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Online Colleges That Accept FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Finding the best online colleges that accept FAFSA can help students afford post-secondary schooling.

With the added benefit of online learning, you can get an affordable education that easily fits into your schedule.

Online Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about availability of federal financial aid, start dates, transferring credits, and more by contacting the universities below.

For this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best colleges that will accept most types of financial aid.

Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $43,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $32,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

Best Online Colleges That Accept FAFSA

1. University of Florida Online

4 Year; Gainesville, FL

Average Annual Cost: $5,577

The University of Florida is well-known for its traditional campus, but it also offers unique learning opportunities online through the University of Florida Online.

With a unique pathway to degrees, students will be a part of one of the top-ranked online colleges in the United States.

One of the fundamentals of this online school is to ensure every student has equal access to learning.

Thanks to a customizable schedule, you can acquire a four-year degree at your own pace.

Alternatively, you can attend school just as you would on-campus but with the comfort of learning from anywhere.

Currently, there are numerous programs students can explore when they enroll, including:

  • Biology
  • Anthropology
  • Advertising
  • Business Administration
  • Criminology
  • Geography
  • Fire & Emergency Services
  • Digital Arts and Sciences

For many students, there’s a common misconception that online learning is of a lesser quality than in-person classes.

However, the University of Florida Online ensures every student gets the same education as they would in person.

Each course matches the same rigorous nature as on-campus classes, ensuring you get the best possible education for your career.

2. Purdue University Global

4 Year; West Lafayette, IN

Average Annual Cost: $10,125

Finding an accredited online university is essential for students looking for a FAFSA-accepting program.

At Purdue University Global, you can earn a certificate or degree entirely online.

Its incredibly affordable tuition rates make it one of the more inexpensive options to consider for post-secondary schooling.

By removing traditional school barriers, students can finally learn at their own pace on their own time.

You can work alongside a counselor or independently to create a study plan to help you acquire your degree in a couple of years.

Also, you can customize your learning format to accommodate your living style.

Whether you’re looking for an associate’s degree or professional certificate, many degree options are available.

Students can also work towards undergraduate and graduate degrees, much like any other standard on-campus college.

You will find numerous fascinating programs to explore, including:

  • Aviation
  • Legal Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Communication
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Psychology

One of the more unique features of Purdue University Global is how it helps students find their ideal degree.

You can take advantage of the career assessment tool to determine your professional interests.

The school’s website then matches you with the best college path to take so that you can enter your dream career.

3. American Public University

4 Year; Charles Town, WV

Average Annual Cost: $10,563

American Public University is a fantastic option for students searching for affordable online education.

Like many other online programs, it creates career-focused learning opportunities for students.

The entire curriculum is designed with the help of industry experts, ensuring students get the best knowledge possible for their entry-level careers.

Students will love online learning through American Public University because the classes are designed quite well.

They will work through online forums alongside their peers and professors. There’s also the option to review lectures, study notes, and submit assignments on flexible schedules.

That said, this school also maintains the same structure as on-campus learning.

It’s ideal for keeping students accountable for their studies and encouraging them to work continually to earn their degrees.

Currently, American Public University offers eight different online degree levels to consider, including:

  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • Doctoral Degrees
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Individual Courses
  • Professional Certification Training

If you’re searching for an online school that offers a diverse number of academic areas to study, you’ll be impressed.

The university has unique offerings, including Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Security and Global Studies.

You can also find more traditional offerings than you would expect from other online schools.

Studying online makes it easy to feel left out of traditional on-campus activities. This is where the student clubs and organizations prove helpful.

Students can sign up for online clubs and organizations to get a traditional college experience by connecting with like-minded peers at American Public University.

4. Baker College

4 Year; Owosso, MI

Average Annual Cost: $12,575

With a diverse platform encompassing multiple study avenues, Baker College makes online learning simple.

It has refined its portal called BakerOnline to help students find schooling that fits their busy schedules.

Along with its online study option, students can attend in-person classes if they prefer an on-campus environment.

Online learning from Baker College is unique because it is formatted similarly to in-person classes.

Students will still be held to specific deadlines, assignment dates, and more. However, the flexibility of the majors is some of the most versatile you will find.

Students can work alongside their peers to participate in collaborative assignments and discussions.

There’s also the opportunity to submit assignments, watch lectures, and do research on your own time.

With the ability to earn your degree entirely online, all you need is an internet connection.

You’ll be able to earn an assortment of degrees through BakerOnline, including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Some of the most popular areas of study include:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Finance
  • Game Software Development
  • Finance

5. University of Phoenix

2-4 Year; Online

Average Annual Cost: $13,038

As another school specializing in online learning, the University of Phoenix is perfect for all prospective online students.

As an added benefit, it accepts FAFSA and many other types of financial aid.

Students can finance their education at a considerably lower cost with tuition assistance, scholarships, and grants.

You can find an assortment of high-quality, fully accredited programs at the University of Phoenix.

There is also an assortment of top-tier degree options, including bachelor’s, master’s, associate’s, and doctoral degrees.

Moreover, students can experience a unique learning pathway known as competency-based programs.

With these programs, you can attribute your previous life experience to your learning.

It’s ideal for career-ready students looking for certificates to accommodate their existing knowledge.

Additionally, you can opt to acquire professional certificates to further your learning in a specific specialty.

The University of Phoenix is one of the best online schools because of its diverse list of programs.

Students can explore numerous subjects, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Administration
  • Nursing
  • Technology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Operations Management
  • Liberal Arts

6. Penn State World Campus

2-4 Year; Online

Average Annual Cost: $15,476

Penn State World Campus is a part of one of the largest universities in the United States, Penn State.

Instead of attending on-campus courses, you can attend their online school that also accepts FASFA.

With nearly 175 degrees and certificates, students can experience several remarkable learning opportunities to diversify their career options.

The online application process is quite straightforward, helping students find the ideal area of study for their needs.

You can also request more information about the online school before enrolling to see if it’s right for you.

Fortunately, Penn State World Campus is one of the most competitive online colleges to consider, helping to bolster your resume.

Students will find several degree options, from associate’s to doctoral degrees. There’s also the option to sign up for graduate certificates and minors, depending on your needs.

Some of the most popular areas of study the online school offers include:

  • Nursing
  • Geospatial
  • Business
  • Education
  • Technology, Sciences, and Math

As with most online schools, Penn State World Campus considers its student’s schedules.

You will have far more flexibility than if you were to study on-campus, fitting your schooling into your available time.

That said, the online learning experience is still structured, so students can work towards achieving their goals.

Another central tenet of Penn State World Campus is it ensures all courses are accessible.

With equal learning opportunities, students can easily navigate through all of their classes independently.

Alternatively, you can access discussion forums with your peers and professors for extra guidance.

7. Capella University

4 Year; Minneapolis, MN

Average Annual Cost: $16,545

Capella University is one of the many fully online colleges you can consider in the United States.

More than anything, it specializes in offering online degree options, ensuring every student gets the best possible learning experience.

With numerous avenues of study, you will find that earning your degree has never been simpler than with their curriculum.

The central premise of this school is to enable students to study on their own time on their terms.

You can find highly adjustable programs depending on your schedule, available in numerous formats.

Another fascinating tenet of the curriculum is the FlexPath learning.

With FlexPath, students can choose their courses based on their budget and set their deadlines.

There is also the ability to use your world experience to advance your degree, perfect for getting credits for previous knowledge in your field of study.

If you are curious about self-paced learning, this could be the ideal study path to consider.

As mentioned, there are multiple degrees you can earn through Capella University. It has doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees.

Students can also enroll in certificates and individual courses to help further their career options.

Some of the most popular programs at Capella University include:

  • RN-to-BSN
  • Doctor of Education
  • MS in Psychology

8. Grand Canyon University

4 Year; Phoenix, AZ

Average Annual Cost: $20,585

Grand Canyon University was initially designed as a college with solely in-person classes.

However, it has recently diversified to offer online degree programs for students to consider.

The majority of these programs are designed for career-ready individuals or students looking to further their existing careers.

With a values-based curriculum, you will not only learn the fundamentals of your specialty but also develop interpersonally.

Thanks to their impressive flexibility, many great online degrees can easily fit into your schedule.

Students will also benefit from having access to the same tools as their on-campus peers.

Through Grand Canyon University’s online degree programs, you can get online technical help, chats with student service counselors, and more.

Students also receive access to the GCU library, which is essential for studying your coursework.

There are numerous degree programs to consider, including doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

Grand Canyon University is one of the many colleges that accepts numerous types of financial aid, including FAFSA.

It also features unique benefits for military service members and their spouses.

Not to mention, you’ll find a diverse collection of scholarship opportunities for students to use to their advantage.

9. Strayer University

2-4 Year; Online

Average Annual Cost: $21,585

Strayer University offers online and on-campus degrees with a strong emphasis on online study.

One of the main tenets of this school is that they work to provide affordable education for all students.

They accept numerous types of financial aid while offering extensive scholarships.

Strayer helps students earn bachelor’s, master’s, and associate’s degrees. You can also find a collection of certificates to help you become professionally trained in a specialty.

The school has many academic programs, such as accounting, criminal justice, and information technology.

Strayer University is one of the many online schools that ensures all students are equipped with the best tools for success.

You’ll be able to create a flexible learning schedule to accommodate your current career and personal life.

Additionally, you will have many of the same benefits as on-campus learning, such as access to advisors, professors, and peers.

Another massive benefit to attending Strayer University is its credit transfer program.

Students can transfer up to 28 classes when attending this online college that accepts FAFSA, making it easier to finish their existing education.

Many students find their coursework is already 70% complete by transferring credits.

10. Southern New Hampshire University

4 Year; Manchester, NH

Average Annual Cost: $42,645

Southern New Hampshire University is another excellent option for students seeking a diverse online learning environment.

Compared to other colleges, this school has an incredible list of programs with over 200 avenues of study.

Each online course is uniquely refined to fit into every student’s schedule, helping you find an adaptable avenue to get a degree.

One of the more unique features of this school is that its online programs are designed for career-focused students.

Thanks to its customizable learning pathways, you will be able to work and earn a degree at the same time.

Additionally, there are several affordable study options with tuition costs that haven’t changed in over 10 years.

Some of the most popular online programs you can enroll in at Southern New Hampshire University include:

  • Anthropology
  • Accounting
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • English
  • Healthcare Administration

Whether you’re looking to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, there are various programs to consider.

You will also find that the online application process is elementary, allowing students to find the program they want to apply for easily.

With the added benefit of transfer credits, you can bring up to 90 undergraduate credits for your online bachelor’s degree.

Get a Degree Without Going Into Debt

No budget to fund your college education? All is not lost for you yet; there are online programs you can apply for to get financial aid.

When looking for online colleges that accept FAFSA, there are many high-end programs to consider at an affordable cost.

Online colleges have never been more popular than now, offering students diverse and flexible learning opportunities from anywhere in the world.

It’s time you began working towards your future career by finding the ideal program for your needs.

Online Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about availability of federal financial aid, start dates, transferring credits, and more by contacting the universities below.