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Best College Professor Rating Sites: Our Top Three Choices

The best college professor rating sites can give you plenty of valuable information about your prospective teachers.

You’ll have a better idea of how other students perceive your professors so you can know what to expect.

It’s important to know what sites to visit to ensure you’re reading the most up-to-date and valuable information.

What College Professors Are Most in Demand?

College professors are bound to always be in high demand, especially since the need for continuing education increases.

Today, there’s more focus on where you work rather than the type of subject you intend to teach.

The demand for specific professors can also vary depending on the school and area you want to work in.

In-Demand Teaching Positions

First, let’s review the types of educators who are most in-demand for post-secondary institutions.

Trade School Professors

Trade schools are one of the essential parts of a functioning society.

The majority of professor ratings sites will agree that trades school professors will always be in high demand.

As countries continue to offer incentives for tradespeople to refine their skills, this demand is only expected to grow.

There are trade school teaching jobs since there are numerous job skills to learn in these institutions.

For example, professors can specialize as steamfitters and gasfitters, millwrights, electricians, and plumbers.

Community College Professors

The expectation that every high school student has the funds to attend prestigious universities and colleges is a thing of the past.

It’s far more often students look into community colleges since they often have lower tuition costs.

Also, community colleges can provide more career-ready programs to help students obtain their diplomas and begin work.

As a community college professor, you’re likely to have more hands-on curriculums with a strong focus on career readiness.

It’s also likely you’ll be able to branch out in a wide variety of subject areas, making it easier to find job opportunities.

Part-Time Instructors

If you’re unable to find full-time employment with a post-secondary institution, part-time teaching is in demand.

Schools are always on the lookout for professors who can take impromptu teaching assignments.

Alternatively, you can find schools posting for teachers with the ability to teach part-time classes.

More students are being faced with the responsibility of working and attending school simultaneously.

When you’re a part-time instructor, you’ll have day and night classes as well as shorter programs to manage.

In-Demand Teaching Subjects

Another thing you’ll find with colleges and universities is a desire to hire teachers within a specific field.

There are a few areas that have the likelihood of having the most teaching positions available, including:

Health Specialties

With the emergence of a worldwide pandemic, the interest in health specialties has boomed worldwide.

This trend has made health specialties professors even more desirable than ever before.

With this career, you can help students study in several areas ranging from epidemiology to physical therapy.


If you’ve always had a passion for physics, you’re in luck, especially when it comes to teaching.

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition has made it quite known that there’s a shortage of physics teachers.

By obtaining your certifications and degrees in this field, working in college is highly achievable.

Alternatively, you could opt to teach high school physics classes to build your insight before applying to colleges.

Environmental Science

As the world becomes more aware of the planet’s state, students are searching for ways to save it.

In environmental science, educators will help students better understand pollution, climate changes, and sustainability.

There are also several backgrounds that you can have with an environmental science teaching degree.

For example, you could teach agricultural science, microbiology, alternative energy, and more.

Students will always have an interest in studying the environment, especially when it comes to renewable energy.

best college professor rating sites

The Most Popular Professor Rating Sites

Visiting professor review sites can help educators learn how to refine their teaching skills to serve their students better.

It can also be a valuable resource for students to learn more about their teacher’s habits and abilities.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular professor ratings sites for you to review.

Rate My Professor

By far, the most notable site for reading teacher reviews is Rate My Professor.

It first gained steam with middle and high school students, quickly becoming a favorite of post-secondary students.

There are over one million reviews on the website across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

You’ll find a collection of reviews spanning 6500 schools, and over three million students visit the site monthly.

On the website, there’s a compiled list of the 25 highest-rated university and college professors.

You’ll also be able to take a look at the most popular professors based on favorable ratios.

However, it’s important to note that Rate My Professor is built entirely on subjective student reviews.

Compared to other professor review sites, they can be biased based on many factors.

For example, if a student doesn’t like how a teacher dresses, it could lead to a negative review.

Can Professors See Rate My Professor?

As being one of the best college professor rating sites, anyone with an internet connection can learn how to find reviews on professors through Rate My Professor.

All you have to do is search for a professor’s name, and you’ll see the aggregated list of reviews.

With that said, there is the option to leave reviews anonymously.


If you’re looking for content beyond college professors reviews, CourseRank is a good option.

On this site, students can review professor reviews but can also create schedules for their semester.

With each module, you’ll receive in-depth information, such as the typical grade distribution per class.

It’s also used as a social networking site since Facebook owns it. If you have any Facebook friends in a specific class, the website will alert you to connect with friends before your first day.


MyEdu is another excellent resource for figuring out how to find reviews on professors.

You’ll be able to build a schedule, similar to CourseRank, as well as manage your major and degree requirements.

Students can formulate a college plan ahead of their upcoming semester.

Regarding college professors reviews, this site collects reviews from students to show you which teachers are optimal.

Best College Professor Rating Sites: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a student or professor, accessing the best college professor sites is beneficial.

Educators can see what learning areas are lacking in their modules while students can find the best teachers.