Psychology is a complex and rapidly-expanding field that has benefitted the human family since it was accepted as an academic discipline back in 1879. If you’re interested in neuropsychology, therapy, psychiatry, or anything in between, you’ll need to obtain a degree in some variety of psychology to pursue a career in those fields. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the most affordable online psychology degrees out there. These schools offer programs in convenient online formats that ensure you’ll receive the most high-quality college experience while advancing toward a lifelong career in psychology–all without completely breaking your bank account.


All schools considered for these rankings

  • Are regionally or nationally accredited
  • Offer at least one fully online psychology degree (with no more than two weeks of required in-person work)
  • Were collected from official accrediting agency websites.

Schools are ranked solely by the average net price as released in the most recent IPEDs database collected in July of 2022.

Popular Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

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2023 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Psychology Degrees

RankSchoolAverage Net Price
# 1Fayetteville State University$6,969
# 2Louisiana State University-Alexandria$7,301
# 3University of Alaska Fairbanks$10,510
# 4American Public University System$10,563
# 5Columbia Southern University$11,241
# 6Clayton State University$11,663
# 7Tennessee State University$11,867
# 8Fort Hays State University$13,189
# 9Valdosta State University$13,240
# 10University of the Cumberlands$13,476
# 11Fort Valley State University$13,509
# 12University of Idaho$13,964
# 13Wichita State University$14,859
# 14University of Arkansas at Little Rock$16,065
# 15Kennesaw State University$18,522
# 16Clarion University$19,452
# 17Tarleton State University$20,307
# 18Claflin University$20,806
# 19Ohio University-Main Campus$23,831
# 20Central Methodist University$25,095
# 21Lipscomb University$25,704

10 Best Affordable Colleges for Online Psychology Degrees

1. Fayetteville State University

Average Net Price: $6,969
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 79%

Fayetteville State University is a highly ranked university that caters to students with many priorities and goals. This means that students with military duties and other important responsibilities are sure to thrive at this institute while studying for an online psychology degree. The online psychology degree program at this university is ideal for students who have completed their electives and are ready to focus on this field of study.
When students choose to get their psychology degree online at Fayetteville State University, they will be communicating with a diverse staff that is committed to assisting students’ educational needs in various ways.

Here, students can expect quality classes. Students look forward to studying animal behavior, human behavior, and other topics that are used by successful psychologists in the profession. Fayetteville State University’s psychology program aims to give students a clear understanding of how individuals, situations, and behavior impacts daily psychological aspects. As a result, the university was ranked one of the highest online psychology programs.

2. Louisiana State University-Alexandria

Average Net Price: $7,301
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 64%

Louisiana State University-Alexandria is successfully giving students a great education with convenient options and approaches. Their psychology program was named the highest-ranked online degree in Louisiana. Students have also ranked this program with a five-star score that has given it a reputation for being one of the best colleges for psychology. The program consists of valuable studies in subjects like mental health, environmental health, human behavior, and animal behavior. By completing these courses, students are prepared for a diverse array of professions that will help them become leaders of the field who can truly make a difference.

General and elective coursework are offered for students who are studying for a degree. Undecided students are also encouraged to enroll in classes to test the waters of psychology. Students can expect to engage in independent and guided studies that include enlightening research with their professors.

3. University of Alaska Fairbanks

Average Net Price: $10,510
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: NWCCU
Acceptance Rate: 67%

University of Alaska Fairbanks’s online psychology program gives students the opportunity to take on independent studies and guided research from the university’s passionate faculty members. These professors are accredited and active members who practice within the area. This means that they are aware of relevant issues in Alaska.

Students can expect to have a multi-cultural experience while learning at one of the most well-known colleges for psychology. Students can also have the advantage of working with individuals and situations with’ varying cultural perspectives. Diversity is one of this university’s main focuses. Students will be educated and exposed to critical components within’ the psychological studies that will shape them into effective practitioners.

4. American Public University System

Average Net Price: $10,563
School Type: For-Profit
School Accreditation: HLC
Acceptance Rate: 100%

American Public University System is a military university that allows flexibility and accommodations to provide superb degree programs for the modern university student. The student body is comprised of active duty military veterans and other non-traditional students who are serious about their education. Students’ experiences and qualifications are embraced.

Students will also have access to resources that lower the cost of their education. Grants are available, textbooks are free, online books are free, technology fees are non-existent, entry exams are not a factor, and no application fee is required. These conditions are in place so that students feel that financial obligations are less of a determining factor for their success. Students at American Public University System can also expect to graduate with less loan debt because of the university’s mission.

5. Columbia Southern University

Average Net Price: $11,241
School Type: For-Profit
School Accreditation: DEAC
Acceptance Rate: 100%

Columbia Southern University functions to provide students with an outstanding online education. However, they do not feel that one’s finances should suffer during the process. This university gives students the ability to obtain free books through their unique grants. Students are also accepted without the need to rely on the ACT, SAT, and other categorizing tests.

There is also math and writing assistance available to students who want to improve these essential skills. During their study experience, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace with the university’s flexible learning options. Accommodations are available for students with some of the most complex educational schedules and circumstances.

There are 11 term start dates each year so that students can enroll in classes 365 days a year. Columbia Southern University also gives students flexibility with student login times. This allows students to log in at reasonable times so that pressure is reduced and success is induced.

6. Clayton State University

Average Net Price: $11,663
School Type: Public, Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 69%

Clayton State University aims to provide students with a blend of techniques for learning about psychology so that theory isn’t the main focus. Students will be prepared to succeed by conducting research and utilizing technological resources. Clayton State University also aims to educate students so that they can demonstrate critical skills of applying knowledge, evaluating sources, using professional oral communication, and using professional written communication.

Students will also be educated about realistic career paths, choices, and opportunities. This university includes material that prepares students to meet the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association. Learners will be taught to understand differences and the ways that they shape the beliefs, values, and interactions of people.

7. Tennessee State University

Average Net Price: $11,867
School Type: Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 100%

Tennessee State University has a strong foundation that seeks to provide students with an education that helps them to become competent and functional professionals while studying to get a psychology degree online. Psychology students at Tennessee State University will be taught to use scientifically-based practices so that they are effective and accredited for their work.

This college seeks to enroll students who are committed to knowledge while also servicing others. Every student will be influenced to respect the diversity and complexity that comes with the field of psychology. Each student will also have the ability to undergo unique study experiences that helps to prepare them for successful futures. Courses will include knowledge that can be used as direct sources for insight within’ the field, so students are more competitive in the business world.

8. Fort Hays State University

Average Net Price: $13,189
School Type: Non-Profit
School Accreditation: HLC
Acceptance Rate: 91%

Fort Hays State University is taking a phenomenal approach to psychological education. This university uses experiential learning to help enhance its students’ learning while working hard to get a degree in psychology. During their educational journey, students are expected to show their passion for the understanding of the human mind. The university functions to shape the minds of future professionals who study to demonstrate psychological professionalism and scholarship.

Fort Hays State University’s experience of learning is more than just theory. Students are given an education that allows them to understand the science of mental processes and other interesting studies of the mind. This university also gives students options in their studies in psychology. Students can either complete a Bachelor of Arts In Psychology, or they can choose to study for a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology. Each student who completes the program can expect to be prepared to start an inspiring career that allows them to impact their field.

9. Valdosta State University

Average Net Price: $13,240
School Type: Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 78%

Valdosta State University incorporates theory, practice, passion, and emotional intelligence within’ its educational platform to deliver the best education to students who want a degree in psychology. While attending Valdosta State University, students will study to help individuals of all backgrounds so that they can graduate to be true leaders in their professions.

This university also allows students to choose between a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Students who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology study foreign languages and other classes that may not include science-based information. Students who study to receive a Bachelor of Science in Psychology will study in courses that are related to Natural Science and Mathematics. Students will be equipped with helpful sources like online tutors and a concierge that works to make sure that every student reaches their personalized goals and abilities.

10. University of the Cumberlands

Average Net Price: $13,476
School Type: Non-Profit
School Accreditation: SACS COC
Acceptance Rate: 81%

The University of the Cumberlands is a regionally accredited, private college that serves over 19,000 students in over 40 fields of study. The University has been providing quality education for over 134 years and offers a variety of academic programs to meet your needs. UC offers innovative programs and hands-on, experiential learning in an effort to prepare students for the future.

The University offers an online psychology degree that can be completed from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. This degree will prepare students for a variety of careers in the mental health field, including counseling, clinical psychology, and more. Students will learn about human behavior and how to help people with mental illnesses and can do so remotely if they wish. A psychology degree from the University of the Cumberlands forms a strong foundation for a variety of careers and further routes of education, allowing students to progress to specialties in business, law, education and more.

Popular Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

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