Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Picking the right school and the right program can be tricky. All online colleges are not created equal. Some won’t accept credits transferred from other schools. Others are not accredited at all. You could spend the time and money to take classes only to find out later that you can’t use the credits to get the degree you want at the school you were accepted to or that your employer won’t recognize a degree because it’s from the wrong program.

Accredited Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

So how can you be sure that you are on the right track? First things first.

  1. What is Accreditation?
  2. 20 Cheapest Regionally Accredited Online Colleges
  3. Self-Paced Regionally Accredited Online Colleges
  4. List of Regionally Accredited Online Colleges
  5. Regionally Accredited Online Colleges Table

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is essential to everyone involved. For a school to be accredited, a professional organization or council reviews the school’s practices and programs to ensure that they meet or exceed the standards for education that have been set by the organization. This is important for a couple of reasons.

  • Students can be sure that an accredited university or college will meet their educational needs and provide them with financial aid options.
  • Colleges and students will be able to determine which credits can be transferred between their preferred schools and programs.

Types of Accreditation

There are different types of accreditation a school can receive; institutionalized or specialized either nationally or regionally.

To receive an institutionalized accreditation, the school as a whole must meet specific industry standards. Specialized accreditation is for certain programs of study that meet or exceed industry standards.

Some schools that you can expect to have national accreditation are technical, religious, vocational, and correspondence schools. These schools usually get national instead of regional accreditation because they are for-profit schools with a focus on student careers.

Regional accreditation holds schools to a higher standard than national accreditation. These schools are state-owned or non-profit institutions that are more focused on academics than careers.

When deciding on nationally or regionally accredited online colleges, it is essential to make sure that whatever school you plan to transfer to will take your credits. Most regionally accredited schools will not accept credit transfers from nationally accredited schools. It is much easier to transfer credits from a regionally accredited school to a regionally accredited school.

What type of career you plan to have should inform what kind of accreditation you look for in a school. If you are interested in learning a vocation or trade, national accreditation is what you will need. If you want to go a more traditional route, then a regionally accredited online college is the one for you.

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How do I know if a school is accredited?

A school that is accredited will want you to know it. Most college websites will share their accreditation status on their websites home page. You can also check the website’s site map or scroll to the bottom of the home page and look for a link to accreditation. Be wary of schools that use terms like “licensed” or “recognized.” If you are unsure after looking at the school’s website, you can check the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s directory to see if they are listed. For online schools, you can also check accreditation at ACICS or Education Connection.

You can check your school’s accreditation by visiting the following:

To check distance learning accreditation, visit:

Accredited Programs That Might Interest You
Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

20 Cheapest Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

School NameAccrediting AgencyAnnual Tuition (2019)
Lone Star College SystemSACS COC$5,564
United States UniversityWSCUC$6,480
Western Governors UniversityNWCCU$6,670
American Public University SystemHLC$7,324
University of North Carolina at PembrokeSACS COC$7,490
Minot State UniversityHLC$7,592
Delta State UniversitySACS COC$7,671
Bellevue UniversityHLC$7,851
Iowa Central Community CollegeHLC$8,200
Western Carolina UniversitySACS COC$8,277
Midwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryHLC$8,290
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeHLC$8,379
Colorado State University GlobalHLC$8,400
Eastern New Mexico University-Main CampusHLC$8,448
Waldorf UniversityHLC$8,700
Nicholls State UniversitySACS COC$8,991
Trident at AIUWSCUC$9,240
Jackson State UniversitySACS COC$9,445
West Texas A&M UniversitySACS COC$9,541
University of PhoenixHLC$9,552

When choosing a college, it is essential to find one with great teachers and a program that gives you the education you want. However, expensive colleges will leave you with a mountain of debt that won’t be easy to get rid of any time soon. The following colleges are some of the cheapest around but that doesn’t mean they have skimped on quality. With a host of programs to choose from, there is something here for everyone.

Great Basin College

This online college has an institutional and specialized accreditation through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. With tuition at $2,805 a year, it’s no wonder it was rated as the most affordable online college available by SR Education Group. Their list of available fully online programs includes early childhood development, land surveying, graphic communications, and RN-BSN.

Brigham Young University – Idaho

This non-profit college is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Although it is run by the LDS, it accepts both LDS and non-LDS students. They offer 350 online courses with seven online associate degrees and eleven bachelor’s degrees. This school also received an institutional accreditation with eight programs getting specialized accreditation as well. Tuition is around $3830 per year, making them an affordable option for the more conservative college applicant.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

With tuition at $5,250 a year and an institutionalized accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, UT of Permian Basin is an excellent choice for the online learner. In addition to their institutional accreditation, they also received specialized accreditation for at least eight of their programs, including a bachelor of arts or music, education, nursing, and social work. They even have some degrees that can be earned in as little as eight weeks.

Self-Paced Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Many people today need flexibility in their school schedules for many reasons, including working full time while in school and raising a family. Self-paced regionally accredited online colleges offer lenient courses designed so that busy people can finish their degree without the stress of inconvenient class times, group projects, and driving to campus every day.

Thomas Edison State University

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate, TESU has an online course that will cater to your needs and busy lifestyle. With more than 100 areas of study and the ability to get an associate or a bachelor’s degree, TESU has the self-paced courses to take your career to the next level on your time.

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is regionally accredited so all of your credits should transfer seamlessly. Their hybrid model, called Flex Choice, allows students to choose a mix of courses that fits their lifestyle, including traditional courses, self-directed courses, and competency-based courses. Their affordable tuition and shorter programs are ideal for people who want to improve their work standing at a pace that works with their hectic schedules.

University of North Dakota – Online & Distance Education

The University of North Dakota was awarded Most Innovative of Best Colleges by the U.S. News and World Report in 2018. They have two options for distance learners – the more traditional online degree programs as well as a self-paced program that gives the student up to nine months to complete their courses. This program is available for enrollment at anytime or day during the year. This gives the student complete control over when they begin and finish a course of study.

No matter which of the regionally accredited online colleges you choose, it is up to you to get the most of your education. By making sure that the school is regionally accredited and that the program is appropriate for your position, you will get the most of your degree whether you choose a self-paced program or a cheaper one. Your future awaits, so get started toward making more money today by enrolling in a program of study that fits your life and career goals.

Accredited Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

List of Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

AIU Online

American InterContinental University is a regionally accredited college system with six campuses, both in the United States and abroad. Its virtual division, AIU Online, offers accelerated associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.

AT Still University of Health Sciences Online

AT Still University of Health Sciences has built its online program on the strength of practical healthcare disciplines for college graduates. Distance learning revolves around a quarter system, enabling attendees to earn a master’s degree in 1.5 years (at the rate of two classes per quarter) in Still’s Arizona School of Health Sciences.

Baker College Online

Baker College Online bills itself as a career-focused college. While the school’s Blackboard system is online 24 hours a day for students to listen to lectures, discuss content, and complete assignments, the school sets regular deadlines for students to get the work done.

Bellevue University Online

Bellevue University Online offers liberal arts and vocation-focused programs year-round, with all-day online access. Students can take classes, discuss lessons, and complete research, earning a degree at their leisure within a prescribed timeframe.

Benedictine University Online

Originally founded as Chicago’s St. Procopius College in 1887, Benedictine is now an academically diverse university located in Lisle, Illinois. The online branch offers graduate degrees geared toward professionals who are serious about advancing their careers, so the admission standards and tuition are both fairly high.

Boston University Online

When studying at Boston University Online, students can complete the coursework at their own speed, as long as they meet deadlines designed to push them along at an acceptable pace. Dedicated students usually have enough time to take two courses per semester, one course after the other.

Bryant and Stratton College Online

Bryant & Stratton, a workplace-focused college, has distilled more than 150 years of teaching experience into its online program. Students use a software called TopClass to navigate the 7.5-week classes, all conducted in a virtual classroom.

Champlain College Online

While Champlain College Online touts the flexibility it offers in its career-focused online education, the college says students should be willing to dedicate 13 to 14 hours per week to “attending” class and doing assignments. Distance-learning classes are spread over six sessions per year.

California University of Pennsylvania Global Online

The California University of Pennsylvania, part of Pennsylvania’s public higher-education system, launched its Global Online campus in 2004. The university offers a variety of online master’s degrees and certifications as well as two undergraduate programs.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

Open only to college graduates, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online offers both a broad curriculum for generalists and the opportunity to focus on a niche.

Capella University Online

More than 41,000 learners in all 50 states and 51 other countries and territories attended Capella University in 2022, making this for-profit company one of the largest online campuses.

Eastern Kentucky University Online

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the master’s program in homeland security has become a cornerstone of Eastern Kentucky University’s online curriculum. Overall, the distance education branch serves more than 10,000 students.

Everest University Online

Up to 80% of the online classes at Everest University focus on what students can apply in the professional world, making it a practical avenue for obtaining a degree at the associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree levels.

Cambridge College Online

Blended distance learning supports Cambridge College’s mission to reach out to working adults. The school offers some courses that are fully online and some that are conducted nearly half on the web. Most programs require in-person interaction.

Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College is one of the “big three” non-traditional colleges offering flexible degree completion opportunities. Charter Oak allows students to earn personally-tailored degrees by transferring credits from regionally accredited schools, taking exams, proving life experience, and taking online courses.

Fielding Graduate University Online

Fielding Graduate University seeks to attract adults in mid-career for master’s and doctorate programs in the schools of Psychology, Human and Organization Development, and Educational Leadership and Change.

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences Online

Florida Hospital College is arming candidates in those growing ranks with an online bachelor’s degree. The faith-based school — the campus is at Florida Hospital of the Adventist Health System — runs on the trimester system.

Franklin University Online

Franklin has a full catalog of undergraduate majors in practical disciplines such as business and computers, plus a master’s business track. Classes are offered from 15 weeks in duration down to a speedy three weeks.

Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Technical University is a private, for-profit college that opened in 1965 to offer career-oriented education. Students are encouraged to virtually attend live lectures that feature online student discussions, but class sessions may also be viewed later.

Gonzaga University Online

The ability to handle two three-credit courses per semester can enable Gonzaga University Online students to make steady progress toward a highly regarded master’s degree. Gonzaga was recently ranked third among master’s universities in the West by US News and World Report.

Graceland University Global Campus

Graceland University developed its virtual global campus in 2005, and it’s quickly becoming the school’s most popular educational arm. Graceland focuses its online degrees on two service-oriented fields: nursing and teaching.

Herzing College Online

Herzing College Online has made a deep commitment to distance learning with nearly two-dozen undergraduate degrees and a select choice of master’s degrees in business administration.

Iowa Central College Online

A two-year school that focuses on providing job skills and laying the foundation for a bachelor’s degree, Iowa Central allows students to complete an associate degree online. The school also has a few correspondence courses, done through the U.S. mail.

DeVry University Online

A private, for-profit college, DeVry University boasts nearly 22,000 full-time and 26,000 part-time students at 23 brick-and-mortar campuses and online. The curriculum focuses on practical applications, and courses are taught primarily by professionals rather than professors.

Drexel Online University

Drexel Online is a subsidiary of Drexel University, a reputable brick-and-mortar college in Pennsylvania. Its virtual programs are aimed primarily at working professionals.

Keiser University eCampus

Keiser University’s eCampus caters to students hoping to quickly parlay their degrees into better positions in the workforce. Nearly two-dozen associate and bachelor’s options, plus three graduate degrees, are available online. They’re aimed at fields that are often in high demand such as computers, business, and health care.


eCornell, a subsidiary of Cornell University, is an online professional development program that offers courses in a variety of business fields, including management, human resources, finance, and hospitality.

Fort Hays State University Virtual College

Fort Hays State University Virtual College is part of a public state university system. While this means the schedules and programs are more traditional, it also means the tuition is lower than that of many of its competitors.

George Washington University Online

The George Washington University online distance-learning program is a relatively small part of this 25,000-student traditional, not-for-profit university. The online program’s emphasis is on its wide variety of graduate and certificate health science programs, including a healthcare MBA.

Marist College Online

Marist College focuses its online programs on master’s degrees and degree completion for undergraduates. The school’s eCourses are open to qualified students around the world.

Kaplan University Online

Professionals who still work in the field teach Kaplan University’s courses. In addition to student discussions and online quizzes, courses include Web field trips in which students research topics online.

National American University

National American University’s broad curriculum and inclusive entrance standards provide a welcoming platform for most students. Attendees must finish the work within the eight- and 11-week courses, but there’s plenty of wiggle room in that time frame.

New England College Online

A small liberal arts institution with a flexible admissions policy, New England College has incorporated distance learning into the majority of its programs. Its exclusively online format is aimed largely at graduate students who tend to be working professionals.

Norwich University Online

Norwich University’s online graduate studies focus on peer interaction at a brisk pace. A basic load for students to take is one six-credit seminar every 11 weeks, putting them on pace to complete their master’s in 18 to 24 months. The school touts the learn-on-your-own-time flexibility of its graduate programs, a departure from Norwich’s more regimented undergraduate military bent.

Rasmussen College Online

With a full menu of associate degrees plus select options for a bachelor’s degree, Rasmussen College Online has positioned itself as a viable step into higher education. The college devises the curriculum to suit the working world, assuring the career-minded that their academic pursuits will have professional relevance.

Saint Leo University Center for Online Learning

Many of Saint Leo’s associate, bachelor’s, and master’s studies are primarily aimed at building professional competence. The online branch now boasts more than 5,000 graduates from programs in business, law enforcement, and technology.

National University

National University is a private, non-profit university system offering dozens of online programs in addition to its brick-and-mortar courses held on California campuses. Programs at National University are designed for adult learners with five or more years of work experience.

Tiffin University Online

Tiffin University welcomes scholars, students who have yet to prove themselves, and established adults alike. Its schools of arts and sciences, business, and criminal justice and social sciences generate degree opportunities for distance learners at the associate and master’s levels.

Tulane University Online

A master’s certificate in business program highlights Tulane University’s distance-learning options. Students receive streaming video lectures from the same faculty that teaches at Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, ranked among the top 50 business schools annually by U.S. News and World Report.

University of Cincinnati Online

The University of Cincinnati devised its menu of distance-learning options primarily from health care, education, and criminal justice. In keeping with its distance-learning roots, begun in 1984, Cincinnati continues to offer fire science programs as well.

Northcentral University

Northcentral University is a regionally accredited for-profit online college with headquarters in Arizona. They are known for flexibility in admissions requirements (not asking for standardized test scores) and teaching schedules (no set class times or residencies).

The New School

The New School is an innovative brick-and-mortar college with a focus on creativity and social justice. Students at their New York City campus choose from fields like fashion and design with a strong liberal arts focus.

Villanova University Online

Villanova reaches out to working professionals with online certifications intended to turbocharge the climb up the corporate ladder — or strengthen the foothold at the top. The university stakes its reputation — a No. 1 ranking by U.S. News and World Report in the north region — on its professional education certificate program.

Winston-Salem State University Online

Winston-Salem State University often blends distance learning with other modes of course delivery. However, transfers from within the state of North Carolina can finish a multipurpose bachelor’s degree completely online. Online master’s degrees are available in health care — some with clinical obligations.

Online Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a respected brick-and-mortar California college that offers accredited online master’s degrees, certificates, and bachelor’s completion programs. Degrees can be earned online or through online/in-class blended learning.

Strayer University

Strayer University is a network of campuses and online programs designed for adult learners with full-time jobs. Strayer University actively works with students to apply for transfer credits from other colleges, exams, professional certifications, portfolio learning, and the military.

Thomas Edison State College

TESC is known as one of the “big three” colleges that make it convenient for students to transfer previously earned credits, receive credits via testing, and earn credit for life experience. Classes are offered online and through independent study.

University of Massachusetts Online

The University of Massachusetts Online offers virtual degree programs from respected and established traditional colleges. Students can enroll in online classes from the University of Massachusetts campuses such as Dartmouth, Amherst, Boston, Lowell, and Worcester.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Online

Online graduate students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute work in the same semester rhythm as their on-campus counterparts — but study to their own beat. Worcester Polytechnic considers its distance education another conduit to deliver the same rigorous course content. The school’s Advanced Distance Learning Network programs revolve around business, technology, engineering and fire safety.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a non-profit virtual college founded by the governors of 19 western states. Unlike most colleges, Western Governors University has no required courses – instead, students prove their understanding through writing assignments and exams.

Regionally Accredited Online Colleges Table

School NameAccrediting AgencyAnnual Tuition (2019)
Abilene Christian UniversitySACS COC$36,300
Adams State UniversityHLC$20,864
Adelphi UniversityMSCHE$40,300
Albany State UniversitySACS COC$16,656
Alvernia UniversityMSCHE$36,350
American InterContinental UniversityHLCNot Provided
American International CollegeNECHE$36,930
American Public University SystemHLC$7,324
American UniversityMSCHE$49,889
American University – MBAMSCHE$49,889
Anderson University – SCSACS COC$29,230
Andrews UniversityHLC$30,158
Angelo State UniversitySACS COC$17,765
Anna Maria CollegeNECHE$38,630
Appalachian State UniversitySACS COC$22,216
Arcadia UniversityMSCHE$44,440
Arizona State UniversityHLC$24,413
Arkansas State UniversityHLC$15,860
Auburn UniversitySACS COC$31,124
Auburn University at MontgomerySACS COC$18,292
Augusta UniversitySACS COC$24,210
Augustana University – SDHLC$33,960
Austin Peay State UniversitySACS COC$13,847
Avila UniversityHLC$20,500
Babson CollegeNECHE$52,608
Baker College OnlineHLC$9,920
Ball State UniversityHLC$26,800
Barry UniversitySACS COC$30,014
Baylor UniversitySACS COC$47,364
Bellevue UniversityHLC$7,851
Benedictine UniversityHLC$34,290
Bentley UniversityNECHE$51,830
Bethel University – INHLC$29,170
Bethel University – MNHLC$38,460
Bethel University – TNSACS COC$17,010
Biola UniversityWSCUC$41,976
Bluefield CollegeSACS COC$27,036
Boise State UniversityNWCCU$24,988
Boston UniversityNECHE$55,892
Bowling Green State University-Main CampusHLC$19,305
Bradley UniversityHLC$34,610
Brandeis UniversityNECHE$57,561
Brenau UniversitySACS COC$31,084
Brescia UniversitySACS COC$23,500
Bryan College-DaytonSACS COC$27,900
Bryant & Stratton College OnlineMSCHE$14,834
Buena Vista UniversityHLC$35,194
California Baptist UniversityWSCUC$34,882
California Institute of Advanced ManagementWSCUC$20,000
California State University – FullertonWSCUC$18,804
California State University – NorthridgeWSCUC$18,857
California State University-ChicoWSCUC$19,686
California State University-San BernardinoWSCUC$18,765
California University of PennsylvaniaMSCHE$15,726
Calvin UniversityHLC$36,300
Campbellsville UniversitySACS COC$25,400
Canisius CollegeMSCHE$29,428
Capella UniversityHLC$14,540
Capitol Technology UniversityMSCHE$26,308
Carlow UniversityMSCHE$30,528
Carnegie Mellon UniversityMSCHE$57,119
Carrington CollegeWASC ACCJC$34,050
Carroll UniversityHLC$32,850
Carson-Newman UniversitySACS COC$28,900
Cedarville UniversityHLC$31,322
Central Christian College of KansasHLC$20,450
Central Methodist UniversityHLC$15,810
Central Michigan UniversityHLC$24,120
Central Washington UniversityNWCCU$23,954
Chaminade University of HonoluluWSCUC$26,134
Champlain CollegeNECHE$41,828
Charleston Southern UniversitySACS COC$26,000
Chicago School of Professional Psychology OnlineHLC, WSCUC$21,934
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeHLC$8,379
City University of SeattleNWCCU$11,430
Claremont Graduate UniversityWSCUC$36,380
Clarion UniversityMSCHE$16,078
Clarkson UniversityMSCHE$51,128
Clemson UniversitySACS COC$38,550
Cleveland State UniversityHLC$15,370
Coastal Carolina UniversitySACS COC$27,394
College of Saint ElizabethMSCHE$34,226
Colorado Christian UniversityHLC$33,434
Colorado Mesa UniversityHLC$21,619
Colorado State University – Fort CollinsHLC$30,622
Colorado State University GlobalHLC$8,400
Colorado State University-PuebloHLC$21,716
Colorado Technical University – OnlineHLCNot Provided
Columbia International UniversitySACS COC$24,000
Columbia University in the City of New YorkMSCHE$61,788
Columbus State UniversitySACS COC$17,295
Concordia University – ChicagoHLC$32,880
Concordia University – IrvineWSCUC$36,740
Concordia University – PortlandNWCCU$32,230
Concordia University – TexasSACS COC$32,860
Concordia University – WisconsinHLC$30,352
Corban UniversityNWCCU$33,040
Creighton UniversityHLC$41,400
Crown CollegeHLC$26,970
Culver-Stockton CollegeHLC$27,205
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal JusticeMSCHE$15,420
Dakota State UniversityHLC$12,606
Dallas Baptist UniversitySACS COC$30,320
Davenport UniversityHLC$19,338
Delta State UniversitySACS COC$7,671
DePaul UniversityHLC$41,202
DeSales UniversityMSCHE$38,700
DeVry UniversityHLC$18,197
Dickinson State UniversityHLC$11,044
Dominican UniversityHLC$34,420
Drexel UniversityMSCHE$54,516
Drury UniversityHLC$29,665
Duke UniversitySACS COC$58,031
Duquesne UniversityMSCHE$39,992
East Carolina UniversitySACS COC$23,515
Eastern Illinois UniversityHLC$14,269
Eastern Kentucky UniversitySACS COC$19,948
Eastern Michigan UniversityHLC$13,758
Eastern New Mexico University – Main CampusHLC$8,448
Eastern Oregon UniversityNWCCU$21,729
Eastern UniversityMSCHE$33,854
Eastern Washington UniversityNWCCU$25,057
ECPI University OnlineSACS COC$16,639
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaMSCHE$15,002
Elmhurst CollegeHLC$37,754
Emory UniversitySACS COC$53,804
Emporia State UniversityHLC$20,714
Evangel UniversityHLC$24,327
Excelsior CollegeMSCHENot Provided
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMSCHE$42,220
Faulkner UniversitySACS COC$22,310
Fayetteville State UniversitySACS COC$16,882
Ferris State UniversityHLC$12,068
Fitchburg State UniversityNECHE$16,690
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversitySACS COC$17,725
Florida Atlantic UniversitySACS COC$17,324
Florida Gulf Coast UniversitySACS COC$25,162
Florida International UniversitySACS COC$18,963
Florida State College at JacksonvilleSACS COC$9,992
Florida State UniversitySACS COC$18,786
Florida Tech – OnlineSACS COC$12,240
Fontbonne UniversityHLC$27,260
Fordham UniversityMSCHE$54,393
Fort Valley State UniversitySACS COC$16,494
Framingham State UniversityNECHE$17,180
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady UniversitySACS COC$14,145
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleHLC$28,880
Friends UniversityHLC$29,394
Frostburg State UniversityMSCHE$23,510
Gannon UniversityMSCHE$33,226
Gardner Webb UniversitySACS COC$32,240
Geneva CollegeMSCHE$28,190
George Mason UniversitySACS COC$36,024
Georgetown CollegeSACS COC$39,810
Georgetown UniversityMSCHE$56,058
Georgia College & State UniversitySACS COC$28,710
Georgia Institute of TechnologySACS COC$33,794
Georgia Southern UniversitySACS COC$17,518
Georgia Southwestern State UniversitySACS COC$16,222
Georgia State UniversitySACS COC$24,517
Golden Gate UniversityWSCUC$19,705
Gonzaga UniversityNWCCU$45,140
Gordon College – MANECHE$38,650
Grace College and Theological SeminaryHLC$26,262
Graceland UniversityHLC$13,050
Grand Canyon UniversityHLC$17,800
Hamline UniversityHLC$42,774
Hampton UniversitySACS COC$28,024
Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction StudiesHLC$35,719
Henderson State UniversityHLC$10,612
Hiram CollegeHLC$37,710
Hope International UniversityWSCUC$33,400
Humboldt State UniversityWSCUC$19,744
Huntington UniversityHLC$26,846
Illinois Institute of TechnologyHLC$49,280
Immaculata UniversityMSCHE$27,350
Indiana Institute of TechnologyHLC$27,440
Indiana State UniversityHLC$20,160
Indiana University – BloomingtonHLC$36,512
Indiana University – EastHLC$19,978
Indiana University-NorthwestHLC$19,978
Indiana Wesleyan University OnlineHLC$18,906
Iowa Central Community CollegeHLC$8,200
Iowa State UniversityHLC$24,508
Jackson State UniversitySACS COC$9,445
Jacksonville State UniversitySACS COC$20,840
Jacksonville UniversitySACS COC$38,140
James Madison UniversitySACS COC$29,106
John Brown UniversityHLC$27,668
Johns Hopkins UniversityMSCHE$55,350
Johnson & Wales University – OnlineNECHE$13,365
Johnson UniversitySACS COC$16,920
Judson CollegeSACS COC$18,540
Judson UniversityHLC$29,870
Kennesaw State UniversitySACS COC$12,888
Kent State University at KentHLC$19,478
Kentucky State UniversitySACS COC$11,940
Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeSACS COC$27,200
King UniversitySACS COC$30,616
La Salle UniversityMSCHE$31,650
Lakeland UniversityHLC$29,880
Lamar UniversitySACS COC$18,622
Lee UniversitySACS COC$18,770
Lehigh UniversityMSCHE$55,240
Lesley UniversityNECHE$28,875
LeTourneau UniversitySACS COC$31,270
Lewis UniversityHLC$33,430
Lewis-Clark State CollegeNWCCU$19,978
Liberty UniversitySACS COC$11,700
Lindenwood UniversityHLC$18,100
Lone Star College SystemSACS COC$5,564
Longwood UniversitySACS COC$29,480
Louisiana State University – ShreveportSACS COC$20,481
Louisiana State University-AlexandriaSACS COC$14,024
Louisiana Tech UniversitySACS COC$19,098
Loyola Marymount UniversityWSCUC$50,683
Loyola University ChicagoHLC$45,543
Loyola University New OrleansSACS COC$40,842
Lubbock Christian UniversitySACS COC$23,330
Lynn UniversitySACS COC$38,930
Malone UniversityHLC$31,800
Manhattan CollegeMSCHE$44,560
Marian University – WisconsinHLC$27,950
Marshall UniversityHLC$19,266
Marymount UniversitySACS COC$33,330
Maryville UniversityHLC$28,470
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesNECHE$34,650
McKendree UniversityHLC$31,640
McNeese State UniversitySACS COC$16,140
Mercer UniversitySACS COC$37,808
Messiah UniversityMSCHE$36,120
Metropolitan State University of DenverHLC$21,728
Michigan State UniversityHLC$39,766
Michigan Technological UniversityHLC$35,196
Middle Georgia State UniversitySACS COC$11,389
Middle Tennessee State UniversitySACS COC$27,742
Midwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryHLC$8,290
Midwestern State UniversitySACS COC$11,551
Minnesota State University at MankatoHLC$16,730
Minnesota State University-MoorheadHLC$16,586
Minot State UniversityHLC$7,592
Misericordia UniversityMSCHE$34,560
Mississippi CollegeSACS COC$18,800
Mississippi State UniversitySACS COC$23,950
Missouri Baptist UniversityHLC$28,220
Missouri Southern State UniversityHLC$13,606
Missouri State UniversityHLC$15,898
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyHLC$27,484
Montana State UniversityNWCCU$25,855
Montana State University-NorthernNWCCU$18,665
Montana Technological UniversityNWCCU$22,600
Montclair State UniversityMSCHE$21,033
Montreat CollegeSACS COC$27,950
Morehead State UniversitySACS COC$13,876
Morgan State UniversityMSCHE$18,480
Morningside CollegeHLC$32,720
Mount Aloysius CollegeMSCHE$23,680
Mount Mercy UniversityHLC, NCA CASI$33,862
Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityHLC$30,404
Murray State UniversitySACS COC$24,792
National American University OnlineHLC$10,575
Nebraska Methodist CollegeHLC$16,284
Nevada State CollegeNWCCU$18,162
New England CollegeNECHE$38,670
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyMSCHE$33,386
New Mexico State UniversityHLC$23,076
New York UniversityMSCHE$53,308
Newman UniversityHLC$31,906
Nicholls State UniversitySACS COC$8,991
Norfolk State UniversitySACS COC$20,790
North Carolina A&T State UniversitySACS COC$20,167
North Carolina Central UniversitySACS COC$19,241
North Carolina State UniversitySACS COC$29,220
North Dakota State University – Main CampusHLC$13,892
North Greenville UniversitySACS COC$21,120
Northcentral UniversityHLC, WSCUC$18,095
Northeastern State UniversityHLC$15,315
Northeastern UniversityNECHE$53,506
Northern Arizona UniversityHLC$26,516
Northern Illinois UniversityHLC$14,610
Northern Kentucky UniversitySACS COC$20,256
Northern Michigan UniversityHLC$16,751
Northern State UniversityHLC$11,821
Northwest Missouri State UniversityHLC$14,020
Northwest Nazarene UniversityNWCCU$31,050
Northwest UniversityNWCCU$32,960
Northwestern State University of LouisianaSACS COC$19,556
Northwestern UniversityHLC$56,691
Northwood University-MichiganHLC$28,080
Norwich UniversityNECHE$41,496
Notre Dame of Maryland UniversityMSCHE$38,340
Nova Southeastern UniversitySACS COC$32,110
Oakland City UniversityHLC$24,300
Oakland UniversityHLC$24,710
Ohio Christian UniversityHLC$21,390
Ohio State University-Main CampusHLC$32,061
Ohio University – Main CampusHLC$22,406
Oklahoma Christian UniversityHLC$23,850
Oklahoma State University-Main CampusHLC$24,539
Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityHLC$27,996
Old Dominion UniversitySACS COC$30,840
Olivet Nazarene UniversityHLC$37,070
Oral Roberts UniversityHLC$30,070
Oregon Institute of TechnologyNWCCU$29,637
Oregon State UniversityNWCCU$31,215
Ottawa University OnlineHLC$12,316
Our Lady of the Lake UniversitySACS COC$29,218
Pacific Oaks CollegeWSCUC$13,688
Pacific UniversityNWCCU$46,402
Palm Beach Atlantic UniversitySACS COC$32,500
Pennsylvania State University – World CampusMSCHE$13,988
Pepperdine UniversityWSCUC$55,892
Pfeiffer UniversitySACS COC$31,060
Pittsburg State UniversityHLC$18,682
Point Park UniversityMSCHE$32,750
Point UniversitySACS COC$21,185
Portland State UniversityNWCCU$28,410
Post University OnlineNECHENot Provided
Prescott CollegeHLC$32,553
Purdue University – Main CampusHLC$28,794
Purdue University GlobalHLC, NEASC CTCI, NECHE$14,358
Purdue University NorthwestHLC$14,495
Queens University of CharlotteSACS COC$35,720
Quincy UniversityHLC$30,450
Quinnipiac UniversityNECHE$49,280
Radford UniversitySACS COC$23,432
Rasmussen University OnlineHLCNot Provided
Regent University OnlineSACS COC$18,620
Regis CollegeNECHE$42,650
Regis UniversityHLC$38,180
Rider UniversityMSCHE$44,460
Rochester Institute of TechnologyMSCHE$45,890
Rochester UniversityHLC$23,996
Rockhurst UniversityHLC$38,760
Rogers State UniversityHLC$15,810
Roosevelt UniversityHLC$30,876
Rowan UniversityMSCHE$22,832
Rutgers UniversityMSCHE$32,189
Sacred Heart UniversityNECHE$43,070
Saint Cloud State UniversityHLC$16,948
Saint Francis UniversityMSCHE$38,170
Saint Joseph’s College – New YorkMSCHE$29,190
Saint Joseph’s UniversityMSCHE$46,550
Saint Leo University OnlineSACS COC$23,750
Saint Louis University-Main CampusHLC$45,424
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods CollegeHLC$30,500
Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaHLC$36,670
Saint Thomas UniversitySACS COC$32,000
Saint Xavier UniversityHLC$34,380
Salem UniversityHLC$16,700
Sam Houston State UniversitySACS COC$18,664
Samford UniversitySACS COC$32,850
San Diego Christian CollegeWSCUC$32,346
San Jose State UniversityWSCUC$19,732
Savannah College of Art and DesignSACS COC$38,075
Saybrook University Hybrid OnlineWSCUC$27,489
Seton Hall UniversityMSCHE$43,780
Shorter UniversitySACS COC$22,370
Siena Heights UniversityHLC$27,152
Simmons University School of Social WorkNECHE$42,070
South CollegeSACS COC$17,025
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyHLC$15,080
South Dakota State UniversityHLC$12,589
South University OnlineSACS COC$15,304
Southeast Missouri State UniversityHLC$13,830
Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityHLC$15,390
Southeastern UniversitySACS COC$26,620
Southern Arkansas UniversityHLC$13,580
Southern Illinois University – CarbondaleHLC$29,360
Southern Illinois University – EdwardsvilleHLC$12,219
Southern Methodist UniversitySACS COC$56,560
Southern New Hampshire University OnlineNECHE$9,600
Southern Oregon UniversityNWCCU$26,814
Southern University and A & M CollegeSACS COC$16,491
Southern Utah UniversityNWCCU$20,586
Southwestern Assemblies of God UniversitySACS COC$19,834
Southwestern Christian UniversityHLC$16,330
Southwestern College – KSHLC$31,650
Southwestern Oklahoma State UniversityHLC$14,595
Spalding UniversitySACS COC$25,200
Spring Arbor University OnlineHLC$29,630
Spring Hill CollegeSACS COC$40,648
St. Bonaventure University OnlineMSCHE$35,431
St. Catherine UniversityHLC$40,984
St. John’s UniversityMSCHE$43,000
Stanford UniversityWSCUC$53,529
Stephen F. Austin State UniversitySACS COC$18,972
Stephens CollegeHLC$22,700
Sterling College – KSHLC$27,300
Stevenson UniversityMSCHE$37,142
Strayer UniversityMSCHE$13,515
SUNY College of Technology at AlfredMSCHE$15,477
Syracuse UniversityMSCHE$53,849
Tabor CollegeHLC$29,360
Tarleton State UniversitySACS COC$17,621
Temple UniversityMSCHE$29,882
Tennessee Tech UniversitySACS COC$24,798
Texas A&M International UniversitySACS COC$18,666
Texas A&M University – CommerceSACS COC$21,628
Texas A&M University-College StationSACS COC$38,602
Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiSACS COC$20,101
Texas A&M University-KingsvilleSACS COC$24,687
Texas Tech UniversitySACS COC$19,260
Texas Woman’s UniversitySACS COC$18,055
The Baptist College of FloridaSACS COC$11,700
The College of Saint ScholasticaHLC$38,282
The George Washington UniversityMSCHE$56,935
The Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySACS COC$20,796
The University of Arizona Global CampusHLC, WSCUCNot Provided
The University of MontanaNWCCU$26,218
The University of ScrantonMSCHE$45,790
Thomas Edison State UniversityMSCHE$9,856
Toccoa Falls CollegeSACS COC$23,184
Touro University WorldwideWASC WSCUC, WSCUC$14,600
Towson UniversityMSCHE$24,334
Trevecca Nazarene UniversitySACS COC$26,098
Trident at AIUWSCUC$9,240
Trine University OnlineHLC$9,576
Troy UniversitySACS COC$13,520
Truett McConnell UniversitySACS COC$21,122
Tulane UniversitySACS COC$56,800
Union College – KYSACS COC$27,950
Union UniversitySACS COC$33,750
United States UniversityWSCUC$6,480
University at BuffaloMSCHE$28,194
University of AkronHLC$17,765
University of AlabamaSACS COC$30,250
University of Alabama at BirminghamSACS COC$20,400
University of Alabama in HuntsvilleSACS COC$23,518
University of Alaska FairbanksNWCCU$21,216
University of ArizonaHLC$11,800
University of Arizona – EngineeringHLC$36,718
University of ArkansasHLC$25,872
University of BridgeportNECHE$34,760
University of California – BerkeleyWSCUC$44,007
University of California – Los AngelesWSCUC$42,994
University of California-IrvineWSCUC$43,481
University of Central ArkansasHLC$15,998
University of Central FloridaSACS COC$22,467
University of Central MissouriHLC$14,715
University of CharlestonHLC$31,400
University of CincinnatiHLC$26,994
University of Colorado BoulderHLC$38,318
University of Colorado Colorado SpringsHLC$20,620
University of Colorado DenverHLC$25,823
University of ConnecticutNECHE$39,894
University of DallasSACS COC$42,680
University of DaytonHLC$44,100
University of DelawareMSCHE$35,710
University of DenverHLC$52,515
University of Detroit MercyHLC$28,840
University of FloridaSACS COC$28,659
University of Florida – Community SciencesSACS COC$28,659
University of GeorgiaSACS COC$31,120
University of HartfordNECHE$42,182
University of HoustonSACS COC$21,749
University of Houston – Clear LakeSACS COC$20,746
University of Houston-DowntownSACS COC$16,916
University of Houston-VictoriaSACS COC$16,909
University of IdahoNWCCU$27,540
University of Illinois at ChicagoHLC$27,566
University of Illinois at SpringfieldHLC$21,338
University of Illinois Urbana – ChampaignHLC$32,264
University of IndianapolisHLC$30,976
University of IowaHLC$31,569
University of KansasHLC$28,034
University of KentuckySACS COC$30,680
University of La VerneWSCUC$44,550
University of Louisiana-LafayetteSACS COC$24,110
University of Louisiana-MonroeSACS COC$21,074
University of LouisvilleSACS COC$27,954
University of MaineNECHE$31,748
University of Maine at Fort KentNECHE$12,585
University of MaryHLC$19,074
University of Maryland – College ParkMSCHE$36,891
University of Maryland Global CampusMSCHE$12,336
University of Massachusetts – AmherstNECHE$35,710
University of Massachusetts-BostonNECHE$35,075
University of Massachusetts-DartmouthNECHE$30,103
University of Massachusetts-LowellNECHE$33,574
University of MemphisSACS COC$13,752
University of Michigan – Ann ArborHLC$51,200
University of Michigan – DearbornHLC$26,420
University of Michigan – FlintHLC$23,502
University of Minnesota OnlineHLC$22,257
University of MissouriHLC$28,348
University of Missouri – Kansas CityHLC$24,603
University of Missouri at Saint LouisHLC$27,342
University of Mount OliveSACS COC$21,194
University of Nebraska at KearneyHLC$13,854
University of Nebraska at OmahaHLC$21,244
University of Nebraska-LincolnHLC$25,828
University of Nevada – RenoNWCCU$23,086
University of New HavenNECHE$40,440
University of New MexicoHLC$23,292
University of North AlabamaSACS COC$20,220
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillSACS COC$36,159
University of North Carolina at CharlotteSACS COC$20,339
University of North Carolina at GreensboroSACS COC$22,562
University of North Carolina at PembrokeSACS COC$7,490
University of North Carolina at WilmingtonSACS COC$21,246
University of North DakotaHLC$15,895
University of North FloridaSACS COC$20,793
University of North GeorgiaSACS COC$13,776
University of North TexasSACS COC$21,172
University of Northern ColoradoHLC$22,245
University of Northern IowaHLC$21,222
University of Northwestern – St. PaulHLC$32,210
University of Northwestern OhioHLC$11,500
University of Notre DameHLC$55,553
University of Oklahoma-Norman CampusHLC$27,144
University of PhoenixHLC$9,552
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusMSCHE$33,746
University of RedlandsWSCUC$50,980
University of Rhode IslandNECHE$31,686
University of Saint FrancisHLC$31,480
University of Saint Joseph – CTNECHE$40,286
University of Saint MaryHLC$29,880
University of San FranciscoWSCUC$50,282
University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterHLC$16,416
University of WyomingHLC$18,151
Upper Iowa UniversityHLC$31,685
USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social WorkWSCUC$58,195
Utah State UniversityNWCCU$23,042
Utica UniversityMSCHE$22,110
Valdosta State UniversitySACS COC$17,638
Valley City State UniversityHLC$12,120
Valparaiso UniversityHLC$41,820
Villanova UniversityMSCHE$55,280
Villanova University Online Graduate ProgramsMSCHE$55,280
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySACS COC$32,835
Virginia Wesleyan UniversitySACS COC$36,860
Viterbo UniversityHLC$28,650
Wake Forest UniversitySACS COC$55,440
Walden UniversityHLCNot Provided
Waldorf UniversityHLC$8,700
Walsh UniversityHLC$31,045
Warner UniversitySACS COC$22,850
Washington State UniversityNWCCU$26,419
Wayland Baptist UniversitySACS COC$22,658
Wayne State UniversityHLC$28,887
Webster UniversityHLC$28,700
West Coast UniversityWSCUC$27,488
West Texas A&M UniversitySACS COC$9,541
West Virginia UniversityHLC$25,320
Western Carolina UniversitySACS COC$8,277
Western Governors UniversityNWCCU$6,670
Western Illinois UniversityHLC$13,256
Western Kentucky UniversitySACS COC$26,496
Western Michigan UniversityHLC$16,041
Western New England UniversityNECHE$37,990
Western Washington UniversityNWCCU$24,690
Westfield State UniversityNECHE$16,929
Wheeling UniversityHLC$29,290
Wichita State UniversityHLC$17,480
Widener UniversityMSCHE$47,328
Wilkes UniversityMSCHE$37,622
William Carey UniversitySACS COC$12,750
William Paterson University of New JerseyMSCHE$21,768
William Peace UniversitySACS COC$31,700
William Woods UniversityHLC$24,830
Wilson CollegeMSCHE$25,300
Winthrop UniversitySACS COC$30,136
Wisconsin Lutheran CollegeHLC$30,850
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNECHE$52,320
Worcester State UniversityNECHE$16,241
Wright State University-Main CampusHLC$18,996
York CollegeHLC$19,310
Youngstown State UniversityHLC$9,639

The internet has made many things possible that would have been unthinkable twenty-five or thirty years ago. It has opened up opportunities to people and communities that wouldn’t have been able to access them without the internet. One of these opportunities is online college courses.

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Before the proliferation of online colleges, going to college was limited to those who could afford to go away and spend four years getting an education. With online schools, now anyone in almost any circumstance can find time to log on and do their schooling when it’s convenient for them. With scholarships and loans now more accessible via the internet, the college market is open to almost anyone.

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