Online GED: The Benefits of Getting a GED Online

Obtaining an online GED is something that students worldwide have been inquiring about for years.

Fortunately, there are avenues available for individuals interested in acquiring a GED online.

When you’re interested in furthering your high school education, these programs are highly recommended.

What Is a GED?

GED is an acronym for the General Education Development credential or test.

It was developed at the end of World War II to help returning service members finish high school.

This testing was imperative, considering the vast majority of military personnel served before earning their high school diplomas.

After 67 years, the GED serves the same purpose by providing students with the ability to obtain a high school certification.

It’s a fantastic alternative to a standard high school diploma, especially for people who excel outside of a traditional high school environment.

GEDs can also be a significant benefit for individuals who had to drop out of high school for personal and professional reasons.

There are over 20 million people who have received their GEDs in comparison to standard high school diplomas.

It’s a unique alternative that covers the essential concepts of high school learning for future development.

Can I Take My GED Online at Home?

One of the most pressing questions about GED tests is whether students can take them online at home.

The answer to this question depends on where you live and whether it’s offered.

You must look into your local educational authority to see if online GED test-taking is available.

It would help if you then considered whether you’re allowed to take it from home.

The vast majority of states do have online offerings that you can do from home uniquely.

Instead of leaving students unmonitored as they work through the test sections, they’ll be proctored.

With that said, you will be required to own a computer, webcam, and microphone.

You’ll log into the proctoring website and be connected with a certified instructor who will have access to your camera and microphone.

The proctor will also require screen sharing to ensure you’re not researching your answers online.

They will analyze your test-taking behavior to ensure you’re not cheating for the duration of the exam.

Once complete, you will submit your test, disconnect from the service, and revoke your camera and microphone’s permissions.

It’s one of the most intuitive ways to obtain your high school diploma equivalent at home easily.

You’ll also find this process is commonly used in post-secondary institutions for final exams and test-taking.

Overall, it’s a relatively straightforward procedure that helps to streamline the process of obtaining your GED.

How Much Does It Cost to Take a GED Test Online?

In the past, there was one set amount specified for your entire GED.

However, in 2014, the test underwent a significant overhaul which separated it into four individual sections.

Each section focuses on a specific area of skills, such as deep reasoning.

Depending on your local regulations, the cost for taking your GED could either be all-inclusive or per section.

With this process, you can pay for the entire GED test at once or pay for each subject area separately.

We’ve created a chart to help you get an idea of the costs per state for GED testing.


Cost per Section

Combined Test Cost


$30 $120


$30 $120
American Samoa $30



$35 $140




Bermuda $75



$35 $140
Colorado $37.50



$0 (Residents) $0 (Residents)
D.C. $3.75



$30 $120
Federal Bureau of Prisons $20



$32 $128
Georgia $40



$31.25 $125
Hawaii $37.50



$30 $120
Illinois $30



$33 $132
Kentucky $30



$11.25 $45
Massachusetts $$31.25



$37.50 $150
Michigan Prisons $30



$30 $120
Mississippi $30



$30 $95
Nevada $23.75


New Jersey

$30 $80
New Mexico $20


North Carolina



Northern Marina Islands

$30 $120
Ohio $30



$34 $136
Oregon $38



$30 $120
Rhode Island $30


South Carolina

$37.50 $150
South Dakota $37.50



$36.25 $145
Utah $30



$30 $120
Virginia $30


Virgin Islands

$30 $120
Washington $30





Wyoming $20


It’s also important to note that many of the listed states provide students with the ability to have free retakes.

If you fail your GED test the first time, you could receive up to two retakes for free, depending on where you live.

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Are Online GED Tests Valid?

With the world’s transition to a more digital lifestyle, it begs the question of whether online test-taking is valid.

When you sign up for a state-regulated online GED program, it’s equally as credible as an in-person exam.

Since an independent and certified proctor will monitor the testing process, your results are reliable.

It is of the utmost importance that you sign up for a legitimate online GED exam.

Otherwise, you won’t receive the credential required to pursue further education.

When you have completed the accredited test for your state, you’ll receive an official high school equivalency credential.

If you happen to come across third-party testing services that aren’t state-approved, they are uncredited.

Meaning, the test is a scam and will not provide you with the necessary and accepted documentation.

Is GED Test Hard to Pass?

Depending on your level of education, the GED could be challenging to pass.

Participants will obtain points for each of the four sections of the test on a scale of 100 to 200.

The minimum passing score for any of the four modules is 145, which will require some preparation.

Based on the points scale, specific amounts are required for further education, as follows:

  • Passing Grade: 145
  • College-Ready Grade: 165 to 174
  • Earnable Credits: 175 or higher

It’s important to note that many post-secondary institutions provide students with the ability to obtain a GED.

If you take the GED test through a university or college’s program, you could translate the test into credit hours.

For example, if you require 60 credits to obtain your degree, a GED score of 175 or higher could net up to ten credits.

With that said, it’s essential to confirm whether your school has this offering available.

As with any test, ensuring you’re adequately prepared is the best way to complete your GED successfully.

You can find in-person GED test prep, online offerings, and study groups to help you achieve your goals.

How to Prepare for a GED Test

Let’s review some of the best ways to prepare for your upcoming GED test.

Tip #1: Know What to Expect

The best way to gather studying resources is to know what will be on the GED test.

Its primary purpose is to analyze every student’s aptitude with standard high school curriculums.

You’ll find the subjects on the test are most likely to be social studies, science, mathematics, and language.


With the science section, calculators are allowed, which can help make the process slightly simpler.

You’ll be required to complete this section within 90 minutes without any breaks.


There are two different parts to the mathematics section on your GED test.

A calculator is not allowed during the first part, although you can use one during the second part.

This module is to be completed within 115 minutes, and you’ll likely have scheduled breaks.

Social Studies

Again, with this subject, you will be allowed to use a calculator. Its total length is 70 minutes, with no breaks.

Language Arts

This component is the most comprehensive of your GED test since it takes 150 minutes to complete.

You’ll have scheduled breaks throughout the duration as well as 45 minutes allocated to creating an essay.

In total, your GED testing should take approximately seven hours or 425 minutes.

Tip #2: Know the Format

You’ll be happy to know the vast majority of questions on your GED test are multiple-choice.

There are a few exceptions, such as the essays required in your language arts section.

There is also likely to be an essay required for the social studies component of the test.

It’s essential to prepare for written answers as well, especially in the science module.

Once you have completed the test, you can receive your results within one to two days.

If you fail your GED, you could be eligible to retake the test for free up to two times without any restrictions.

Students who fail the test a third time will need to wait two months before retaking the test.

At this time, you could be required to pay a retest or retake fee, depending on your state.

Tip #3: Know How It’s Scored

Having an idea of how your GED is scored can help you provide the most accurate written answers.

Your scores can also significantly benefit your further education, especially if they’re high.

A perfect score on your GED is considered to be 800 points or 200 per section.

As mentioned, a passing grade requires a minimum of 145 points per section or 580 points in total.

Students who score between 175 and 200 points per section are eligible for college-level classes.

You might also encounter several benefits, such as college credits.

If you have a high GED score, you could also save time and money on college.

Some schools may allow you to be exempt from placement tests and remedial work before being accepted to programs.

However, these rules vary by state and school.

Online GED: Final Thoughts

Signing up for an online GED program can open several doors for your future.

With a high school equivalency credential at your back, applying for university and college is significantly simpler.

Also, you can be emboldened by the fact that you completed high school in a format best suited for your needs.

Compare your school options.

View the most relevant school for your interests and compare them by tuition, programs, acceptance rate, and other factors important to find your college home.