The Best Online MBA Programs

For those of you in or wanting to get into the business world, getting an MBA (Master’s Degree in Business) is a great way to advance your career. There are many ways to get an MBA, and the busy professional might see the online route as the best option.

Online MBA programs can be completed in about two years, assuming full-time enrollment. They are great for full- or part-time study.

Applying to a school for an MBA is usually done online and can be completed fairly quickly. Students can also register for individual courses online.

If your career is in business, and you are interested in bettering yourself or stepping up that professional ladder, an MBA can provide plenty of opportunities for upward movement.

Online MBA Programs That Might Interest You

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Ranking Methodology | Best Online MBA Program Rankings


The EduRef Best Online MBA rankings are based on affordability, academic quality, and student outcomes via the following information:

  • Financial Aid
  • Average Net Price
  • Retention Rates
  • 4-year Graduation Rates

Each school considered for this ranking was given a score and a ranking based on financial aid, average net price, retention rate, and graduation rate. Scores were then combined to create an overall ranking and score with 100 being the highest score and a ranking of #1 as the highest possible ranking in each category and overall ranking.

All data was gathered from and is accurate at the time of this writing (June 2019). All other information was gathered from school websites and other ranking sites such as, US News & World Report and

Best Online MBA Programs in the U.S.

#1 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Score: 100

Financial Aid: 67%
Average Net Price: $11,100
Retention Rate: 96%
Graduation Rate: 91%

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is ranked highly among online MBA programs. This online program is comprehensive and aims to directly mimic the campus experience. This is a large public university with an average of 1,107 applicants for the MBA program and an acceptance rate of 61%.

To attend, you must take either the GRE or GMAT except in special circumstances. This University is tied for the first place ranking on US News’ Online MBA Ranking for 2019 and number 29 on the Best Colleges for Business in America list. In addition to these rankings, the peer assessment score for UNC-Chapel Hill is also high, indicating that other universities hold this school in high regard. The high work experience among MBA students adds to the experience here and the extensive and international alumni network. For an online program, tuition costs about $1728 per credit hour for in and out-of-state residents. The total investment comes to just over $100,000, so this isn’t a program to enter lightly, as you will need to land a great job post-MBA for this investment to pay off.

#2 University of South Florida

Score: 99.6

Financial Aid: 89%
Average Net Price: $11,766
Retention Rate: 90%
Graduation Rate: 71%

The University of South Florida is a public university located in Tampa, Florida. The Online MBA Program is ranked among the US News Top 100 Best Online MBA Programs. There are generally around 124 applicants for this program, with 59 of those individuals accepted to the University, creating an acceptance rate of about 48%. These light numbers create smaller class sizes across the board, allowing professors more time to interact with students one-on-one.

The average undergraduate GPA is 3.2, and the average GMAT score is 563. The GMAT is required during the application process, except for certain circumstances. Almost 100% of students have prior work experience, averaging around five years. Tuition is relatively affordable at around $900 per credit. USF is a larger school, but this program is smaller and will ensure that you get what you need from peers and professors. The school as a whole is about evenly split between genders, but the business program does skew males, at only 34% female.

#3 West Virginia University

Score: 98.4

Financial Aid: 93%
Average Net Price: $11,486
Retention Rate: 80%
Graduation Rate: 57%

The online MBA program at West Virginia University is ranked number 45 according to US News. This is a hybrid MBA program, as you cannot earn the degree entirely online or abroad. You must take either the GMAT or GRE as part of the application requirements here. Additionally, you must have a minimum of two years of professional experience before beginning this program. Despite these stipulations, WVU has a very high acceptance rate, 94%, and allows applicants to be admitted that are living abroad.

There is a mandatory collaboration between online and campus-based students. There are around 170 students enrolled in this program, the majority of which (98%) are employed. Tuition is relatively affordable at around $1,000 per credit hour, whether in or out of state. This program’s hybrid nature allows the flexibility and convenience needed to enable working professionals to meet their academic goals. Outside of the core curriculum, you can also choose an emphasis, which is somewhat limited. This MBA program only offers an Energy Finance Emphasis, a Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Emphasis, and an Integrated Marketing Communications Emphasis. Although if these programs fit your interest, WVU’s MBA program may be right for you.

#4 Arizona State University

Score: 98.0

Financial Aid: 91%
Average Net Price: $12,947
Retention Rate: 87%
Graduation Rate: 63%

The Carey School of Business at Arizona State University is placed at #6 by US News in the Online MBA Ranking for 2019. This program is also accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The curriculum is unique because students are engrossed in two topics at a time for just about eight weeks. The acceptance rate for ASU is around 61%. The GRE or GMAT is required as part of the application process. Undergraduate GPA and standardized test scores are also important to the application process.

Four concentrations are offered here, including Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management/Logistics. Class sizes are relatively large, with an average of 61 students and a maximum of 100 students. Almost 70% of students in this program are male, and the average age is 32 years old. Tuition is a bit higher here than at many other universities, at around $1200 per credit. However, you will receive mostly the same experience on campus or online; the curriculum, as well as the faculty, is mostly the same between both programs.

#5 Southwestern University

Score: 98.2

Financial Aid: 98%
Average Net Price: $27,008
Retention Rate: 86%
Graduation Rate: 74%

Southwestern University, located in Texas, specifically Georgetown, is a smaller private Christian university. This university is distinct in that it was the first institution of higher learning in the state of Texas. Southwestern University does not provide an online MBA program or any master’s programs for that matter. However, they will provide you with a small campus experience to prepare you for the next step in your academic or professional career.

With an undergraduate population of under 1,500 students, the acceptance rate is 43, its size doesn’t mean it will take anyone to grow. The student-faculty ratio is 11 students to a faculty member, which ensures one-on-one time and access to your professors. There are no programs that cater to evening classes for working professionals.

#6 UT Martin

Score: 97.6

Financial Aid: 99%
Average Net Price: $11,034
Retention Rate: 76%
Graduation Rate: 50%

The University of Tennessee – Martin is ranked 34th according to US News as a top online MBA Program. This public school is AACSB accredited and on the smaller side. The average class size is 15 students, and the maximum class size is only slightly higher at 20 students, with 90% of classes between ten and 19 students. The acceptance rate is 68%, so your chances of attending if you apply are rather high. Tuition is also affordable, costing only $585 per credit. Virtually every student has prior work experience. This degree is also attainable entirely online; no in-person classes are necessary.

Online and on-campus students are also in separate courses. However, the faculty is the same for both online and in-person classes. The male-to-female ratio of students is pretty balanced, the population consists of 57% male students. New students entering this program also skew a bit older than most at 39 years old. This is a good, fully online experience. The curriculum is solely presented through the Canvas application, ensuring a smooth operation.

#7 Drexel University

Score: 97.6

Financial Aid: 99%
Average Net Price: $40,977
Retention Rate: 89%
Graduation Rate: 71%

Drexel University is a private school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the US News Online MBA Ranking, Drexel University is ranked number 45. This online MBA program has one of the highest acceptance rates around, accepting approximately 90% of applicants. This program is AACSB accredited and offers six concentrations. These concentrations include Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Health Care Administration, Marketing, and Sports Business. Classes are slightly large at Drexel, with an average of around 31 students. However, the maximum class size is 35.

If you wish, you can earn your degree entirely online or abroad, and no interaction with on-campus students is required, though it is encouraged. Additionally, students enroll as online students but are permitted to take classes on campus as they choose with no notification or permission needed. Almost all students are employed upon the start of their time with Drexel, and the average age of online MBA students is 33 years old. Tuition per credit hour is $1,300, so the cost of this degree could be an issue here. The curriculum offers a cohort or flexible/self-paced option, however, so if need be, courses can be completed on your own time.

#8 Rochester Institute of Technology

Score: 97.2

Financial Aid: 98%
Average Net Price: $31,376
Retention Rate: 90%
Graduation Rate: 67%

The Rochester Institute of Technology AACSB accredited online MBA program ranks at number 26 on US News Best Online MBA Programs. This private school offers five types of MBA programs Executive Focus, Personal, Applied, Leadership Development focus, and Global. The Executive Focus is for professionals further along in their careers. Personal mimics a smaller school environment with a high-touch engagement atmosphere. Applied is a more straightforward experience with an 18- week client capstone course included. The Leadership Development track includes a professional development coach and the curriculum emphasizes leadership. The Global option focuses on international business and finance and includes a client project during an international residency.

This upstanding university’s tuition is a bit steep, at $1660 per credit hour. The acceptance rate is around 50%, and all students have prior work experience. The class sizes range from two to 40 students, with an average of around 17 students per class. This degree cannot be earned entirely online, classes include campus-based students, and online credits are equal to those earned on campus. The student body is about equally comprised of males and females, 51.1% of students are male. The average student is 39 years old.

#9 University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Score: 95.0

Financial Aid: 79%
Average Net Price: $13,045
Retention Rate: 83%
Graduation Rate: 71%

This public university MBA program is AACSB accredited and ranked ninth of online MBA programs by US News and World Report. University of Wisconsin – La Crosse does provide a 100% online program. The average class size is 25 students, of which the average age is 31. You can take either the GRE or GMAT to get into business school. The total cost for this program, which takes from two and a half to three years to complete, is $26,000. This number does not include foundation courses that may be necessary depending upon your undergraduate major.

Faculty here are still professionally active, which means they know what is happening in the business world today. This degree does not offer concentrations but there are 16 credits of electives to help you personalize your education in that way. If you want a completely online MBA experience with teachers who are also business professionals, this is a good choice.

#10 Murray State University

Score: 94.6

Financial Aid: 94%
Average Net Price: $11,562
Retention Rate: 77%
Graduation Rate: 49%

The Murray State University MBA program is AACSB accredited and has been since 1981. This is a public university that offers a fully online MBA program. This program lasts only 18 months and will cost around $20,000 to complete. This makes the Murray State University online MBA program among the most affordable. The online program also allows you to complete classes if you are not based in the United States. This makes the program extremely military-friendly.

This is a general MBA program, no concentrations are offered, but there is a portion of credits made up of electives. Murray State University is a good program for a basic MBA degree, particularly if you are traveling abroad or unsure where you will be within the next two years while completing this program.

#11 Southeast Missouri State University

Score: 94.6

Financial Aid: 96%
Average Net Price: $12,165
Retention Rate: 75%
Graduation Rate: 52%

This AACSB accredited, public university provides a fully online MBA program, taught by the same professors as the on-campus classes. Southeast Missouri State University is highly affordable. Tuition is under $400 per credit hour. Additionally, US News ranked the university at 109 as one of the top online programs to earn an MBA. Applicants living abroad can be admitted to this program, and since you are able to earn the degree entirely online, you can earn the degree abroad as well. If you have the credentials, chances are you will get accepted to this school, the acceptance rate is 88%.

There are three programs offered for the Master of Business Administration: General Management, Health Administration, and Sport Management. The class sizes average around 21 students but max out at 25 students. Collaboration is encouraged between online and on-campus students, but it is not mandatory. Online classes may, however, include campus-based students. Additionally, you must enroll as an online student if you choose, but you can switch to the campus-based program if you wish. The student body is overwhelmingly male, only about 30% female, and the average age is 33 years old. For a completely online experience no matter where you are, Southeast Missouri State University is a solid choice.

#12 Emmanuel College

Score: 94.8

Financial Aid: 100%
Average Net Price: $31,448
Retention Rate: 78%
Graduation Rate: 66%

Emmanuel College is a private Roman Catholic institution located in an urban setting in Boston, Massachusetts. The location of this institution is one of the main features, it is situated near Fenway Park and easily accessible via public transportation. The Master’s program is not an MBA, but a Master of Science in either Management, Human Resources Management, or Research Administration. They also offer a six-course Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management, Human Resource Management, or Research Administration. Depending on your career goals, this can offer an interesting alternative to the traditional MBA. This program offers some online classes but mostly is not a fully online degree. However, if you wish to achieve a Master’s of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration or a Graduate Certificate in Research Administration, you may complete the coursework fully online. This program is focused on a global perspective concentrating on management and real-world experience. If you live, or you want to live, in Boston this is a good option for furthering your education.

#13 Robert Morris University

Score: 94.6

Financial Aid: 96%
Average Net Price: $25,645
Retention Rate: 81%
Graduation Rate: 61%

This AACSB accredited private university is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in a town called Moon Township. The MBA program at Robert Morris University requires 30 credit hours. This program also features team teaching in every class to reinforce the interaction between management, finance, marketing, etc. in business. There is a fully online program available and specialized online certificates can also be earned separately or as a part of the MBA. Certificates available to be earned are in Business Analytics, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. US News ranked this online MBA program tied at number 73. The same curriculum is used for the online program as for the on-campus program, and both are team-taught by experienced faculty. Tuition is affordable for this program at under $1,000 per credit hour. The acceptance rate for the MBA program at Robert Morris is 84%, and they do accept applicants living abroad. The degree may also be earned while the student is entirely abroad. The average class size is 17 students with a maximum size of only 20 students. The average age of students is 30 years old, and only 11% are employed upon entering the program. The minority of students in this program are female, with just under 70% male students. If you are living or working abroad or prefer a small school experience close to a city, Robert Morris may work for you.

#14 Florida Atlantic University

Score: 94.2

Financial Aid: 82%
Average Net Price: $10,100
Retention Rate: 79%
Graduation Rate: 51%

Florida Atlantic University is ranked number 51 in online BA programs by US News and also AACSB accredited. The College of Business at this university boasts a 23 month long Online MBA Program. This program has the same curriculum and teachers as the in-person experience but is accessible from anywhere. You can apply and earn this degree from abroad, it is not necessary to check in on campus at any time. The student population is about 60:40 male to female ratio and the average student age entering the program is 31 years old. Tuition is only $800 per credit hour, so this university is also rather affordable. The degree you will end up with is a general MBA, the online MBA also has a specialization in International Business. The entire program including foundation courses is 46 credits total, however, those six credit hours may be waived. This program is specifically set up for professionals to complete while continuing their careers.

#15 Walsh University

Score: 93.6

Financial Aid: 100%
Average Net Price: $19,417
Retention Rate: 74%
Graduation Rate: 61%

This school is a private Catholic university that offers a completely online MBA experience. The acceptance rate is 90%, so if you meet the qualifications to apply, it is very likely that you will get into this school. Applicants are admitted while living abroad and the entire program can be completed online. The student base is divided fairly evenly between males and females. Classes max out at 20 students, but the average size is closer to 13 students per class. There are three specialties available for the online program, including Marketing, Healthcare Management, and Management. Walsh University also offers accelerated programs so you could potentially earn your MBA in as little as a year’s time. There is little to no collaboration between online and on-campus students, the courses are separate. The rolling application deadline and low cost of this degree make it accessible for many people. The cost is only $705 per credit hour, and you only need between 36 and 42 credits to complete the degree.

#16 University of Louisiana at Monroe

Score: 93.4

Financial Aid: 97%
Average Net Price: $9,923
Retention Rate: 72%
Graduation Rate: 41%

This public university, located along the Bayou DeSiard, is AACSB accredited and ranked in the top 150 of Online MBA schools by US News. The MBA degree is attainable completely online, and about 85% of the student population work while earning this degree. The University of Louisiana at Monroe has an acceptance rate of about 88%, so if you meet the minimum requirements it is likely that you will be accepted to this program. Student gender is almost evenly split but skews slightly male. The average student is 31 years old when they enter the program. Class size is rather small, averaging at 15 students and maxing out at only 25 students. Classes include campus-based and online students for this program. The University of Louisiana at Monroe MBA program does not have any specializations or concentrations, so what you get here is the generic MBA degree. However, at the low price of $583 per credit, this degree is highly accessible.

#17 Ball State University

Score: 93.4

Financial Aid: 90%
Average Net Price: $13,535
Retention Rate: 78%
Graduation Rate: 62%

Ball State University is ranked highly by US News as one of the top MBA programs online, sitting at number 13. This public university is also AACSB accredited and offers an MBA degree completed completely online. This means that you can also complete this program while abroad, no on-campus interaction is necessary. Ball State has a 63% acceptance rate and only costs $616 per credit hour so gaining admittance to this school can be competitive. The curriculum and faculty are identical for on-campus and online students, so you will be getting a top-of-the-line education. The student body is young, the average age of entrants is 28 years old, and slightly more male than female at 63% male. The average class size is a bit large at 32 students, but the maximum size is listed at 40 students, so the classes don’t get too large. There are a variety of concentrations offered in addition to the General MBA, including Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health, Economics, Policy, and Administration, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, and Sales Management. Also, if you are not ready for the full MBA experience certificates are available in Business Essentials for Professionals, Professional Sales Management, or Health, Economics, Policy, and Administration.

#18 Boise State University

Score: 93.2

Financial Aid: 94%
Average Net Price: $13,363
Retention Rate: 80%
Graduation Rate: 44%

The MBA Program at this AACSB accredited, public university can be attained 100% online and abroad. Boise State University was ranked at number 40 for its online MBA program by US News. US News also ranked this institution among the Most Innovative Schools in the United States in 2018. Boise State is accessible to attend as well, with a 91% acceptance rate and a cost of only $750 per credit hour. The online and on-campus students are in separate classes, but the curricula are mostly the same for both tracks. The average class size is a bit large at 34 students per class. The student body is comprised of mostly males, 73% in fact, and 98% of students are employed when they enroll in this program. The average student’s age is 34 years old. Boise State University only offers a general MBA degree, there are no specializations or concentrations. However, the high acceptance rate, relatively low price, and US News rankings of the school make this an attractive program.

#19 Cornerstone University

Score: 93.2

Financial Aid: 100%
Average Net Price: $20,475
Retention Rate: 77%
Graduation Rate: 53%

This private institution is located in Michigan and teaches from a “Christ-centered worldview.” Here you can earn your MBA completely online or on campus, but you cannot switch once you choose one of these options. Collaboration is not encouraged between online and on-campus students, but the curriculum for both is almost identical. Classes average at only eight students per class, with a maximum of around 20 students. The student population tips slightly more female (53% of students are female) and the average entrant to the MBA program is 34 years old. Cornerstone University was among the Best Colleges for Business in America according to The acceptance rate is 89%, so if you meet the minimum requirements, there is a good chance you will be admitted to this online program. The cost for each credit hour is relatively low at $565 or $1895 per course. This program offers four specializations for students to choose to concentrate on: Finance, Global Business, Health Care, and Project Management. If your worldview lines up with Cornerstone University, and you are looking for a small university experience, this is a good choice for your situation.

#20 University of North Dakota

Score: 93.0

Financial Aid: 91%
Average Net Price: $14,478
Retention Rate: 81%
Graduation Rate: 54%

This institution is a public university that is also AACSB accredited. The University of North Dakota online MBA program was ranked number 31 by US News this year. Applicants to this program can be anywhere in the world and can attain this online MBA degree completely abroad if they choose. The acceptance rate is 88% for the online MBA program. The average entrant to the program is only 30 years old and is likely male as only 19% of the student population is female. Once a student is enrolled in online classes at the University of North Dakota, they are bound to that form of education. However, all curricula and faculty are identical for on or off-campus students. This university offers several concentrations to streamline your experience. Outside of the general MBA track, these include Business Analytics, Government and Business, International Business, and Social Entrepreneurship. The MBA program also has a number of goals and objectives for learning. The first goal is that students will be integrated and interdisciplinary thinkers, with objectives of integrating different approaches, methods, and practices from various disciplines. Goal two is that students will be effective communicators. The objectives for the second goal include a requirement for students to prepare and deliver a professional presentation and demonstrate effective written communication skills. The final goal of the MBA program at the University of North Dakota is that students will be skilled in critical thinking and decision-making using appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

#21 Auburn University

Score: 92.6

Financial Aid: 76%
Average Net Price: $22,613
Retention Rate: 92%
Graduation Rate: 77%

Auburn University was ranked number nine by US News for its online MBA program and 76th on the rankings for Best Colleges for Business in America. The acceptance rate here is 74% and applicants living abroad are accepted to this public, AACSB accredited school. However only students living in the United States can attend this program, with the exception of United States military personnel. Classes are larger here, with an average size of 54 students and a maximum class size of 140 students. Most of the curriculum is exactly the same online as on campus, and all of the teachers are the same. The majority of students are male, with just over 25% females and the average age of entrants is 30 years old. The Canvas application is used for the online MBA program, to integrate lectures, group work, discussions, and homework. Dual graduate degree options are available through this program in Finance, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Information Systems.

#22 University of New Hampshire

Score: 93.0

Financial Aid: 85%
Average Net Price: $22,888
Retention Rate: 86%
Graduation Rate: 78%

The online MBA program at the University of New Hampshire, a public AACSB accredited school, is perfect for working professionals. In fact, 96% of students are already employed when they first enroll in this program. The acceptance rate for the University of New Hampshire online MBA program is 94%, ensuring that most qualified applicants are able to enter the program. This program has also been rated number 51 by US News among other MBA programs online. The cost for this program is $910 per credit hour. The student body, along with being mostly employed upon enrollment is about 60% male, and the average age is 34 years old. The average class size for this particular program is 17 students, but the maximum is 40 students. The degree offered by this university is a general MBA degree that can be earned entirely online, or even in another country. However, once you enroll as an online student you are bound to complete the degree online, you can’t switch to on campus. Additionally, the same faculty and curricula are used for both on and off-campus classes, so you can ensure you are getting a great educational experience.

#23 University of Notre Dame

Score: 92.6

Financial Aid: 67%
Average Net Price: $27,435
Retention Rate: 98%
Graduation Rate: 95%

The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame is ranked 26th by US News Best Business Schools. ranked the school fifth among the 2019 Best Colleges for Business in America. There is no completely online program offered at Notre Dame but they do have an impressive array of other MBA programs. These include a one-year accelerated program, the traditional two-year MBA, several Executive MBA programs, and options for dual degrees to earn with an MBA. The one-year program gives you a close-knit class experience, with a student-to-faculty ratio of three to one. Also, 75% of these students receive a Fellowship. The two-year program is more traditional and provides a focus on business analytics. There is an executive MBA program available at Notre Dame or in Chicago. The school does, however, skew more than 70% male with regard to the student body. The University of Notre Dame is a great school for business but does not offer an online option at this time.

#24 West Chester University

Score: 92.2

Financial Aid: 80%
Average Net Price: $19,348
Retention Rate: 85%
Graduation Rate: 73%

West Chester University offers an entirely online MBA experience for $526 per credit hour. SO even if you are living abroad, you can be admitted and earn the degree without ever stepping foot in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The acceptance rate for this AACSB accredited program is 79% and almost all students, about 98%, have prior work experience. This program was also ranked 58th by US News among the best MBA programs available online. The average and the maximum class size is the same at 29 students. Students generally enroll at the age of 31 and are 61% male. The degree is a general MBA, with no concentrations or specializations available. The target duration of the program is one and a half years; however, this degree is generally earned over two years. If you want to take it slow, West Chester University won’t let you slow down too much. This school dictates that you must earn a degree within three years of enrollment.

#25 University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Score: 92.0

Financial Aid: 77%
Average Net Price: $12,422
Retention Rate: 78%
Graduation Rate: 62%

The online MBA program at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, a public and AACSB accredited university, is ranked 21st by US News among the best of similar programs. This degree is able to be earned entirely online or abroad and costs $638 per credit hour. Most students have prior work experience and are employed upon entrance to this program. The acceptance rate is 73% for this online MBA program and the average age of entrants is 29 years old. Once you are accepted to the online program you are bound to it, you cannot change to on-campus classes. Classes are large at this school, with an average of 39 students per class and a maximum of 65 students. However, the same faculty teach online and on-campus and the curriculum is also all identical. This university offers a plethora of emphases including Data Analytics, Environmental Health, and Safety, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, or a personally customized option.

#26 Colorado State University

Score: 91.6

Financial Aid: 80%
Average Net Price: $17,191
Retention Rate: 82%
Graduation Rate: 69%

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Colorado State University provides an AACSB accredited MBA experience that can be entirely online. Additionally, this public university was among the 2019 Best Colleges for Business in America and ranked one of the top MBA programs available online by US News. Because you can earn this degree entirely online your location does not matter, and you can be admitted while living outside of the United States. Most students have prior work experience before enrolling at Colorado State and continue to work throughout the program. The student body is about evenly male and female with slightly more men. The average age of an entrant to this MBA program is 34 years old. The acceptance rate for this program is 87% making it a bit competitive to be admitted. The cost is $974 per credit. Class sizes here are both averaged and maxed out at 35 students, so if you are looking for small classes this might not be the place for you. Other than the general MBA degree there is a specialization in Marketing and Data Analytics available.

#27 MSU Texas

Score: 91.4

Financial Aid: 94%
Average Net Price: $10,210
Retention Rate: 67%
Graduation Rate: 45%

Midwestern State University Dillard College of Business has an AACSB accredited, fully online MBA program available. This school is highly affordable the entire degree earned online will cost only $12,500. The student population of the business school skews slightly male, with 40% female students. The majority of students have also already entered the professional working world. In addition to the general MBA, there are two concentrations available, Energy Management and Accounting. This degree program focuses on professional competencies and positioning students to meet their career goals. Additionally, case studies are used regularly to review real-life business situations and conditions. The Energy Management concentration focuses on all aspects of the energy industry and how it works to position you for a career managing different types of energy systems. The Accounting concentration prepares students for their career in accounting, including providing the 150-hour educational requirement in preparation for the CPA Exam. This online MBA program focuses on professional competencies and positioning students to meet their career goals. Additionally, case studies are used regularly to review real-life business situations and conditions.

#28 Wayne State College

Score: 91.4

Financial Aid: 95%
Average Net Price: $12,626
Retention Rate: 69%
Graduation Rate: 51%

Wayne State College is located in Wayne, Nebraska. If you have no intention of living or working in Nebraska though, don’t worry. The MBA through Wayne State is able to be earned completely online, so you can be anywhere in the United States, or around the world. This public school is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Additionally, the online MBA program was also listed among the best online programs to earn your MBA by US News. This school is also highly affordable. It costs only $361 per credit hour for the online program. Wayne State currently only offers a general MBA degree with no specializations or concentrations. However, there is also an MBA for Business Educators program available. This program is designed for secondary-level teachers to enhance their instructional experience with 18 credit hours of business coursework.

#29 Carnegie Mellon University

Score: 91.4

Financial Aid: 60%
Average Net Price: $29,817
Retention Rate: 96%
Graduation Rate: 89%

This private university, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is AACSB accredited and ranked third among the best MBA programs online by US News. Carnegie Mellon University is also ranked twelfth by among the 2019 Best Colleges for Business in America. The acceptance rate for the MBA program is only 54%, and the cost is somewhat prohibitive at $2,063 per credit hour. There are three MBA program options here the Full-Time MBA, Part-Time Online MBA, and the Part-Time Flex MBA. The Full-Time MBA is a traditional experience, ranging over 21 months. There are no concentrations available, but the focus is on leadership and analytics in this full-time program. The Part-Time Online MBA is not entirely online, weekends are required six times throughout the year, in various locations. The same faculty and curriculum are used online as in the on-campus classes, you are getting the same experience from a different location. Both part-time programs are completed over 32 months. The Part-Time Flex MBA also requires in-person weekends six times a year, but these occur at the Pittsburgh campus.

#30 Prairie View A&M University

Score: 90.6

Financial Aid: 95%
Average Net Price: $10,290
Retention Rate: 71%
Graduation Rate: 35%

This public university is AACSB accredited. An MBA degree can be earned entirely online through Prairie View A&M University. The cost is middle of the road for this program at $796 per credit hour. The average class size is 30 students, and the maximum size of classes is 40 students. Collaboration is forbidden between online and on-campus students. However, all of the same curricula and faculty are present in both in-person and online formats. The student body is 60% female and is comprised of 91% minority students. There are no concentrations or specializations so this degree will be a general MBA. This program makes it easy for working professionals to further their education and attain a Master’s degree at their own pace.

#31 Columbus State University

Score: 89.8

Financial Aid: 93%
Average Net Price: $11,334
Retention Rate: 76%
Graduation Rate: 33%

Columbus State University is a public university and the Turner College of Business is AACSB accredited. The online MBA program here was ranked among the best by US News. The acceptance rate for this program is 86%, and most of these entrants, almost 90%, are already employed. This MBA is earned entirely online, with the exception of in-person orientation which must be attended at the beginning of either the spring or fall semesters. The average class size is 5 students, but that number can grow substantially to a maximum of 30 students. The average student in this program is only 29 years old. The student body is about 75% minority and split just about evenly between males and females. The cost for this program is below the national average at $739 per credit hour. Though all faculty teach both online and on-campus, a collaboration between online and campus students is forbidden. The curriculum is mostly the same online as it is on campus, but there are some differences.

#32 Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Score: 89.8

Financial Aid: 92%
Average Net Price: $12,155
Retention Rate: 62%
Graduation Rate: 56%

The online programs at Brigham Young University Hawaii have been mostly replaced with Brigham Young University Pathway Worldwide programs. However, neither of these platforms offers an MBA at this time. BYU Pathway Worldwide does have an Associate in Applied Management as well as a Bachelor’s in Applied Management, as well as several certificates available. Certificate options include Administrative Assistant, Agribusiness, Basic Accounting, Business Administration, Business and Leadership Skills, Commercial Fundamentals, Computer Programming, Computer Support, Construction Field Supervision, Database, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Social Media Marketing, and Web Frontend. Thus, although this option will not help you in obtaining an MBA it can help you get to that point.

#33 Missouri State University-Springfield

Score: 89.8

Financial Aid: 90%
Average Net Price: $15,173
Retention Rate: 77%
Graduation Rate: 55%

Missouri State University – Springfield has one of the largest public colleges of business in the Midwest. Applicants enjoy an 85% acceptance rate to the online MBA program, which is referred to as the Evening Program by this university. They offer a traditional program, an accelerated program, and an evening program where you can schedule in-person classes on campus or complete the degree entirely online. Only 33 credit hours total is required for this degree. There are a number of Graduate Certificates available through the College of Business, which most students complete as the elective portion of this degree. Graduate Certificates available are Computer Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Financial Analysis, Forensic Accounting, International Business, Leadership, Management, Marketing, and Tax Accounting. The online degree cost is quite affordable at a tuition of $11,220 in total.

#34 Georgia Southern University

Score: 89.8

Financial Aid: 90%
Average Net Price: $16,264
Retention Rate: 79%
Graduation Rate: 50%

This public university was ranked 66th among the best MBA programs online. The Georgia Southern University MBA is AACSB and regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The online MBA is rather affordable at $22,170 for the complete degree in addition to a fee each semester of $290 and a one-time orientation fee of $700. The degree can be obtained almost entirely online, except for attendance at orientation which takes place in Atlanta. This program has an acceptance rate of 91% of students. The average student is 34 years old, and 59% male. Classes are generally limited to 24 students; however, the maximum allowed is 40 students. Online and on-campus students are completely separate. They do share the same faculty and almost identical curricula. The program will take 21 months, just under two years, to complete as it only consists of 30 credit hours in total. This is a general MBA but is still a great way to further your education.

#35 Texas State University

Score: 89.6

Financial Aid: 81%
Average Net Price: $13,579
Retention Rate: 78%
Graduation Rate: 54%

The McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University offers both a full-time MBA and a Flex MBA program. Within the Flex MBA program, which can be completed completely online, students can also choose an emphasis to further their experience and expertise. These emphases include Computer Information Systems, Engineering Technology, Health Administration, Human Resource Management, and International Business. The average time taken to complete this degree at the AACSB-accredited McCoy College of Business is around 28 months. The cost for a Texas resident to procure this degree is just around $25,000.

#36 Louisiana State University Shreveport

Score: 89.2

Financial Aid: 95%
Average Net Price: $9,393
Retention Rate: 64%
Graduation Rate: 30%

The Business program at Louisiana State University – Shreveport is ranked among the top business programs in America, according to US News. It is also AACSB accredited. This fully online experience is very low cost at under $13,000 for tuition for the entire program or about $350 per credit hour. This degree can also be completed in as little as ten months, with a total of 30 credit hours needed. This public university also provides many options for concentrations to go along with the MBA. Available concentrations include Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, Finance, Hospitality, and Casino Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing Project Management, and Non-Profit Administration. The myriad of options for emphasis coupled with the low cost of this school means that this is a great online option. Louisiana State also has a quick turnaround from your application to the start date. For example, an applicant submitting their application on April, 22nd could begin classes as soon as May 13th of the same year.

#37 University of Nebraska at Omaha

Score: 89.0

Financial Aid: 88%
Average Net Price: $11,727
Retention Rate: 76%
Graduation Rate: 47%

The University of Nebraska at Omaha business program is AACSB accredited and internationally recognized. This program is designed for working professionals and it includes a flexible schedule, small and interactive classes, full and part-time completion options, et cetera. There are several concentration options including Business Analytics, Business Technology, Collaboration Science, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Investment Science, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability. There are a total of 33 credit hours required, nine of which are comprised of elective courses. There is also an MBA Leadership Seminar Series that students are required to participate in at least twice prior to graduation. This series allows students the opportunity to interact with and learn from top executives and leaders in the area. There is also a capstone course requirement where students must complete an integrative applied project for a real organization.

Dual degrees and certificates are also available, as well as a graduate minor in Business Administration. Dual degree options are MBA and Master of Public Health, MBA and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems, MBA and Pharmacy Doctorate, and MBA and Medical Doctorate. Available certificates include Business for Bioscientists, Business in Health Administration, and Human Resources and Training.

Choosing the Right Online MBA Program

There are hundreds of MBA programs to choose from in the U.S., so you may want to prioritize your school search according to a few key criteria. Some important things that you should consider before you choose an MBA degree program include:

  1. Accreditation: Accreditation ensures the program meets certain academic standards, which can directly impact the quality of education you receive. Look for programs accredited by recognized bodies like AACSB, ACBSP, or IACBE.
  2. Curriculum: A comprehensive and current curriculum can equip you with the relevant skills needed in the business world. Examine the course modules, electives, and experiential learning opportunities.
  3. Reputation and Rankings: Reviews and rankings can indicate the quality of a program. Investigate the university’s reputation and program rankings by credible sources.
  4. Cost: Online MBA programs vary in price. Factor in the tuition fees and additional costs while considering your budget.
  5. Faculty: Experienced and qualified faculty can enrich your learning experience. Look into the faculty’s background, qualifications, and areas of expertise.
  6. Student Support Services: Support services like academic advising, career services, and technical support can enhance your learning experience. Check what support services the program provides.

Online MBA FAQ

What are the most affordable online MBA programs currently available for students?

To identify the most affordable online MBA programs, it’s crucial to consider the tuition and fees charged by various institutions. Based on recent data, we have compiled a list of the top ten institutions offering low-cost online MBA programs:

  1. Cameron University School of Graduate and Professional Studies – Lawton, Oklahoma ($4,590)
  2. Georgia Southwestern State University School of Business Administration – Americus, Georgia ($4,892)
  3. Southeastern Oklahoma State University John Massey School of Business – Durant, Oklahoma ($5,040)
  4. Eastern New Mexico University College of Business – Portales, New Mexico ($5,351)
  5. Fayetteville State University School of Business and Economics – Fayetteville, North Carolina ($5,835)
  6. Fitchburg State University Business Administration Department – Fitchburg, Massachusetts ($6,012)
  7. Texas A&M University Texarkana ($6,016)
  8. Chadron State College School of Business, Entrepreneurship, Applied, and Mathematical Sciences and Sciences – Chadron, Nebraska ($6,077)
  9. Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration – Kingsville, Texas ($6,157)
  10. Arkansas State University ($6,422)

These institutions offer affordable online MBA programs without compromising on quality or accreditation.

Which universities or colleges offer online MBA programs with the lowest tuition and fees?

Among the universities and colleges mentioned above, Cameron University School of Graduate and Professional Studies in Lawton, Oklahoma, stands out for providing the lowest tuition and fees, charging only $4,590 for their online MBA program. This affordable option presents an excellent opportunity for students seeking a cost-effective path to an MBA degree.

Are there any reputable institutions that provide affordable online MBA programs?

Yes, many reputable institutions offer affordable online MBA programs. The list mentioned above includes institutions with solid academic reputations and accreditation, ensuring that students receive a quality education while keeping costs manageable.

How do the tuition costs of online MBA programs compare to traditional on-campus programs?

When comparing the tuition costs of online MBA programs with traditional on-campus programs, online options tend to be more affordable. Online programs eliminate the need for additional expenses such as commuting, housing, and campus facilities, allowing institutions to offer lower tuition rates to students pursuing their degrees remotely.

Are there any scholarships, grants, or financial aid options available specifically for online MBA students?

Many institutions provide scholarships, grants, and financial aid options for online MBA students. Prospective students should research and explore the financial assistance opportunities offered by each institution they are considering. Additionally, external scholarships and employer reimbursement programs may be available to further alleviate the financial burden.

What factors should students consider when choosing an affordable online MBA program?

When selecting an affordable online MBA program, students should consider several factors beyond tuition costs. These include:

  • Accreditation: Ensure that the program is accredited by recognized accrediting bodies to guarantee the value and recognition of the degree.
  • Curriculum and Specializations: Evaluate the curriculum, available specializations, and courses offered to ensure they align with your career goals and interests.
  • Faculty Expertise: Research the qualifications and experience of the faculty members delivering the program.
  • Student Support Services: Look for institutions that offer robust student support services, including career counseling, networking opportunities, and academic advising.
  • Alumni Network: Investigate the strength and engagement of the program’s alumni network, as it can play a vital role in future career prospects.

Do online MBA programs with lower tuition fees compromise on quality or accreditation?

While affordable online MBA programs exist, it’s essential to note that not all low-cost options compromise on quality or accreditation. The institutions mentioned above, among others, maintain the highest educational standards and hold the necessary accreditations, ensuring that students receive a valuable and recognized degree.

Are there any hidden costs or additional expenses that students should be aware of when pursuing an online MBA?

While online MBA programs generally offer cost advantages, students should be mindful of potential additional expenses such as textbooks, technology requirements, and software licenses. It’s crucial to factor in these costs when budgeting for the program to avoid any surprises along the way.

How do the average graduate student tuition and fees of different online MBA programs vary across states or regions?

The average graduate student tuition and fees for online MBA programs can vary across states or regions due to factors such as state funding, cost of living, and institutional priorities. Prospective students should research and compare the costs of programs in their desired locations to identify the most affordable options available.

What are the career prospects and earning potential for graduates of affordable online MBA programs?

Graduates of affordable online MBA programs can enjoy promising career prospects and enhanced earning potential. The MBA degree equips individuals with valuable business knowledge, leadership skills, and a competitive edge in the job market. However, career success ultimately depends on various factors, including individual skills, experience, industry demand, and market conditions.

Pursuing an MBA degree is now more accessible and affordable than ever before, thanks to the availability of online programs. By considering factors such as tuition costs, accreditation, curriculum, and student support services, students can make informed decisions when choosing the cheapest online MBA program that best suits their needs. Remember, while affordability is essential, it’s crucial to strike a balance with quality and reputation to ensure a valuable educational experience and a strong foundation for future career growth.

Job Prospects for Online MBA Graduates

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the demand for skilled professionals with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree continues to rise. The advent of online MBA programs has made this valuable qualification more accessible than ever, offering flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of education. This article explores the job prospects for graduates of online MBA programs, highlighting the strong demand in the job market, the industries actively seeking these graduates and the leadership roles they can aspire to.

Job Market Demand for MBA Graduates

The job market has shown a strong demand for MBA graduates, and this trend is expected to continue. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 89% of corporate recruiters planned to hire MBA graduates in 2023, up from 77% in 2021. This data underscores the value of an MBA degree in the eyes of employers.

Online MBA programs, in particular, have proven to be a viable alternative to traditional on-campus programs. They offer the same rigorous curriculum and are often taught by the same faculty. Moreover, online MBA graduates bring a unique set of skills to the table, such as digital literacy, self-discipline, and the ability to work effectively in virtual teams. These skills are increasingly important in today’s digital-first business environment.

Industries and Sectors Hiring Online MBA Graduates

Online MBA graduates are sought after in a wide range of industries and sectors. Here are a few key areas:

  1. Finance: The finance sector has a long history of hiring MBA graduates for roles such as financial analyst, investment banker, and portfolio manager. These roles require a deep understanding of financial markets, risk management, and investment strategies, skills that are honed in an MBA program.
  2. Consulting: Consulting firms value the problem-solving skills, business acumen, and strategic thinking that MBA graduates bring. They are often hired for roles such as business consultant, management analyst, and strategy consultant.
  3. Healthcare: The healthcare sector is increasingly seeking professionals with a strong understanding of business principles. Roles such as healthcare administrator, hospital CFO, and medical practice manager are well-suited to MBA graduates.
  4. Technology: Tech companies are looking for leaders who can navigate the fast-paced, innovation-driven industry. Roles such as product manager, IT director, and operations manager are common for MBA graduates in this sector.

Leadership and Management Roles

Online MBA graduates are well-equipped for leadership and management roles across industries. The program’s focus on strategic thinking, decision-making, and team leadership prepares graduates for a variety of positions. Some of these roles include:

  • Project Manager: Responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.
  • Business Analyst: Works closely with an organization to identify business problems and propose effective solutions.
  • Marketing Manager: Oversees a company’s marketing strategies, campaigns, and research efforts to increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Operations Manager: Ensures the smooth operation of various parts of a company, focusing on areas like quality control, logistics, and supply chain management.

Job prospects for graduates of online MBA programs are robust and diverse. These graduates are in high demand across a range of industries and are well-prepared for leadership roles. As the business landscape continues to evolve, the skills and knowledge gained from an online MBA program will remain invaluable assets.

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