National Honors Society: A Brighter Future for High School Students

The National Honors Society is one of the most sought-after organizations across the United States.

It’s a collective of the highest achieving students in academics, morality, and interpersonal skills.

Membership can also bring a significant number of benefits to student’s lives after high school.

What Does the National Honors Society Do?

There are several National Honor Society benefits students will experience if they get invited.

The collective’s central premise is to provide students with a high academic honor to assist their college transcripts.

It can also be beneficial for schools since they can keep track of the number of NHS students they’ve produced.

Receiving the honor of being a member of the NHS means you’ve accomplished significant academic and service achievements.

With that said, it proves that specific students are a part of the upper echelon in their classes, improving their appeal.

Students will find that getting into their dream schools and prestigious institutions will be simpler with membership.

For schools, they might be able to acquire better funding from parents, especially private schools.

It also helps boost the institution’s reputation, attracting more students to enroll in their programs.

Is It Hard to Get Into National Honor Society?

As with any honor society, there are requirements that students will need to meet before being accepted.

Not only will you need exemplary disciplinary records, but your grades and community service are also considered.

Students will need to show that they are top-tier contributors to their environment, even to be considered.

Although the requirements are rather strenuous, they are well worth the investment of time.

There are a substantial number of benefits you’ll experience with membership, as we’ll explore later.

How Do You Get Into National Honor Society?

The requirements to get into the National Honor Society is similar to post-secondary honor societies.

As mentioned, students need to show substantial academic achievements, but there are also service requirements.

As outlined by the NHS, students must meet the following requirements:


To apply for National Honors Society benefits, students must be in grades ten through twelve.

You’ll also need to ensure your school has a chapter that you can apply to.

This information is likely in your student handbook or can be discussed with a chapter adviser.


At a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, equivalent to a B or 85% overall grade.

It’s important to note that this average is the national expectation for every applicant.

Since schools have individual chapters, the chapters are allowed to change the GPA requirements to be higher.

The central premise of GPA requirements is to ensure students meet a specific standard of excellence.


Every applicant must have a history of providing volunteer service without compensation.

This trait is one of the most important and must be done voluntarily.

Students can either provide service to their school or community to be considered.


Another critical pillar of your application is to show positive leadership in your community.

The NHS classifies student leaders as those who contribute ideas, are highly resourceful, and help solve problems.

You’ll be able to showcase these skills by engaging in community and school activities or from working with others.


The final requirement for all applicants is to show spectacular character when dealing with their community.

Students will need to showcase honesty, reliability, cooperation, courtesy, and respect for others.

You must maintain a clean disciplinary record to be considered.

Once you’ve ensured all of the requirements have been met, you then discuss applying with your chapter adviser.

The chapter adviser will provide you with the required documentation to be submitted.

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Do Colleges Care About National Honor Society?

It’s important to answer, “How important is National Honor Society for college?

One of the most important things colleges and universities look at is your transcript.

Getting into specific programs at post-secondary schools can be highly competitive, especially with average grades.

Students must have impressive transcripts when applying to top-rated schools.

With a National Honor Society check mark on your history, you’re more likely to be considered for competitive programs.

If you’re interested in gathering the best education from the most influential professors, it’s ideal.

You also need to consider being a member of the NHS if you intend on joining any other honors societies.

Although it’s not a prerequisite, most honor societies consider your academic and moral standing as well.

If you’ve previously been a part of the NHS, getting into other honors societies will be more straightforward.

National Honor Society Benefits

With an answer to “How important is National Honor Society for college?“, let’s discuss the other advantages it offers.

Access to LEAD Conferences

There’s nothing better than learning important information from industry leaders.

LEAD conferences are a collection of some of the most influential names in the United States.

The conferences are held throughout the year and only accessible to junior and standard NHS members.

You’ll learn about leadership, excellence, and development while opening new networking opportunities.

Access to State Summits

State summits are the best National Honors Society benefits since they’re fantastic for networking.

Also, you’ll have the ability to contribute your time and effort to solving problems in your community.

These summits allow students to collaborate on real-world concerns within their home state to provide valuable solutions.

Receiving Scholarships

Another way to answer, “Do colleges care about NHS?” is to consider the scholarships you can receive.

With a membership, you’ll have access to over 400 exclusive scholarship programs annually.

You’ll also be able to browse through an in-depth website to learn more about grants and awards for tuition and other expenses.

Using College Planning Services

When it comes time to apply for college, you’ll want the best advice under your belt.

Students who ask, “Do colleges care about NHS?” find their resources are some of the best for planning.

You’ll have access to step-by-step guides for college applications as well as top-tier information about prospective programs.

Members also have access to financial aid advisors to help you manage the costs of post-secondary schooling.

With the platform’s help, you’ll find that preparing documentation for your dream school has never been simpler.

National Honors Society: Final Thoughts

Being a member of the National Honors Society is a dream for students looking to achieve their goals.

With plenty of valuable resources and networking opportunities, you can make the most of your schooling.

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