Whether you are a devout Catholic or interested in learning more about Catholicism, we have compiled the best 50 uplifing Catholic blogs to help you in your religious journey.  The blogs are written by a wide range of writers, from former atheists to Catholic parents and current clerics.  You will gain newfound information relating to ideas about yourself, your faith, your family, and your religious community.  This blog list is invaluable to those interested in religion as well as current Catholics who wish to broaden their understanding of the Catholic faith.


  1. Conversion Diary: The blog is written from Jennifer’s experiences as a former atheist who converted to Orthodox Catholicism. Blogging became an outlet for her to pose questions about God and religion and continues to be an outlet for her spiritual journey.
    • Why We Love It: Jennifer writes about her journey of conversion in a very candid manner. She shares her fears, her questions, her discoveries, and in the end realizes how important religion is in her life.
    • Favorite Post: Good People, Bad People, Truth and Lies
  2. Charlotte Was Both: Amy has written several books such as The Catholic Woman’s Book of Day, as well as other books. The blog is written about everyday life, but includes contemplation of larger social issues.
    • Why We Love It: As a a writer, Amy is able to eloquently share her opinions about everyday life, religion, and politics. She is also a great resource for other readings.
    • Favorite Post: Catholic Summer Reading
  3. Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say? : This site contains pages on how to make good confessions and tips on writing to bishops. The blog was originally started as a means to translate the Latin mass into English. Fr. Z discovered that there were multiple flaws with the translations and his ultimate desire is to spread the word of both languages to the people.
  4. Faith & Family: The blog is an arm of the parent magazine and website. It is supported by moms and written to inspire and help others in Catholic living. The support system for caretakers of families is invaluable to any Catholic or non-Catholic women. Although the blog is faith-centered, the advice and opinions are geared towards reaching a wide audience.
    • Why We Love It: The Faith & Family website is very interactive. The community of bloggers and readers share their everyday lives by giving opinions and resources based on Catholicism.
    • Favorite Post: Whole Family Catechisis
  5. Whispers in the Loggia: Rocco Palmo is known as the “Church Whisperer”. He is prominent global chronicler who addresses Catholic global issues. His work is published nationally and internationally.


  • A Catholic Life: The blogger owns CatechismClass.com which provides catechism courses online. He blogs about preserving traditional Catholicism.
  • A Knight’s Walk in the Kingdom: Theophilus says, “This blog is a series of observations from the perspective of an American Catholic family man doing his best to do God’s will and fulfill his purpose; doing his best to make the right choices; doing his best to serve his family, community, nation, church and God.  Doing his best to get his soul and those of the people around him to spend eternal life with the communion of saints.” Within his blog he has helpful prayers and rosaries for men.
  • American Catholic Blog: A community of writers that want to evangelize, inform, and inspire those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God.
  • And Sometimes Tea: Erin is a proud conservative Catholic that makes no apologies about herself. She writes about her opinions on current affairs and family based on Catholic principles.
  • Betty Beguiles: Goes by the pseudonym of Betty Beguiles. She writes about fashion, modesty, marriage, romance and her faith. In her words, she adds a “vintage twist” to her blogs.
  • Canterbury Tales: Taylor has appeared in various radio shows and has written several books. In his blog he discusses current Catholic affairs as well as Catholic tips such as which patron saints help with common problems.
  • Catholic And Enjoying It!: Mark P. Shea is a popular Catholic writer and speaker who converted from agnostic pagan to non-denominational Evangelical, to finally becoming Catholic. He has written many books, has tv appearances, and is a Senior Content Editor at Catholic Exchange. The blog is a means of communication on his everyday thoughts as well as a forum for others to share their ideas and thoughts.
  • Catholic Cuisine: The contributing bloggers share recipes for the liturgical year. The blog features pictures, menu planning, types of cuisine and more.
  • Catholic Mom Moments: The blog is a part of CatholicMom.com, a site dedicated to “faith, family, and fun from a Catholic perspective.” Lisa has a variety of subjects in the blog (such as book reviews, music, interviews, and forums) contributed by herself and guest columnists.
  • Catholics Come Home: The message of Catholics Come Home is to provide effective and compassionate media messages to be seen nationally and internationally. They seek out inactive Catholics and others to build a relationship with Jesus Christ and the church. In the blog there is information about saints, books, scriptures, and more.
  • CatholicVote.org: The site is a modern platform to tackle issues at hand. The site is written by a community of passionate Americans who believe in living for the common good of all people.
  • Church of the Masses: Barbara by profession is a script writer and consultant. However, the blog is not affiliated with anything besides herself. In the blog she writes about political and cultural topics and her opinion about the topics.
  • Clerical Reform: Informative blog that gives information on the Catholic church history and practices. His purpose is to educate and promote the Catholic way of living.
  • Darwin Catholic: The Darwins write about religion and philosophy in their blog. They write about current affairs and provide research to back up their opinions.
  • Fallible Blogma: Named one of the Top Ten Most Fascinating Catholics of 2009, he writes about finding everyday goodness of life and people.
  • First Thoughts: First Thoughts is an offspring of the journal First Things. The journal discusses religion, culture and the public life. The First Things website offers five different blogs.
  • Ignatius Inside Scoop: The blog shares the blogger’s opinion of current affairs (both political and social). He features other articles and provides his opinion on the issue.
  • In the heart of my home: A cancer survivor who writes about homeschooling, parenting, and family life.
  • JimmyAkin.org: In this website, Jimmy Akin discusses current affairs in a conversational manner. He also has permanent posts that he deems important available.
  • Karen Edmisten: Karen has written a couple of books about Catholicism. In her blog she writes about her everyday life. Within her blog she has links to other homeschool families, her writings, and the liturgical cycle.
  • Kicking And Screaming: The blog is written by Tom, who takes on a journey of reflection formed by his experiences and questions. The blog is part of BustedHalo.com which is formed by spiritual seekers.
  • LOL Saints: This blog was created to take a humorous stance on religion and politics.
  • Minnesota Mom: Margaret shares the joys of Catholic homeschooling with us. She has links to fellow mothers who homeschool, organized topics such as family fun, motherhood, and religious life to name a few.
  • Mirror of Justice: The blog has many contributors that offer insight into Catholic legal theory. They discuss everything from pop culture, morality, prayers, links to Catholic professionals and much more. There are many interesting papers on topics such as religious freedom, pro-life, and corporate decisionmaking to name a few.
  • My Domestic Church: A great resource for Catholic stay-at-home moms who homeschool. Elena also blogs about pregnancy/infant loss and childbirth resources.
  • New Liturgical Movement: The site is written by a community of Catholics who discuss current happenings in churches, saints, bishops, and more.
  • One Way: In this blog, Joaquim hopes to share in the abundance he gained from Jesus Christ with others. He writes about all things Catholic, such as prayers, intentions, saints, traditions, and customs.
  • Orthometer: As a Catholic priest, the blogger writes about his conservative opinions on current affairs.
  • Roman Catholic Blog: The blogger describes this rocky road in Catholicism with his family.
  • Roman Catholic Cop: A cradle Catholic who refound his faith blogs about his spiritual life.
  • Tea at Trianon: Elena features “reflections on politics, history, art, music, books, morals, manners, and matters of faith,” all from a solidly Catholic perspective. She discusses feminism and Catholicism and how they intertwine.
  • Testosterhome: Rachel writes about her adventures in life having five sons and being a Catholic.
  • The Clay Rosary Girl: Sarah makes and sells clay rosaries, chaplets and bracelets from her website: www.clayrosaries.com. In her blog she discusses current affairs from a mother’s perspective such as her opinion on censoring abortion with children, book reviews, and her own family happenings.
  • The Curt Jester: Former atheist who after forty years found himself as a member of the Catholic Church. It is a humorous blog about his opinions on religion and politics.
  • The Deacon’s Bench: The Deacon is serving in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. He has contributed many times to news shows and has won prestigious awards. He blogs about happenings within his area and the Church at large. He provides interesting information for the public at-large such as applications to find churches on smartphones.
  • The Good Word: The blog on scripture and reading is a taken from the only national Catholic magazine, America in the United States. The blog features posts about the bible, the Pope, and other biblical teachings.
  • The Gospel in the Digital Age: The blog is part of the Archdiocese of New York website. Within the blog, there are opinions on everything from Catholic schools, New York, and the press.
  • The Mother Load: A witty blog about Aimee’s life as a mom, wife, and her faith.
  • The Narrow Road: In the blog Evita shares her life’s journey as a Catholic Christian and how God has helped her. She shares videos, words of wisdom and tidbits, as well as everyday situations.
  • The Progressive Catholic Voice: “The Progressive Catholic Voice is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, who in hearing and responding to God’s call to “repair my Church,” emulated the justice-making and compassion of our brother Jesus. The blog shares views on political and current affairs in a more liberal manner.
  • The Recovering Dissident Catholic: The blogger describes how she gradually learned to accept the Catholic way of living in practice and not just in name.
  • U.S. Catholic: The blog is an offspring of the magazine, U.S. Catholic. They want readers to achieve an enriching life by following a spiritual path that makes sense. The magazine along with the blog is written by Claretian Missionaries who are a community of Catholics.
  • Waltzing Matilda: Charlotte is a Roman Catholic homeschooling mom who blogs about her daily adventures. She has interesting topics within her blog such as Catholic coloring pages, and party themes.
  • Wildflowers and Marbles: Personal blog about home tips on collecting treasures from her children. Lots of links relating to Catholicism, home care and organization, as well as child care.
  • Your Pastoral Coach: The site is full of inspiring quotes and readings relating to the Catholic faith.
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