1-Year Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

Nurse practitioner jobs are significantly growing. As a result, the demand for nurse practitioners is expected to continue rising in the coming years. Nurse practitioners share most of the similar duties as doctors and, as a result, earn higher incomes. As a registered nurse, you can advance your career by becoming an NP.

The majority of registered nurses are hesitant to take time off work and take a degree course. However, you must earn a degree to get state licensure. Fortunately, schools offer online nurse-practitioner programs, and you will graduate within 12 months or more. Also, there are many specialties you can pursue to earn your certification.

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1-Year Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN (12 months)

Vanderbilt institution offers various popular 1-year nurse practitioner programs online. It gives you a chance to obtain a quality education and advance in your career within the shortest time. This University has made significant contributions to the Nurse Practitioner professional workforce and thus, ranked highly. Vanderbilt University’s curriculum integrates informatics technology and is very comprehensive. Students graduating from the institution in NP programs are well equipped with recent tools that make it easier to look after patients and get employment faster.

To enroll in Vanderbilt University, you are required to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an active registered nurse license. In addition, you must submit official transcripts, a resume, and letters of recommendation.

Specialties Offered

• Adult-Gerontology Acute Care

• Women’s Health

• Psychiatric-Mental Health

• Adult-Gerontology Acute care-Hospitalist

• Adult-Gerontology Acute care-Intensivist

• Adult-Gerontology Primary Care

• Family Nurse Practitioner

• Pediatric Nurse practitioner-Acute Care

• Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-primary care

• Neonatal

Program details

It is a 1-year nurse practitioner program online where you complete your coursework remotely. You only visit the institution for incentives. Also, you must complete core courses and specialization courses before graduating. Core courses are first before proceeding to the specialization courses. Core courses are crucial in laying a foundation for theoretical concepts, research, and evidence-based practice.

National University – San Diego, CA (12 months)

Just like Vanderbilt, National University helps students to become nurse practitioners within a year. In addition, the National University offers 1-year nurse practitioner programs online in Psychiatric Mental Health and Family Nurse Practitioner.

It is the largest private non-profit institution in San Diego that offers an online program at affordable tuition fees. If you enroll in National University, you obtain a quality education and still work as you pursue your NP degree. Also, the University offers solid support and financial benefits to servicemembers and dependents.

To enroll in the institution for a 12 months program, you must have a BSN with a GPA of at least 3.0 and a registered nurse license. Additional requirements include; recommendation letters, a resume, official transcripts, and a personal goals statement.

Specialties offered

• Family Nurse Practitioner

• Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

The two programs offered are 1-year Nurse Practitioner programs online. The institution makes students excellent at clinical skills, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice. There are a total of 12 courses for both core and specialization courses.

Core courses focus on biomedical statistics, project management, health policy and finance, and evidence-based practice. After, you can proceed with classes in your area of specialty. You must complete 45-49 credits, a clinical practicum, and a capstone before graduating. Also, you must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (at minimum) to earn a degree.

15-18 Month Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

Anderson University – Anderson, SC (15 months)

Anderson Institution offers online nurse-practitioner programs to nurses who want to advance in their careers. It is an exciting place to go to obtain a quality education and graduate within 15 months. The school is popular for producing NP nurses who are excellent in evidence-based practice and advanced nursing. It also offers faith-based education that helps nurses give patients better care.

To enroll in Anderson University, you must have a BSN with a GPA of at least 3.2 and an active RN license. Additional requirements include; CPR certification, a resume, a personal statement, official transcripts, and two recommendation letters.

Specialties offered

• Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

• Family Nurse Practitioner

Program details

The two NP programs are designed to enhance your BSN education for you to become an excellent caregiver. You will cover most of the coursework remotely and only visit the institution for intensives once per semester. The program runs from August every year. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program prepares nurses to give primary care, while Psychiatric Mental health prepares nurses to treat mental health.

You must complete 48 credits and 600 hours of clinical practice. In addition, nurses at Anderson University take faith-based courses besides core and specialization courses. The core courses include;

• Health policy and advocacy

• Pathophysiology

• Inter-professional Collaboration

• Informatics in healthcare delivery

• Healthcare quality improvement

University of Nevada, Las Vegas –Las Vegas, NV (16 months)

The institution offers online nurse practitioner programs. Its main primary goal is to prepare RNs for advanced practice, leadership, and educator positions in healthcare. Nurses from Nevada have increased clinical competence and are excellent at theoretical concepts for nursing practice. The University of Nevada is best for you if you wish to enhance your career and earn better. You will graduate within 16 months.

To enroll in a program in the institution, you must have a BSN with a GPA of at least 3.0, an active RN license, three letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal goal statement. In addition, you must earn undergraduate courses in physical assessment, nursing research, and statistics.

Specialties offered

• Psychiatric Mental health Nurse Practitioner

• Family Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

It is an online NP program that allows you to learn remotely and work at the same time. You only visit the campus a few times for intensives. You must attain 46 credits before graduating in core courses and later specialty courses.

Union University- Jackson, TN (16months)

You can also advance your nursing career at Union Institution and graduate within 16 months. The school helps students master advanced nursing and evidence-based practice concepts while fast-pace their careers. Students from this University also are driven by excellence and rooted in Christian values.

A student aspiring to join Union University is required to have BSN and an active RN license. In addition, all official transcripts and references are submitted before one qualifies for an interview. The application cycle is open from August 12th every year.

Specialties offered

• Family Nurse Practitioner

• Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

You must earn 46 credits for both core and specialization courses. In specialization-specific topics, you focus on primary care if you select the FNP track. On the other hand, if you choose the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program, you will focus on managing acute and chronic mental health disorders and models and theories for PMHNP.

Youngstown State University – Youngstown, OH (18months)

Youngstown State University offers online nurse practitioner programs and allows you to graduate within a year and a half. If you like taking care of adults, you can enroll in the University and advance your career. The institution has six start dates and coursework, and you can remotely learn when it’s convenient.

If you wish to enroll in this University, you must have a BSN, an active RN license, and official transcripts. Additional requirements include at least 1000 hours of experience as an RN.

Specialty offered

• Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

You must earn 45 credits before graduating; 18 in core courses and 15 in specialty-specific courses. After mastering all the core courses offered, you process to specialty courses. Here you are taught about essential aspects of disease management and adult-gerontology care.

Saint Thomas University – Miami Gardens, FL (18months)

The institution offers you a chance to enhance your career and earn more. The NP program is done online. Therefore, you can still work as an RN as you obtain your education remotely. Their primary focus is on helping nurses get advanced skills in primary care and graduate within 18 months. In addition, the tuition costs are considerably lower compared to most online NP programs.

To enroll in Saint Thomas, you must have BSN, or RN license and submit all official documents.

Specialty offered

• Family Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

You must complete 15 courses in core and specialization courses and earn 47 credits. Also, you must complete 500 hours of clinical training before graduating. Courses run for seven weeks and six weeks in summer.

South College – Knoxville, TN (18months)

South College’s online NP program is an affordable and flexible way of advancing your career. The College emphasizes developing the analytic and critical skills of nurses. Their program is designed to cut edge with hands-on clinical practice experiences. The most outstanding fact about South College is that RN nurses can still work full-time, and the fees are affordable.

To enroll in South College BSN, RN license and at least 2000hours experience as RN. Additional requirements are; a personal goal statement, a resume, and letters of reference.

Specialty offered

• Family Nurse Practitioner

Program Details

You must earn 74 credits before you graduate and get certified; 38 in core and 36 in specialty courses. Most of the coursework is done online, and you visit the campus for experimental learning only.

Other Important Information to Consider

Benefits of Online Nurse Practitioner Programs:

Online nurse practitioner programs offer several benefits to registered nurses who want to advance their careers. The advantages encompass the capacity to schedule flexibly, concurrently work while pursuing the degree, and acquire knowledge at one’s preferred pace. Online programs also often have lower tuition costs and provide access to quality education from reputable institutions.


When considering an online nurse practitioner program, it is important to ensure that the program is accredited. Accreditation ensures that the program meets certain standards of quality and that the education provided is recognized and respected by employers and professional organizations.

Clinical Practicum:

Many online nurse practitioner programs require students to complete a certain number of clinical hours as part of their education. These clinical practicums provide hands-on experience and allow students to apply their knowledge in real healthcare settings. It is essential to inquire about the availability of clinical placements and how they are organized in online programs.

Certification and Licensure:

Graduating from an online nurse practitioner program does not automatically grant certification or licensure. To ensure compliance with your state or country’s certification and licensure requirements, it is crucial to comprehend and verify that the chosen program aligns with those requirements. Upon program completion, aspiring nurse practitioners may need to successfully pass a national certification exam to obtain official certification.

Continuing Education and Professional Development:

Nurse practitioners are required to participate in continuing education to maintain their licensure and stay updated on the latest advancements in healthcare. It is beneficial to choose an online nurse practitioner program that emphasizes lifelong learning and offers opportunities for professional development beyond the initial degree.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Investigate the financial aid options and scholarships available specifically for online nurse practitioner programs. Many institutions offer financial assistance to help students with tuition costs, and there may be scholarships specifically tailored to nursing students or those pursuing advanced degrees.

Networking Opportunities:

While online programs provide the convenience of remote learning, it’s important to seek out networking opportunities within the program. Participating in online discussion boards, virtual conferences, or professional organizations can help you connect with fellow students, faculty, and nurse practitioners, expanding your professional network.

State Authorization:

Depending on the state in which you plan to practice as a nurse practitioner, there may be specific requirements for online programs. Ensure that the online program you choose is authorized or approved by the appropriate state regulatory bodies to meet the licensure requirements.


NP Online programs are as valid as in-person programs. However, online programs are advantageous as they allow you to fast-pace your career, learn remotely or work full time. If you wish to become an NP on a specific track, do not wait. Instead, enroll in 1-year nurse practitioner program online and obtain a quality education.

Popular Online Nurse Practitioner Master’s Programs

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