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We’re sorry to say that you won’t be able to take the actual GED online, but the good news is, there are ways to prepare for the GED test online. Although you can’t take the GED online there are sites that have been created to help you study for the test.

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The sites below offer free GED practice tests, study materials, videos, and question breakdowns.

There are GED classes that require a registration fee, but you can find a few websites that offer free online GED classes and other online GED programs.

Websites that offer free online GED classes

Here is a list of sites, in alphabetical order, that we have found that offer free online GED classes:

  • BestGEDClasses.Org
4tests_com analyzes the different types of questions on the GED and helps you with testing strategies. This site offers practice tests for Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.



Free video classes that review math, language, science, and social studies can be found on this site. Without the need to provide personal data or create an online account you can find more than 450 short videos on specific subjects within each of the four test topics. There are no-cost timed practice tests, online tests that are not timed, and printable practice tests. It also has suggestions for testing strategies and other information such as how to avoid GED scams and who offers the GED test.


Online classes to prepare for the GED are offered at USA Hello Classroom. You can find topics that are free on this site although, for a fee, students can enroll in the comprehensive version which offers more classes.


This is a free online search engine to look for free local assistance in studying for the GED. This site will help you find a test prep center near you.


You will need to sign up for an account on to use this GED prep site. Don’t worry though because it’s free! There are some study materials offered under the ”Study” tab that you don’t have to pay for. Most of their “in-depth” online preparatory work comes at a cost though.


You can find a lot of information on GED testing on It examines different software options that are popular for those who study for the GED and has some practice tests. It has links to different parts of study prep and videos on how-to-pass.

passged_com provides a free practice test for the GED. You are going to have to pay 23 dollars a month for their study courses. Free articles, stories, and tips can be found on this website.


A list of GED preparation materials can be found on Video lessons, tutorials, practice test questions, and test-taking tips are found on this site.

testpreptoolkit_com offers study guides, free GED classes, and practice tests. It also covers all the sections of the GED test and offers study recommendations. Video lessons and written lessons can be found on this site also.


How can I get my GED online for free?

While you can find study materials and practice GED tests sites that are free, like the ones found on, currently the GED test is not offered online.

Can you get your GED online?

The GED test is not currently offered online. There are sites, like the ones found on, that offer free study materials and practice tests for the GED.

Can you take the GED test online at home?

Even though the GED test is not offered online, you can find free practice tests and study materials online for the GED.

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