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Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

 The Gallery

A new section of the KCT site designed for ladies and other non-combatants. Please welcome our new editor for this section, Lisa Lieder! 


John Chamberlain has a new article relating to knighthood, the text of a class given for an introductory course on knighthood..


New! A 15th century swordsmanship of Fillipo Vadi translated into English swordsmanship

Arms & Armory

In Progress:
Doug Strong’s Surviving Elements of Plate Armour, 1250-1430 and Brian R. Price’s TECHNIQUES OF MEDIEVAL ARMOUR REPRODUCTION II


Brian R. Price will continue to bring historical documents, articles, reviews and essays on knighthood both as it applied to the medieval knight and as it applies to modern re-enactors and chivalric societies.

Chivalry Kids Zone

Much of our traffic and the (very welcome) email we receive is from kids who are either interested in knights and tournaments or from students who need to find information for units on the Middle Ages…


Steve Muhlberger, a longtime Ph.d in Medieval History and renown re-enactor has created a fine overview of fealty, romantic sources, battles, and deeds of armes.