Most Affordable Online Music Degrees

Does everyone around you tell you that your passion for music is a nice hobby or something you could do on the side of your real career? Would you like to prove them wrong?

When people refer to your love of music this way, they are not seeing the fact that there is a real, practical way to transform your passion for music into a financially viable career. An online music degree can help you do this. Music degrees can help you to learn anything from music performance or production to becoming a wonderful music teacher in our schools.

Beyond that, the list of options for careers in music goes way beyond teaching or performing. Other music careers include recording and sound technicians and designers, jingle writing for apps and ads, worship arts, radio disc jockeying, musical therapy, or directing/conducting. Currently, the entertainment industry is a significant avenue for music careers. Every movie or show has a soundtrack put together by people like you!

Search through this list of affordable online music degrees to find a music degree program that will refine your skills, sharpen your talents, and enrich your vibrant musical passion. When choosing the right music program for you, make sure it includes programs that encourage performance and/or internships and help with job placement after finishing their music degree program. Who knows? Perhaps one day, you will become a famous performer, own your own record label, or simply find love of teaching others about the magic of music in our lives.

All schools considered for these rankings

  • Are regionally or nationally accredited
  • Offer at least one fully online music degree (with no more than two weeks of required in-person work)
  • Were collected from official accrediting agency websites.

Schools are ranked solely by the average net price as released in the most recent IPEDs database collected in July of 2021.


2022 Most Affordable Online Music Degrees

RankSchoolAverage Net Price
#1University of Maine at Augusta$10,811
#2The Baptist College of Florida$11,764
#3University of Michigan-Flint$12,689
#4University of Toledo$17,312
#5Liberty University$29,382


5 Best Affordable Colleges for Online Colleges for Music Degrees

1. University of Maine at Augusta

Average Net Price: $10,811
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: NECHE
Acceptance Rate: 100%

The University of Maine at Augusta is the jewel of UM’s colleges. It is also the third-largest university among the seven major UM branches. Under the university’s music, you can pursue four bachelor degrees, namely: BM in Contemporary and Popular Music, BM in Contemporary and Popular Music – Music Education, BM in Contemporary and Popular Music – Performance, and BM in Contemporary and Popular Music – Sonic Arts: Audio Recording and Composition.

Applying for the University of Maine at Augusta online music degree program is easy. The campus charges zero application fees and considers neither a high school GPA nor SAT. The online music degree program is popular in the college, given that more than 70% of students learn online.

A 56% freshman retention rate shows that student satisfaction at the University of Maine at Augusta is above average. Over 70% of the college’s students feel that lecturers put in the necessary effort. Also, a majority of learners feel they can handle the school workload.

The university has a graduation rate of 18%, less than half the national average. However, 90% of graduates believe they can land a job in less than two years.

2. The Baptist College of Florida

Average Net Price: $11,764
School Type: Private, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 76%

The Baptist College of Florida is the first and only higher learning institution to receive the Florida Baptist Convention’s support. The college has various online music degrees, including Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Music Education – Choral, Bachelor of Music Education – Instrumental, and Bachelor of Music in Worship Leadership.

If you wish to apply for a music degree online in The Baptist College of Florida, you must pay $25 and present a high school GPA and SAT. This online music school also requires an SAT range of 830-870 or ACT scores between seventeen and twenty-two. Of the student population, more than 60% take classes online.

Remarkably, 100% of students in The Baptist College of Florida feel that the professors work hard towards their lectures. Additionally, over 70% of learners opine that they can comfortably handle the assignments from attended lessons. But 100% of students feel that this online music school is friendly, helpful, and positive.

Students of The Baptist College of Florida have a 62% chance of graduating, which is higher than the national rate of 49%. Of the graduates, 88% get into the job market in two or fewer years. They go on to bag a medium salary of $31,800 annually after six years.

3. University of Michigan-Flint

Average Net Price: $12,689
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: HLC
Acceptance Rate: 77%

The University of Michigan-Flint is the only college in Michigan to receive an EDA (Economic Development Administration) grant. The college prides itself on being a modern learning and research online music school. Its online music program entails a degree titled Bachelor of Applied Science – Music.

There are no admission fees required when applying to the University of Michigan-Flint. However, if you wish to acquire a music degree online, you must present scores of 980-1200 in SAT. Alternatively, an ACT score of 19-26 may suffice. However, slightly higher or lower scores may also have a chance of getting into the campus.

Among the ideal colleges for music, the University of Michigan-Flint stands out owing to its high student satisfaction. The college has a freshman retention rate averaging 73%. Moreover, approximately 55% of the school’s classes maintain less than twenty students. About half of the student population learns online and feels that the effort put in by the university’s professors is adequate.

The graduation rate at the University of Michigan-Flints stands at 46%. After graduating, 91% of students are optimistic about being employed in less than two years.

4. University of Toledo

Average Net Price: $17,312
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: HLC
Acceptance Rate: 95%

The University of Toledo is the pioneer of test-optional application among the public universities in Ohio. If you prefer it to other music colleges, you can only pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies – Music.

While the University of Toledo has a high acceptance rate, its admission requirements are strict compared to other colleges for music. You must present a score of at least 1020 in the SAT or twenty in the ACT. However, the test-optional policy allows students to apply without an SAT or ACT. The university also requires an application fee of $40.

The freshman retention rate of the University of Toledo stands at 75%, relatively high compared to other music colleges. A majority of the students are on-campus learners but more than 40% study online. Of the student body, 85% feel the college is friendly or relaxed.

The University of Toledo’s graduation rate is slightly below the national average of 49%. However, 93% of the graduates get jobs in less than two years and earn a median salary of $43,800, $10,700 more than the national average.

5. Liberty University

Average Net Price: $29,382
School Type: Private, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 50%

Liberty University is the sixth-best online college in America. It is also among the largest non-profit universities in the US and ranks among the premier Christian universities worldwide. The college’s music degrees program entails two disciplines: BS Commercial Music and BS Worship Studies.

The university requires an application fee of $25, and an SAT score of 970-1200. You may also present an ACT score of 21-28. Amid the relatively high admission bar, the university student population stands out among other colleges for music. About 85% of students learn online.

Student satisfaction at the university is commendable. Liberty University boasts an 83% freshman retention rate. Furthermore, more than 80% of students feel that it is easy to get their preferred classes. Most learners also agree that the university’s professors dedicate enough energy to their work.

Liberty University’s graduation rate is 50%, and 84% of graduates get absorbed into the job market in approximately two years.



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