Estate
  • Marine Resources Management

If you want to learn more about the ACM Program at Texas A&M University, you can visit this link.

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Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.  

Enroll in Your Dream School Today With In-State Tuition

The options are endless when you have a list of the best colleges that offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students. With some of the top programs nationwide, you can explore other areas of interest not typically offered in your state.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for your benefits today! This way, you can explore numerous learning opportunities regardless of where you’re from.

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