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Top Psychology Schools in the Country

The top psychology schools across the nation help students unlock several fantastic employment opportunities. Whether you want to work as an independent psychologist or a school counselor, the options are vast.

With the schools in this list, you’ll find many common themes, but they all focus on providing enriched education to help bolster your future career.

To help students find the best psychology schools, we’ve curated a list of 10 top-ranked programs nationwide. Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $27,000
  • A median starting salary no lower than $50,000
  • Accredited programs by recognized bodies

10 Top Psychology Schools

1. Florida Institute of Technology – Online

4 Year; Melbourne, FL

Average Annual Cost: $12,240

Florida Institute of Technology is an excellent school for students interested in studying psychology. They offer both standard in-person classes on campus and distance learning opportunities online. With the online program, students can earn an undergraduate psychology degree.

There are multiple psychology-based specialties students can explore, including Forensic Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. In each degree program, students will explore unique learning opportunities, helping to give them the skills needed for their careers. The entire curriculum revolves around giving students the necessary foundation to make positive differences in various worldwide industries.

With the many facets of psychology, you can guarantee you’ll learn the ins and outs of the subject. Students will explore research studies, applied work, and real-world analysis of human behavior. You’ll also have the opportunity to continue with your schooling post-graduation if you want to work towards a Master’s or Doctorate.

2. University of Phoenix – Utah

4 Year; Salt Lake City, UT

Average Annual Cost: $12,944

The University of Phoenix – Utah is a fantastic solution for students looking to obtain an education even with a tight schedule. It is one of the premier options for individuals who are currently employed or need flexibility in their day-to-day life. You can gather a well-rounded psychology education with online programs without ever leaving home.

The entire curriculum from the University of Phoenix – Utah revolves around helping students understand why people act in specific ways. You will explore various concepts of professional, social, and cultural settings, learning how the human brain works. Additionally, you will gather real-world experience dealing with case studies and problems while developing your critical thinking skills.

With the opportunity to study online, you can decide how many courses you want to take at a time. Also, different course schedules give students more flexibility to create a curriculum that suits their needs. Whether you’re a first-time student or a returning learner, the University of Phoenix – Utah is a great option.

3. Brigham Young University – Provo

4 Year; Provo, UT

Average Annual Cost: $13,322

Studying psychology at Brigham Young University – Provo can help students acquire many reputable degree options. You can major in psychology for undergrads to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. Alternatively, you can opt to minor in psychology.

Upon graduation, the school also offers students the opportunity to apply for different graduate programs. The two examples of the most popular psychology graduate degree programs include:

  • Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.)
  • Psychology (Ph.D.)

As an undergraduate psychology student, you will be required to take at least 49 credit hours to get your diploma. Fortunately, every student can work with a counselor to develop a major academic plan, ensuring that you get all of the required courses.

A few of the most common courses psychology students can expect to take include:

  • Psychological Research Design and Analysis
  • Social/Cultural Anthropology
  • Multicultural Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Behavioral Neurobiology
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Cognition
  • Abnormal Psychology

4. Walden University

4 Year; Minneapolis, MN

Average Annual Cost: $13,365

Walden University is another fantastic option for students interested in a flexible psychology program. As a degree offered entirely online, you can unlock a fascinating career while learning from anywhere. Students can also transfer to Walden University’s psychology program from other schools, as you can bring up to 135 credits with you.

There are many parts of this school’s psychology program. Students will learn how the human mind works and other valuable insights to promote healthier living in their communities. During your studies, you’ll explore the fundamental concepts of psychology and how you can apply them to an assortment of career avenues.

In total, students are expected to earn 181 quarter credits to graduate with their degree. You’ll require 46 general education credits, 35 core credits, 25 concentration credits, 10 elective psychology credits, and 65 general elective credits.

Some of the most common course options for students include:

  • Theories of Personality
  • Introduction to Basic Statistics
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology

Another interesting concept of Walden University is that students can begin working towards their graduate degrees. Using the B.S. in Psychology Accelerate Into Master’s program, you can finish both degrees in less time.

Students will be able to obtain a Master’s in an assortment of areas, including:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Education and Promotion

5. National University

4 Year; La Jolla, CA

Average Annual Cost: $14,664

The psychology program at National University takes a modern approach to psychological care. Students will learn how to use contemporary practices to study the human mind and behavior. Through your classes, you’ll explore the tenets of emotion, behavior, and cognition while using research methods to find solutions.

With the psychology program, students will use their critical thinking skills and current technologies to research mental disorders. Additionally, you’ll learn an assortment of skills that can help with effectively communicating across different mental health professions.

There is an assortment of programs students can choose from, depending on the specialty they’re interested in. A few examples of the psychology programs at National University include:

  • Behavior is Language
  • Drugs and Alcohol in Schools
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Harassment, Bullying, and Cyber-Intimidation in Schools

In addition to the specialty programs, National University also offers standard options for study. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Psychology or a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. After receiving your Bachelor’s degree, you can then choose to move onto a graduate program to obtain your Master of Science.

There are many reasons why National University is a great choice not only for psychology but also other programs. Most of their programs are available both on-campus and online, ideal for those with busy schedules. Additionally, their classes are four weeks long, helping you obtain your degree considerably faster than other schools.

6. University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus

4 Year; Denver, CO

Average Annual Cost: $15,358

Studying psychology at the University of Denver will open your door to many opportunities. Their curriculum focuses on freedom of expression with academic freedom, helping students foster their minds. By exploring innovation and inclusiveness, students can better understand the inner workings of the mind.

All of your courses will promote critical thinking as well as specialized knowledge and skills. The psychology program is ideal for students looking to explore scientific methods while uplifting the community at the same time. Along with studying psychology as a major, students can also consider it as a minor.

7. Alliant International University – San Diego

4 Year; San Diego, CA

Average Annual Cost: $16,164

The Alliant International University – San Diego is one of the better options if you’re looking for many psychological fields of study. Students can explore a number of graduate and certificate programs to help them work in the career of their dreams.

From Family Therapy to Organizational Behavior, there are multiple online and in-person programs to consider.

One of the largest benefits of Alliant International University – San Diego is their class size. With a specialty field such as psychology, it’s important that students have access to numerous resources. Fortunately, the school boasts smaller class sizes, ensuring every student gets adequate resources.

While attending the school, there are several psychology degree programs that enrollees can choose from. A few examples include:

  • M.A. in Clinical Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychopharmacology
  • M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy

8. Capella University

4 Year; Minneapolis, MN

Average Annual Cost: Tuition and Fees

Understanding human behavior can be challenging, which is where the psychology program at Capella University becomes helpful. Their course selection will aid students in developing the skills and knowledge needed to understand human behavior better.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of degree and certificate options you can obtain upon graduation. Overall, all psychology courses are ideal for students interested in studying the human mind.

All of the courses in the psychology program can help students build a career to help their community. You’ll try your hands at working with various demographics, from athletes to children. Additionally, the school offers Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Doctoral degrees for undergraduate and graduate students.

Each learning pathway from Capella University helps you diversify your skills. Undergraduate students will work on writing, problem-solving, research, and analysis. When you enter the Master’s program, you’ll get more experience with clinical thinking, analyzing human development, and more.

9. University of Baltimore

4 Year; Baltimore, MD

Average Annual Cost: $21,183

The University of Baltimore has one of the best psychology programs nationwide, especially if you’re looking to obtain a Bachelor of Arts. Their program features two semesters filled with fascinating courses, from Developmental Psychology to Statistics.

Students will gather plenty of fundamental knowledge to help them in their specialty and beyond their careers. During your studies, you’ll explore various methods and theories that apply to modern psychology. You will also utilize research and analysis skills when studying case studies and determining how the mind works.

After completing your studies, you will then have the opportunity to work through an internship, research project, or develop a presentation. With this much on offer, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the top psychology schools in the country.

There are multiple avenues of employment students can explore after they graduate. Many move on to become researchers, work with families, or even enter criminal justice. It’s a highly versatile field of study that can help you succeed in many potential careers.

When you study psychology at the University of Baltimore, you will be a part of the Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences. In the department, you’ll find different psychology programs, including:

  • M.S. in Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology
  • M.S. in Applied Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

In addition to the graduate programs, there are also two graduate certificates to consider. These include a Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling Studies and Global Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

10. Azusa Pacific University College

4 Year; San Dimas, CA

Average Annual Cost: $26,293

Azusa Pacific University College takes a two-prong approach to psychology. Students can obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in the field, but the department also offers psychological assistance to students. On the academic side, students will be able to try their hands at laboratory research, internships with community organizations, and more.

There is also standard in-class coursework, testing students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. The entire curriculum is designed to give students the tools to make a global impact with their knowledge. Upon graduation, you will have the skills needed to enter an entry-level position working with mental health.

If you want to further your education to practice psychology at a more professional degree, Azusa Pacific University College has options for you to consider. Students can opt to continue to acquire their Master of Science in an assortment of categories, including:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Child Life
  • Research Psychology and Data Analysis

As an alternative, students can take psychology as a minor alongside their program of choice. You can choose from different specialties with the minor, including drug and alcohol counseling. Undoubtedly, this is one of the more well-rounded curriculum options for prospective psychology students.

One of the more unique aspects of Azusa Pacific University College is that they take a faith-based approach to teaching. Students will be expected to demonstrate integrating the Christian faith with their studies. For psychology, students will need to study the science of psychology paired with the Christian faith and how they interact.

Even for first-time students, Azusa Pacific University College offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. With this option, you can obtain your diploma entirely online without visiting the campus every day. It’s a fantastic solution for working students or returning students with busy schedules.