A directory of modern armourer’s marks


A hallmark is a sign of pride and distinction. Within the modern arms and armour community, as with the medieval armourers who were our ancestors, marks were laid upon pieces by the individual smith, by the workshop, and/or by various quality control agencies (usually guilds).

At the suggestion of Bob Carrol, chief conservator of Arms and Armor at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the KCT site has started this Directory of Modern Armourer’s Marks. As with the rest of the KCT site, this is a free service aimed at preserving the heritage being created by the finest armourers of today.

While a goodly amount of modern armour is meant for purely sporting purposes, there is a very real revitalization and some of the work being produced today certainly rivals the medieval originals. Although the value of such work is not usually realized until a full hundred years and the armourer himself have passed, there is a possibiliy that a secondary market in armour reproductions will continue to thrive in coming years, and with this in mind is this directory founded.

Copies of all marks will be sent on to the Metropolitan Museum, where they are catalogued and kept on file for the benefit of future generations.

Brian R. Price
“Thornbird Arms”
1986-September 2000

Brian R. Price
“Brian R. Price, Armourer”
October 2000-current

Peter Fuller
“Medieval Reproductions”

Robert Valentine
“Valentine Armouries”

Tom Hugeunin
“All Saints Armouries”

Brent Junkins
“Anshelm Arms”
Robert MacPherson

Mandrake Armouries

Michael Sheddon
(design only, 9.2000)
Luke Apker
Ladislav Kuzela
Thornbird Arms
Tristan Keck
“Historic Arms and Armor”
Jennifer Rechstaffer
Aaron Toman
Wade Allen
James Gillaspie
Charles E. Davis
Eric Thing
Greg Woznak
Thornbird Arms
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