The following links are great resources for Christians and their lifestyles. Whether you are new to Christianity or you’ve been a Christian your entire life, there’s always room for growth; these links are helpful tools to aide you in your journey. Christianity is not something that one can ever completely finish learning from and growing in. Take a look at these sites and spend time getting to know yourself and God better.

General Christian Websites – Christian Forums – Bible Lessons & Study – Christian News Sites – Christianity and Family

General Christian Websites

  • Jesus Christ: Most basic to comprehensive studies on Jesus Christ. Complete with transcripts, scripture, videos, and lessons.
  • Crosswalk: A site in complete dedication to build up the body of Christ. Great Christian content and information for everyone.
  • Priest For Life: Priest For Life is a great site that empowers its readers to support the sanctity of life. It also teaches ways to be better at spreading the word of God.
  • Christian Answers: Have a question and need an answer?  Christian Answers is the site for you. It answers any and all questions posed and teaches visitors about Christ’s love.
  • Creation Tips: Everything creation at Creation Tips. If you need to learn about creation vs. evolution, this is a great place to start. Not only does it teach using the Bible, but also scientific proof.
  • Christian Resources: Christian Resources has everything you need to better your walk. From devotions and Bible trivia to activities for the kids, this is a great faith-based website.

Christian Forums

  • Christian Forums: Christian Forums is a great place for fellowship. With easy navigation, you’ll enjoy discussing a variety of topics with fellow believers.
  • Bible Forums: Not just a forum, but a great Christian blog too. Read the blogs and post your own comments in the forum or discuss a number of different topics regarding Christianity.
  • Christian Forums: A very active forum, you’ll never go without your question being answered. With so many discussions, be careful because you could spend all day on this forum, which might not be a bad thing!
  • Anointed Youth: A great place for young believers to come and discuss their faith. This forum is for the Christian youth, so if you are a young believer, then this is the perfect place for you to come and feel welcome.
  • Talk Jesus: Its name speaks for itself, come to this forum and Talk Jesus!  It doesn’t matter if you’re just discovering your faith or not, this is a community that you want to be apart of.

Bible Lessons & Study

  • Bible Gateway: This is the perfect place for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Bible. With its great search feature, you can find any verse with the click of a button in any version you want!
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library: This digital library will have any Christian book you could possibly be looking for. You can search for any specific book or browse the thousands available to you free online!
  • BibleStudy: The Bible has all the answers you need, and this site helps you find them. For the beginner all the way up, you will find the structured plan that will help make you Bible study great.
  • Our Daily Bread: This is your site if you need a daily Bible verse for you devotions. Our Daily Bread has all the tools and resources you need to get everything out of your devos.
  • CARM: From apologetics to fun forums, CARM helps you learn and grow more in your faith. Interactive and easy to navigate, you’ll spend hours on this site bettering yourself.
  • Bible Knowledge: If you want to learn more about God’s word, then go no further than Bible Knowledge. It teaches you the basics of the Bible and so much more.
  • Creative Bible Study: Studying your Bible is supposed to be fun, and Creative Bible Study makes sure you have a good time learning more about the Bible. This site is an exciting place for all ages.

Christian News Sites

  • Life News: One of the best pro-life sites on the Internet. Life News is completely dedicated to bringing awareness and fighting against abortions and protecting those who can’t protect themselves.
  • Christian Telegraph: News that Christians need to know. Christian Telegraph reports on all the big stories and gives the Christian perspective on them.
  • GJCN: Global Jesus Christ Network discusses and reports on all stories from politics to astronomy. Promoting God’s message through news.
  • Watch: A watch-dog Christian news site. It contains faith-based news reporting where the readers get educated on what’s going on in the world and how it pertains to Christianity.
  • Baptist Press: Reporting the news with Baptist Christian journalists. Everything from sports to the daily cartoons, Baptist Press has it all.
  • The Christian Post:  An online Christian newspaper, The Christian Post is very well written and extremely informative. The site has a great layout which makes going from topic to topic very easy.

Christianity and Family

  • Godtube: You probably already guessed what this site is. It’s just like the popular video site only this one is for Christians. Visit it once and you’re sure to return as it will become one of you favorite website on the Internet.
  • Billy Graham: Billy Graham is one of the most renowned and well -espected man of God in the Christian community. His site is perfect for any and all evangelistic purposes you and your family have.
  • Focus on the Family: Focus on the Family is such a great site for everyone of all ages. It helps guide you through the difficulties of life all while teaching and helping you and your family thrive.
  • Christian Teachers: A site with great resources for Christian teachers, but it doesn’t have to be just for them. With fun games and flashcards your kids will love this site just as much as the teachers it was intended for.
  • Bible Quizzes: Pull this site up, and your kids won’t want to leave the computer. It has everything fun they love: quizzes, trivia, and puzzles. A wonderful way to spend your and their time.
  • Best Christian Colleges: EDsmart ranks Christian colleges according to affordability, academic quality, student satisfaction, and salary after graduating.

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