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online colleges that offer laptops | colleges with free laptops

Are colleges really giving away laptops and iPads for free?!

Yes, they are!

There are a handful of campus-based and online colleges that offer laptops to their students, some as part of loaner programs, others giving away the laptops as part of tuition and some schools just require students just pay a “technology” usage fee.

There are also a few schools that are actually giving laptops to their students for free.

So where do you find colleges with free laptops, iPads, and/or tablets?

We’ve compiled a list of online colleges that offer laptops, iPads, and tablets for you so you don’t have to search all over the web for them yourself.

Keep in mind, that not all of these schools offer laptops for 100% free, but usually, the school will work with you on a payment arrangement, just take it right out of your student loans, or roll it into tuition costs.

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Online Colleges That Offer Laptops FAQ

What Online Colleges Give You A Laptop

  • Strayer University
  • Southern Nazarene University – Choice of 3 laptops. Dell Latitude 3380, 13″ MacBook Pro, 15″ MacBook Pro
  • Wake Forest University – free laptop must be returned upon graduation
  • Northwest Missouri State University – free laptop must be returned upon graduation
  • St. John’s University – choice of 3 laptops – Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga
  • Independence University Online – laptop and iPad program
  • Bethel University – Google Chromebook
  • Centenary College
  • Widener University
  • CollegeAmerica – free laptop
  • Stevens-Henager College – laptop
  • Azusa Pacific
  • Full Sail University –Apple MacBook Pro
  • Indiana State University
  • University of Minnesota-Crookston
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Rochester College – free Apple MacBook or iPad
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology

Does Strayer University offer free laptops?

Strayer does offer laptops to their students that enroll in many of their bachelor’s programs. They offer a “Strayer Tech Pack” which includes a laptop from Mikrotik and Microsoft software. After completing three-quarters of classes, students are able to keep their laptops, otherwise, the laptop must be returned or the student will be charged a fee.

Does the University of Phoenix offer laptops?

No. The University of Phoenix does not offer laptops to its students.

Which laptop is best for online classes?

There is no laptop that is best for online classes. For basic classes that don’t require photo or video editing, any laptop that can hook up to Wifi will work. For photo and/or video editing, you’ll need a more powerful laptop, which comes with a heftier price tag.

According to here are the best laptops for online college students:
1. Asus Chromebook
2. HP Notebook
3. Dell Inspiron
4. ASUS Zenbook
5. Dell 15.6″ Gaming Laptop
6. Acer Aspire Gaming, Editing, and Design PC (Editor’s Choice)
7. MacBook Pro
8. Apple MacBook
9. Microsoft Surface Book
10. Eluktronics Editing, Design & Gaming PC

Does FAFSA cover laptops?

Students can use FAFSA money to cover laptops. The FAFSA program will not buy a laptop for you but you will be able to use financial aid in order to buy a laptop for college.

Can you buy a laptop with Pell Grant or student loans?

Yes. Pell Grants and student loans are provided to help students cover their education expenses. A laptop can qualify as an education expense if it’s needed for schooling.

Can you buy a laptop with scholarship money?

Yes. Once a scholarship has been given, the winner of the scholarship can use that money to pay for college expenses. Most classes now require laptops for enrollment. A laptop qualifies as a college expense.

Can I choose which free laptop I get?

Technology policies for laptop programs vary. However, when colleges offer laptops at no cost, students typically do not get to choose which type they receive. Contact your college directly to find out the details of any potential tech perks.

Can I keep the free laptop?

The free laptop programs we outlined above allow distance learners to keep their laptops. However, not every college that offers free laptops necessarily lets students keep them, so check with your school to make sure.

What are examples of educational technology?

Educational technology refers to hardware and software components that facilitate learning, including LMS, digital readers and tablets, and computers. 3D printing, virtual reality, and mobile devices also support distance learning.

Why is technology important for students?

Technology is important because it can support and enhance learning. Learners who graduate with good tech skills are more competitive in the job market, as employers in many fields increasingly value technical aptitude.

What is the best technology for distance learners?

A laptop or desktop computer for the last 3-4 years has been the most important educational technology for distance learners. A newer computer helps students effectively use their school’s LMS platform.

38 Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in 2022-2023

If you are enrolled in an online course, many colleges and universities offer technology perks like a free laptop. Check out these schools below for more information.

In addition to lower prices for software, we list dozens of schools with other technology incentives such as discounts on hardware.

Alabama State UniversityAlabama State loans MacBook Pro laptops to students through the Apple Loan Program.Current and future students
Amridge UniversityAmridge students can purchase laptops at a discounted price through the university.All students can receive discounts.
Auburn UniversityAmridge students can purchase laptops at a discounted price through the university.All students can receive discounts.
Auburn UniversityStudents at Auburn University can get discounts on laptops from Apple, HP, Dell, and IBM.All students can receive discounts.
Azusa Pacific UniversityAPU’s IMT Computer Store offers discounts for students, faculty, staff, and alumni on peripherals for Macs and PCs.All students can receive discounts.
California State University, BakersfieldStudents that don’t have access to technology can receive a free loaner laptop, Chromebook, or Wi-Fi hotspot–limited supply.Students who receive financial aid may apply for a loan increase to receive an allowance to purchase a laptop. They may also borrow a university laptop annually.
California State University, East BayOn a first come, first serve basis, the Library Learning Commons has a limited supply of laptop computers available to check out for one semester.All students are eligible.
California State University, FullertonThe Center for Equitable Digital Access has a semester-long loaner program for laptops, iPads, MiFi (portable hotspots), headsets, webcams, monitors, and eGPU’s.All students are eligible.
California State University, SacramentoThe Hornet Laptop Discount provided HEERF emergency grants to new and transfer students to offset the cost of purchasing an eligible laptop through the Hornet Bookstore.Program Ended March 1, 2022
Davenport UniversityStudents can receive various discounts through vendors, including Apple, Best Buy, Logitech, Lenovo, and Microsoft.All students are able to receive discounts from approved vendors.
Drexel UniversityDrexel students can get discounted rates on laptops at four vendors’ sites.All students can receive discounts.
Eastern Kentucky UniversityThe Barnes & Noble bookstore offers EKU students laptop discounts.All students can receive discounts.
Harvard UniversityHarvard students can receive free and discounted software and hardware from approved vendors on their site.All students can receive discounts.
Northwest Missouri State UniversityAll full and part-time students get a laptop they can keep until graduation. Students can return the laptop via mail too.All students are eligible.
Oklahoma State UniversityStudents can receive technology discounts at OrangeTech. Deeply discounted laptop bundles are individually customized based on your particular field of study.Incoming students can receive discounts.
Park UniversityStudents can get special prices on hardware and software at CDW, Dell, and ThinkEDU.Open to all at Park students, including alumni.
Purdue UniversityThe ITaP Shopping Program allows students, faculty, and alumni to get discounts on Apple and Dell laptops.All Purdue students can receive discounts.
San Diego State UniversityStudents can check laptops out from the library.All students can borrow the laptops on a first-come, first-served basis.
Seattle Pacific UniversitySPU’s Computer and Information Services facility offers discounted refurbished laptops to students.All students can purchase discounted laptops.
Seattle UniversityStudents get up to 30% discounts to purchase products from Dell.All students can receive discounts.
Southern Nazarene UniversityStudents can receive laptop discounts through Dell plus a free Microsoft Office license.Undergraduate students can receive discounts.
Stony Brook UniversityDell offers discounts on equipment to Stony Brook students.All students can receive discounts.
Ohio State UniversityAt the university’s technology store, OSU students can get discounts on laptop purchases.All students can receive discounts.
The University of Texas at AustinUT-Austin bookstore offers discounts on hardware, software, and accessories.All students can receive discounts.
The University of Texas at DallasUT-Dallas students get discounts from Apple, Dell, and Lenovo.All students can receive discounts.
The University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyStudents can receive discounts on Apple products at UT-Rio Grande Valley Tech Centers.All students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at UTRGV can receive discounts.
The University of Texas at San AntonioUTSA partners with Dell to provide discounts on technology products and the campus technology store also provides discounts on Dell, Lenovo, and Apple products.All students can receive discounts.
The University of Texas at TylerUT-Tyler students can receive discounts on Dell laptops.All students can receive discounts.
University of ArizonaCampus stores offer discounts on laptop purchases.All students can receive discounts.
University of California, BerkeleyStudents can receive discounts on technology purchases from Apple, Microsoft, HP, Best Buy, and Lenovo.All students can receive discounts.
University of California, DavisStudents at UC Davis can receive discounts on Apple products at TechHUB and the UC Davis Bookstore.All UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education students can receive discounts.
University of California, IrvineStudents are eligible for a $2,000 budget increase if they get financial aid. Furthermore, UCI offers discounts from several partners.Students receiving financial aid can get a $2,000 allowance for a new computer. All students can receive discounts.
University of Central FloridaUCF’s computer store offers students discounts on Apple and Dell products.All students can receive discounts.
University of MichiganAt UM’s tech shop, students can get discounts on hardware.All students and alumni can receive discounts.
University of Nevada, Las VegasDell, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, and HP offer discounts to UNLV students.All students can receive discounts.
Villanova UniversityVillanova students can get laptop discounts through Connection and Apple.All students can receive discounts.
Washington State UniversityCORETECH offers students discounts on technology purchases.All students can receive discounts.
Western Washington UniversityStudents can receive discounts from the following companies: Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft.All students can receive discounts.

List of Online Colleges with Free Laptops

Seton Hill University – MacBook Air or iPad. Students at Seton Hill have their choice of a 13-inch MacBook Air or an iPad Mini. The MacBook Air has 8Gb of RAM, a 256 Gb hard drive, and a 1.7 GHz processor. The iPad mini has 32Gb of storage. Students may keep their laptops or iPad after graduation. Seton Hill charges a $1,000 technology fee in addition to normal tuition.

Stevens-Henager College – “free” laptop. The cost of the laptop is included in standard tuition and fees. After graduation, students can keep their laptops.

Southern Nazarene University – 14-inch Fujitsu Lifebook E555, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro. After the student completes one semester, the student owns the laptop outright.

Wake Forest University – “Free” 14-inch Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook. The laptop must be returned upon graduation or bought for ~$300 after graduation. The laptop comes pre-loaded with educational software and cloud-based tools. There is no direct charge for using the laptop.

Northwest Missouri State University – free 14-inch HP EliteBook 840 G1 laptop that must be returned upon graduation. The cost of the laptop is included in the normal tuition. Students have to pay a $50 fee to use the laptop over summer breaks.

St. John’s University – choice of 12-inch Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga or 13-inch MacBook Pro. The school charges a one-time $49 fee for the Lenovo and $400 for the Macbook Pro. Graduates may keep their laptops.

Bethel University – Bethel offers laptops to all incoming, on-campus freshmen during orientation. The cost of the laptop is included in the normal tuition. Students must pick up the laptop during their first semester or they forfeit the offer.

American National University – ANU is an accredited online college. All new U.S.-students receive free laptops and academic software by mail about a week before school begins. Academic offerings go up to the master’s level and emphasize business, healthcare, and technology, with new programs in development.

Centenary College

Widener University – Engineering students only

Everest University – Laptop Loaner Program. (Currently unavailable 02/17)

Full Sail University – Project Launchbox.

CollegeAmerica – free laptop for undergraduate students that they keep upon graduation. Each laptop comes loaded with software applicable to the student’s degree program. The cost of the laptop and software is included in normal tuition–there are no extra fees.

Independence University Online – free laptop and tablet. The student first receives their tablet during their first “module” and then their laptop during their fourth module. Both come fully equipped with all the software a student needs for their program. Graduates get to keep both the tablet and laptop after graduation. If you’re looking for an online college that offers laptops to its students and the best chance of graduating, Independence University is a great choice.

If your college is not on this list, they still might offer laptops or iPads. Contact your advisor to ask about your school’s laptop program.

Online Colleges that Offer iPads

Duke University Global Health Institute – free iPad

Long Island University – free iPad mini

Bethel University – iPads Only

Illinois Institute of Technology – iPads Only

Seton Hill University – Macbook or iPad

Regis College – iPad Only

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota – iPad Only

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Free Laptops for College Students from the Government

You can’t really call the government and request a free laptop if you’re a college student, no matter what your circumstances are.

With that being said, there are some government-funded programs that provide a loaner or affordable laptops to college students in need.

In your local area, you can connect with:

  • Department of Social Health Services – they’ll connect students and potential students with programs and non-profit organizations that can provide assistance for getting a free laptop for college students or at least point them in the right direction.
  • – This site will help you find government benefits that you qualify for.
  • – If you’ve been a victim of hurricanes or other natural disasters, you may qualify for help from the government, maybe not in the form of a free laptop for college students from government, but there may be other help.

While we wish that the government would step in and provide free laptops for college students from the government for low-income or need-based students, they currently don’t have a program in place.

If the government won’t give you a free laptop and the schools above don’t fit what you need, you won’t be stranded without a laptop.

There are a handful of organizations that offer free laptops or heavily discounted laptops for low-income families that can’t afford them on their own.

Comparing Laptops for College Students

Laptops can be very cheap and still get a decent job done for basic tasks that students are required to complete during their college years while some are super expensive if you’re looking for one with all the bells and whistles.

Below is a list of our recommended laptops for college students.

Asus Chromebook Flip (C100PA-DB02)Chrome OSN/A$23910.1 Inches1.96 Lbs.4 GB
Lenovo ThinkPad T450sMicrosoft WindowsN/A$1,254.9914 Inches3.5 Lbs.8 GB
Acer Aspire E5-573G-57HRMicrosoft WindowsN/A$554.9915. 6inches5.29 Lbs.8 GB
Alienware 15Microsoft WindowsN/A$1,899.9915.6 Inches7.1 Lbs.16 GB
Apple MacBook Air 13-InchMac OS XN/A$894.7813.3 Inches2.96 Lbs.4 GB
Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch, Retina DisplayMac OS XN/A$1,234.9913.3 Inches3.48 Lbs.8 GB
Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-In-1 (7350)Microsoft WindowsN/A$1,54913.3 Inches1.92 Lbs.8 GB
Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series (E7450)Microsoft WindowsN/A$1,368.3014 Inches3.59 Lbs.8 GB
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12Microsoft WindowsN/A$1,572.9912.5 Inches3.48 Lbs.8 GB
MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G-1438Microsoft WindowsN/A$2,09917. 3 Inches8.5 Pounds16 GB

Comparing Tablets and Readers for College Students

Here are some of the top-performing tablets for college students.

Apple IPad AirApple IOSN/A$3399.7 Inches16.86 Oz16 GB
Apple IPad Air 2Apple IOS 8N/A$449.889.7 Inches0.96 Lb16, 64, 128 GB
Asus Transformer Book T100TA (64GB)Microsoft WindowsN/A$25610.1 Inches1.44/2.4 Lb64 GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4Android 4.4N/A$3998.4 Inches11.68 Oz16 GB
Apple IPad Mini 2Apple IOSN/A$2597.9 Inches11.68 Oz16, 32 GB
Asus VivoTab Note 8Microsoft WindowsN/A$289.998 Inches0.85 Lb32 GB
Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series (7140)Microsoft WindowsN/A$79910.8 Inches1.6 Lb128 GB
Microsoft Surface 3Microsoft Windows 8.1N/A$599.9910.8 Inches1.37 Lb128 GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5Android 4.4N/A$448.9910.5 Inches16.47 Oz16 GB
Google Nexus 9Android 5.0N/A$305.378.9 Inches14.99 Oz16, 32 GB

Online Colleges With Free Laptops and iPads

COLLEGE AMERICA – This school offers all of its students laptop rentals. If for some reason you are unable to complete your courses and graduate, they must be returned to the school immediately. They are considered rentals until you graduate. After graduation, however, it becomes yours! ALL yours! Master’s students do not qualify for this program at all. Not sure if it’s included in tuition costs or not, this is not something publicized by the school.

STEVENS-HENAGER COLLEGE – This college offers all of its students a laptop when they enroll in the online hybrid course programs. Make sure your intentions are to graduate, however, or it’s labeled as a loaner. If you graduate from their courses, you get to keep it as a graduation gift! How cool is that?

BETHEL UNIVERSITY: This college offers iPads to each and every online and full-time student who enrolls. Rumor is, that you are allowed to hang on to your iPad after you graduate, but I’d definitely want to check this out with the school before you start believing something that could be nothing more than a barrel of monkey’s kind of story! They also do not advertise what their tuition costs cover, so we are not positive if this one is free or not. The point is, they do have them, and you can get your own!

ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – Yeah sure, they give away iPads to all incoming freshmen…if you can afford their tuition rates! (Ranging somewhere around $250,000!!) It’s crazy how they can charge that much, and make statements that imply these big buck tuition rates DO NOT include the cost of your brand new iPad. Does that make it a gift?

LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY – As a full-time undergrad, you can take classes through this university’s CW Post campus. They offer a very nice selection of online courses, and students get a mini iPad to make sure they can stay up-to-date and use relevant information when going after their degree. Can’t afford full-time classes? This university offers a great solution: discounts at a reduced rate of a whopping $250 bucks for those who qualify!

EVEREST UNIVERSITY ONLINE: This college is recognized nationwide. They offer loaner laptops to students who take ONLY online courses! They have courses for a variety of majors. Their program has helped thousands of students succeed by making it possible for them to stay connected to the classroom virtually.

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY: Students who attend Full Sail University are required to have a computer for their studies. This is provided by the school. The school does charge you a fee, which is taken out of your student loans, and the cost depends on which computer you intend on purchasing, and of course, what courses you are planning on taking. They also provide their necessary software suite which they refer to as “Project Launch Box”.

Last but not least, we will include a community college. We have seen a lot of lists with big-wig colleges and universities, but none with online colleges that offer laptops or online colleges that offer iPads for just your average community college student who cannot afford Harvard-priced tuition’s so here goes. Last on the list we have:

FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY COLLEGE: This college has a butt-load of campuses all over the state of Indiana. They also have online courses available. They offer a variety of laptops, iPads, and Android tablets. You have to actually go inside of one of their bookstores to purchase one of these with your student loans, but after you make the purchase, you can use it for strictly online course use!

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Online Colleges that Offer Laptop Discounts

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