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10 Online Jobs Students Can Get Without a Degree

Going to college is time-consuming even with the best of schedules. Between studying, test-taking, life-living, and everything else, when you add a part or full-time job, it can make time management seem like a juggling act gone horribly wrong.

Luckily, with the modernization of the job front, online jobs are popping up everywhere, giving students flexible–and sometimes more lucrative–ways to earn money while attending school.

With a little effort and one or more of the jobs listed below, you may be on your way to a gig you might want to keep after graduation.

Online Jobs Students Can Get Without a Degree


If you like to listen to podcasts or TalkRadio, transcribing may be right up your alley. At an average of $15+/hour, with no education requirements, you listen to some audio and then jot down what they say. But, while it doesn’t exactly seem that daunting a task, it does take a little bit of time to start making the big bucks. And often you earn per audio minute. Fortunately, signing up with multiple sites until you find the best fit will typically help offset that. Legal and Medical transcribing requires more training, but you are usually compensated for such. So, if you’ve got a computer and a meticulous ear, transcribing could be just the thing to help you through those time-consuming college years.

Average Pay: $33,380 per year/ $16.05 per hour

Expected Job Growth: -3% decline by 2028 (

Where to Find: 3PlayMediaAppenBabbletypeCrowd SurfTigerfish, and TranscribeMe

Niche Blogger

If you’re anything like me, throwing the word “niche” in front of “blogger” will likely leave you curious. How exactly does one make a blog “niche” anyway? Well, wonder no longer! Niche blogging is merely creating a blog that markets itself to a specific genre, or “niche” if you will. And making a blog that appeals to either a particular location, age group or any other subsection of the population you connect with is all it takes to get started. That, and what platform to publish your blog on. Some sites may cost you a small fee per month, but they will advertise and get your material out to a broader audience than you might be able to accomplish on your own–meaning you end up making more money in the long run. As for topics, are you interested in puppies? Awesome! Creating a blog that tells us “10 things to know before you adopt a dog,” or the “17 best dogs to have as a pet” are great ways to get people interested in what you have to say. Just make sure it’s something that you will enjoy writing about because it does take some time to start making money. But, once you get going, some blogs make in the ballpark of $100,000 a month!

Average Pay: $39,344 per year/$15 per hour (Varies widely though) according to

Expected Job Growth: 0% through 2028

Where to Find: Some reputable Host sites to get you started – BluehostWPXWordPress

Online Tutor

There are many websites designed for online tutoring, meaning, that this does not have to be something that you take on on your own, teaching your friends’ kids or local school-age children. It means that students will be provided for you, you can set your schedule, and make a decent salary teaching while doing so. Popular sites can easily be found in a search bar; make sure it’s reputable if you’re interested in advancement.

Average Pay: Salary Varies, $10-40 per hour (

Expected Job Growth: 9% through 2028 (

Where to Find: Tutors.comCheggBrainfuse

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Data Entry

Data entry is pretty much just what it sounds like–you get paid to enter data into a system for a company. The great thing is most companies require no previous experience and offer flexible hours. Something perfect for the busy college student. And while there is a decline in job growth in the future, this is something worth grabbing while you can.

Average Pay: $33,879 per year/$13.47 per hour

Expected Job Growth: -23% by 2028

Where to Find: Your best bet is to google “data entry jobs.” Many are listed on sites like Flexjobs or Ziprecruiter

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can mean many different things, however, in business, it means writing what a company is paying you to write. That could mean anything from writing a blurb on their website, writing a newsletter, or well, writing whatever they want you to. Some places would like to see a portfolio of work, while others work on a sign-up basis. The possibilities are endless!

Average Pay: $29 per hour (

Expected Job Growth: Little to no change between now and 2028 (

Where to Find: FlexJobsFreelance Writers DenSolidGigsUpworkProBlogger

Proofreader/Freelance Editor

If you’re anything like me, you love putting a red pen into someone’s writing. I don’t know why finding errors is so wonderful to me; it just is. And if you’re any good at it, many companies offer proofreading/editing jobs for “beginners,” or people with no experience. However, most people want to see that you are capable of quality editing, so putting together a portfolio of past work is highly recommended. You can also find online writing tests to measure or hone your skills. After that, you are ready to start applying!

Average Pay: $25.00 per hour (

Expected Job Growth: -7% by 2029

Where to Find: Fiverr, or another web search.

Virtual Assistant

So, this one might be a little more time-consuming than some of the other jobs listed, especially in the beginning when learning the ins and outs of the job. But, it can also be a flexible position. The specifics depend on what services you would like to offer and the companies that you choose to apply for, but for the most part, it is limitless. There are just so many variables with this one. You could be managing emails, scheduling, and memo writing, among a plethora of other clerical-type job functions. It just depends on what the company is looking for and what you’re willing to offer.

Average Pay: $15.94 per hour (

Expected Job Growth: 4.4% between 2018 and 2022 (

Where to Find: the best way is to search for VA jobs near you.

Social Media Manager

Social media managing is basically the all-inclusive monitoring, planning, and posting for a company to promote its brand and get people involved in its web presence. Some skills needed to do this are creativity, technology proficiency, working knowledge of internet lingo, and (the most essential) excellent communication skills. The one caveat is that this can be quite demanding time-wise, as social media and its trolls never sleep.

Average Pay: $16.09 per hour (

Expected Job Growth: 8% through 2028

Where to Find: I hate to be a broken record, but google search near you.

Web Developer

Lots of people think that a degree is necessary to do web development. But, while it won’t hurt to have, it is not a necessity. However, one does need a basic understanding of computer coding, even to start web development. And luckily, there are plenty of routes to take to gain that knowledge. One of the most time sufficient is to participate in a coding boot camp, as it condenses the most important of the coding language. But if you have the discipline, one could also teach themselves through various free websites or books. So, once you can code, you can use that knowledge to modify websites and make them visually appealing to bring them in line with your client’s wishes.

Average Pay: $12-15 per hour, based on experience.

Expected Job Growth: 8% to 2029 (

Where to Find: Searching places like IndeedZiprecruiter, or SimplyHired is your best bet for finding WD jobs that require no experience

Graphic Design

For graphic design, one needs a working knowledge of foundational design skills. You can teach yourself, take introductory courses, or take formal classes, but whichever route you take, you still need that solid foundation. After that, it will take effort and diligence to grow, but even then, there are multiple routes you could take. You could freelance, find a good company, or even do something like selling printables on Etsy. Your creativity will be the only thing that limits you!

Average Pay: about $16 per hour

Expected Job Growth: -4% through 2029 (

Where to Find: This is another one where IndeedZiprecruiter, or SimplyHired is your best bet

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