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Note for Adults

Welcome to The Chivalry Bookshelf’s new site for kids! The editors and staff at Chronique feel that children are the most precious resource. When we were small, we used to hear tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The gallant knight and the gentle lady became icons, common cultural basics through which uncommon virtue was taught.

The role of the hero in children’s lives is of critical importance. The Company of Saint George and the Chronique staff thus wish to offer resources to children at all ages, presenting a picture both of the medieval realities that grew into our modern conceptions of honor, duty and justice, but also the chivalric ideals, through which the court and church sought to improve upon the knight. Children and knights share a common path of learning and improvement; neither are perfect. The chivalric tales of King Arthur, Charlemagne, Robin Hood and a host of lesser known tales hold more keys to becoming a hero in our modern world.

The heros of today do not ride on horseback, wearing full armour, but they are made of the same stuff they have always been–courage when it matters most, placing the good of others above one’s self, and pursuing what is ‘right’, no matter what the odds against.

This site will contain material for children in various age groups; from 6-10, and from 11-16. No material will be included that contains any strongly objectional material, apart from short introductions to medieval warfare. The site will begin construction with the older group, because we receive many emails for assistance from middle- and high-school students in need of research assistance.

If you choose to entrust your children to us for a little while, we believe that we can entertain while bringing some of this rich tradition alive for them. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line.

Planned Site Map
Kids main
History / Life in the Middle Ages
Clothing / Knights / Heraldry / Kings / Tournaments / War / Castles & Manors
The Church
Cathedrals / Monestaries-Nunnaries / Architecture / Teachings / Saints / Clothing
Serfs-Peasants / Freemen / Townsmen / Crafts / Trade / Clothing / Soldiers
Medieval Stories & Legends
King Arthur / The Nine Worthies / Charlemagne / Folk Tales
Children in the Middle Ages
Arts & Games
For Teachers
Knights in the Our Day

For Teachers

We are attempting to build a complete curricula for a basic middle-school level course on the Middle Ages. If you have suggestions, requests or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us! If you know of sources that have been helpful to you n the past, we would love to hear of them so that we can explore the possibility of including them herein. Artists and writers are especially welcome!
If you find the site valuable for your classwork, kindly drop us a line letting us know what works for you and what doesn’t–and encourage your students to contact us as well, as we are always willing to help.


Brian R. Price
Editor / Producer
January 29. 1998