Online Colleges With Free Laptops and iPads

Navigating the digital demands of higher education can be challenging. This is especially true with the rising need for reliable and high-performance tech for online classes.

Fortunately, the landscape of higher education technology is changing. A number of colleges are now making it easier for students to access the necessary tools for online learning by offering programs that provide free or discounted laptops.

This initiative not only assists students in overcoming tech barriers but also supports their educational journeys in a modern learning environment.

In response to the growing need for digital access, many educational institutions have stepped up to create programs aimed at minimizing the digital divide among college students.

Resources are surfacing that offer details about various online colleges that help students get the technology they need.

From laptops loaned by university libraries to those included as part of an online degree program, these efforts are paving the way for students to turn their academic dreams into reality without the burden of technological constraints.

Key Takeaways

  • Certain colleges provide programs offering free or discounted laptops to support students in online learning.
  • As technology barriers persist, more resources are becoming available to help college students access essential tools.
  • Initiatives by educational institutions are key in bridging the digital divide and facilitating virtual education.

*This webpage may mention the possibility of free laptop programs offered by various educational institutions. However, please note that the inclusion of any school on this page does not guarantee or imply a free laptop offer. The availability and terms of free laptop programs are subject to change and may vary between institutions. For the most accurate information, please consult with schools directly.

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Example Free Laptop Program From PCC

Free Laptop Program at Piedmont Community College: A Guide for New Students

Are you thinking about going to Piedmont Community College (PCC)?

PCC has an offer just for you: a FREE laptop. Let’s break down how you can get one.

*Qualifications for a Free Laptop:

To qualify:

  1. Be a New Student: You must be new to PCC, meaning you haven’t taken classes there for two semesters.
  2. Take at Least 9 Classes: You need to sign up for at least 9 classes in the fall of 2023. Think of classes as the courses you’ll be taking.
  3. Register by July 27: Make sure to register for your fall classes by July 27, 2023.
  4. Keep Enrolling: You must continue taking 9 or more classes in the spring of 2024.
  5. Pay Tuition & Fees: Pay your tuition and fees by August 1, 2023.
  6. Attend New Student Welcome: Don’t forget to attend the New Student Welcome on August 5, 2023.

Important Note: If you drop classes and don’t meet these rules, you’ll have to pay $350 for the laptop.

Who Gets a Laptop:

The first 300 new students who meet these rules will get a free laptop. No need to sign up; PCC will let you know in June 2023 if you qualify.

Laptop Details:

The laptops are Lenovo IdeaPad 1, running Windows 11, with an Intel processor, and a 14″ screen with wireless features. Perfect for schoolwork!


For questions about registration or application status, email For laptop tech help, contact Lenovo directly.

Get in Touch with PCC:

PCC has two campuses:

  1. Person County Campus: 1715 College Drive, Roxboro, NC 27574, Phone: (336) 599-1181
  2. Caswell County Campus: 331 Piedmont Drive, Yanceyville, NC 27379, Phone: (336) 694-5707

Think about PCC for your college journey. You’ll get a free laptop and great tech support. Good luck with your studies!

*not all online colleges with free laptop programs have the same requirements

Educational Institutions Providing Complimentary or Reduced-Cost Tech Advantages

Several universities across the United States offer substantial technology benefits, including free or discounted laptops, to support their student bodies with their educational needs.

These benefits are designed to ensure that all students, regardless of financial background, have access to the necessary tools for successful learning experiences.

For example, California State University, Bakersfield, extends a helping hand to those with financial constraints through its Step Program, making laptops available at no cost.

Similarly, at both the California State University, East Bay, and Fullerton campuses, any student may borrow laptops for the entire semester on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those beginning their journey at Chatham University, the institution welcomes first-year students with a 13-inch MacBook Air. Certain transfer students are also eligible for this perk.

At Dakota State University, each full-time freshman is equipped with a free Dell laptop to assist with their coursework.

At Indiana State University, commuting students are offered laptops on loan to aid in their educational endeavors.

In the case of Moravian University, the institution stands out by furnishing all new students not only with MacBook Pro laptops but also with iPads.

Moving to institutions known for their innovative approaches, Northwest Missouri State University not only issues free laptops to its students but also ensures peace of mind with laptop repairs included.

For those studying at Seton Hill University, the student package is enriched with both laptops and essential software for undergraduates at no additional cost.

In instances where direct ownership might not be an offer, a myriad of universities, including the University of California campuses and Ohio State University, provide their student communities with discounted laptops and other tech gadgets through various vendor partnerships and in-house programs, thereby promoting more affordable prices.

At the University of Minnesota, Crookston, the commitment to technological accessibility is evident as all on-campus students receive laptops accompanied by necessary software, ensuring they are well-prepared for their academic programs.

Lastly, for undergraduate students at Wake Forest University, affordable access to laptops and tech tools is facilitated through the university’s WakeWare program. This program provides options at reduced prices to suit different needs and preferences.

Colleges Offering Free Loaner Laptops

Colleges Offering Discounted Laptops

It’s important for prospective students to check directly with their university of choice for the latest information on laptop policies and technology perks. Each university’s offerings may have unique terms and eligibility requirements, ensuring the programs effectively meet the needs of their diverse student populations.

Securing A No-Cost or Lower-Cost Laptop for Your College Education

Enrolling in Colleges Offering Technology Programs

Students might consider enrolling in educational institutions that provide technology benefits. Certain colleges have initiatives in place, such as Santa Ana College’s Digital Dons program, that allow students to borrow laptops for the duration of their academic term, enhancing their access to necessary educational resources.

Allocating Financial Aid for Technology Purchases

Financial aid recipients often have the flexibility to use funds from scholarships, grants, or loans not only for tuition but also for essential educational materials.

This can include laptops or tablets, which are increasingly crucial for completing coursework, especially for an online degree.

Student Discounts Directly from Technology Vendors

Technology sellers frequently extend exclusive discounts to students and educators to make their products more affordable within a tight budget.

Companies like Lenovo provide concessions, such as a 5% discount for those who can validate their school affiliation through systems like Other brands, such as Apple and Dell, also support education through reduced pricing on technology.

Opting for Pre-Owned or Reconditioned Computers

There is the option to stretch the technology budget by acquiring pre-owned or refurbished laptops.

Platforms like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp present opportunities to locate these devices at a reduced cost. Nevertheless, it is important to approach third-party sellers with caution to ensure a secure purchase.

Additional Resources for Free or Discounted Laptops

For individuals seeking technological assistance, various organizations offer an array of programs aimed at providing free or affordable technology. These initiatives are designed for low-income families, students, veterans, and educational institutions:

  • Community Tech Support Initiatives: Programs like this refurbish tech devices and provide them to eligible recipients at no cost. They focus on supporting those in economically disadvantaged areas, like Long Island.
  • Educational Technology Giveaways: Some entities accept donated computing devices and redistribute them to educators, learners, schools, and other deserving parties.
  • Digital Literacy and Equipment Programs: Organizations like the Kramden Institute not only supply refurbished computers to those in need but also facilitate digital education, ranging from basic computer skills to advanced programming.
  • Discounted Education Devices: Nonprofit groups work to offer more affordable laptops to students across various education levels, from elementary to college, as well as those who are homeschooled.
  • Affordable Technology for Families and Students: Organizations such as PCs for People provide economical options for purchasing refurbished computers, internet equipment, and technology accessories.
  • Veterans’ Technological Support: There are special programs dedicated to preventing computer waste, repurposing these devices, and donating them to veterans, aiding them and their families in the digital world.
  • Initiatives to Tackle the Digital Divide: With a mission to bridge the technology gap, groups like Tech Exchange deliver refurbished computers to low-income households at no cost.
  • Student-Led Computer Restoration Projects: Programs such as Virginia Star, operated by high school clubs, teach students valuable technical skills. The renovated computers are then given to individuals and organizations in need.
  • Sustainable Computing Programs: With Causes focuses on reusing and recycling computing resources to assist those less fortunate while also supporting educational programs and facilities that include computer labs.

Each of these resources can be a valuable aid in acquiring technology. They are often complemented by various forms of financial aid, scholarships, grants, or loan money.

Moreover, students may also explore options for used and refurbished tech to find cost-effective solutions to meet their technological needs.

Essential Laptops for Academic Success

Top Choices for Student Laptops

  • Apple MacBook Air M1: Ideal for those valuing portability and impressive battery endurance.
  • Acer Swift 3: A slim option that adeptly handles diverse tasks simultaneously.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8: A versatile 2-in-1 with touch capabilities and extended battery performance.
  • Acer Chromebook Spin 713: The go-to Chromebook for dependability and sturdiness.
  • Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Chip: For students who prioritize robust processing in a durable build.
  • Dell XPS 13: Offers top-tier Windows performance and high-quality graphics.
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet: Offers good performance for budget-conscious students.

Common Questions About Obtaining Laptops for College Students

Importance of Laptops in Higher Education

Laptops are an essential tool for higher education students. They’re used to complete assignments, participate in online learning, and manage coursework.

Tools such as Microsoft Office enable students to write papers and present their work. While college campuses may have computer labs, they may not be open when students need them, making personal laptops an important factor in academic success.

Availability of Complimentary Laptops for Students

Colleges providing online courses may offer complimentary laptops or tablets. Additionally, refurbished laptops are sometimes provided by charitable organizations for students in need.

Students may also find generosity within their community, with individuals willing to donate used laptops to support their education.

Utilizing Financial Aid to Purchase Laptops

Students awarded more financial aid from programs like the Pell Grant than the cost of tuition and other fees may be able to allocate the surplus to educational expenses such as laptops.

Institutions often distribute the remaining financial aid as a refund which can be used for this purpose.

Popular Laptop Choices Amongst College Students

Inexpensive laptops, such as Chromebooks, are common among college students.

Some instructional programs suggest or require specific types of laptops, like an Apple MacBook Pro. Students should ensure their choice aligns with their academic program’s laptop requirements to accommodate necessary software.

Selecting the Right Laptop for Academic Use

When choosing a laptop, affordability is one of the major considerations for students.

Students should verify that their selected laptop meets their educational institution’s specifications, ensuring the correct operating system, processor speed, and storage capacity to facilitate their academic work and online classes.

Online Schools and Their Technology Provision Programs

Online Institutions Granting Laptops

Several accredited online institutions provide technology incentives like laptop computers to their students to facilitate their online learning experience.

For instance, schools such as Ohio State University have programs in place that loan technology to students, ensuring they have the necessary tools for their studies.

Qualification Standards for Laptop Programs

Eligibility for a laptop program typically entails being an enrolled student at the offering institution.

The specifics, however, can vary. Some colleges provide laptops on a loan basis that must be returned upon graduation, while others might offer them as part of tuition fees.

It is important to review the eligibility requirements published by each college to understand their individual criteria.

Ownership of Laptops Allocated by Online Colleges

The policy on whether students can keep the laptops after their studies concludes depends on the regulations set by the individual college.

Some schools, like Moravian College, offer devices as part of the enrollment package, which typically allows students to keep their laptops post-graduation. Other institutions may require the return of the equipment upon course completion.

Leading Online Universities Providing Complimentary Laptops and Tablets

Several online schools have established themselves as leaders by providing free or discounted technology, enhancing their educational offerings.

For example, California State University campuses offer comprehensive laptop programs, often inclusive of other technology support.

Procedure for Laptop and Technology Grant Applications

Applying for a technology grant or laptop from an online college often requires filling out an application or form.

The application process can differ, so it’s encouraged to directly consult with the specific school’s guidelines.

Technical Specifications for Online School Laptops

Online colleges that provide laptops typically ensure that the equipment meets certain specifications to adequately support the academic software and resources used in their programs.

These requirements might include specific operating systems, software suites like Office 365, and hardware capabilities that align with course demands.

Online Colleges that Offer iPads

These universities offer free iPad programs to their online students: the University of Florida, American Public University, Ashworth College, Grand Canyon University, and Strayer University.

The iPad programs provide students with a new iPad, case, and sometimes a stylus pen, depending on the school.

Each school has unique terms and conditions for its iPad programs, so students should read them carefully before receiving the iPad. This way, they can be aware of all program expectations and requirements.

Duke University Global Health Institute – free iPad

Long Island University – free iPad mini

Bethel University – iPads Only

Illinois Institute of Technology – iPads Only

Seton Hill University – Macbook or iPad

Regis College – iPad Only

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota – iPad Only

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Organizations That Offer Laptops

A handful of organizations offer free or heavily discounted laptops for low-income families who can’t afford them on their own.


Do online colleges give you a laptop?

a laptop with a blue and yellow logo

Yes, some online colleges provide students with laptops either on a loaner basis or as a part of the tuition package. For example, Amridge University offers discounted laptops through their Chromebook program to all students.

Do colleges provide students with laptops?

Many colleges offer laptop programs either for free, as loaners, or at a discounted price. Schools like Seton Hall University provide free laptops and software to all undergraduates, while others may offer discounted purchase options through partnerships with tech companies.

How can a student get a laptop for free?

Students can obtain laptops for free through specific college programs aimed at reducing educational expenses. For instance, Bethel University provides free laptops or Chromebooks to all undergraduates. Additionally, students should check if their schools offer a technology grant or special financial aid programs targeting tech needs.

What school gives you a MacBook?

Several schools provide MacBooks to students. For example, Moravian University offers free MacBook Pro laptops and iPads to all first-year students. Chatham University also provides free 13-inch MacBook Air laptops, cases, and backpacks to all first-year students and some transfer students.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding with Free Laptop

Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville offer free laptops for all students enrolled in any Meditec program, including their medical billing and coding program.

This program costs an average of $3,500 and includes exam fees, books, and materials. This fully online platform provides round-the-clock access and enables students to receive assistance and guidance from both their peers and instructors through text, call, or email.

The Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville program teaches learners to perform medical billing and coding tasks, including submitting claims to insurance companies and evaluating coding practices. It also teaches learners how to develop compliance programs that meet healthcare regulations.

The program consists of three courses: Medical Terminology, Medical Coding, and Medical Billing.

ds, and courses/major. Discounts on laptops in different price ranges can provide better value.

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Online Colleges that Offer Laptop Discounts

There is another way to save money! By choosing to go to a college that pays you to attend you can become more financially stable after you graduate.


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