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Breathe Easy: The Top 35 Cystic Fibrosis Blogs

When dealing with any chronic illness, life can become difficult. It is often helpful to find others who are sharing your struggles. So, I’ve put together a list of the top 35 Cystic Fibrosis blogs in hopes of helping others find support and strength.

These blogs are written by people who have CF themselves, family members of someone who has CF, and parents raising children who have CF. Their writings contain personal stories about how these people deal with living with a chronic disease on a daily basis and how they face CF head-on!

I hope this list will help you understand more about Cystic Fibrosis and how each person deals with the trials they are dealing with this disease.

Thanks to April Adams at for this post.

Top Cystic Fibrosis Blogs

1. Run Sick Boy, Run is a blog about a man who has CF. You will find a plethora of CF information on this site. One of his latest posts is The Impact of a Stranger.    

2. Confessions of A CF Husband discusses issues of having a wife with CF. This includes hospital visits, pregnancy and family time. Read his last blog post by clicking here.  

3. Being Cindy is a blog that discusses the thoughts of someone who fights CF along with other illnesses as well. In one of Cindy’s early posts, she discusses that she should not have a real Christmas tree, because of the natural mold they hold. However she chooses a live tree each year because of the happiness it brings to her life. Check out her latest blog post.  

4. The blog, A Matter of Life and Breath discusses life with CF. However it also talks about what it is like being a double lung transplant patient. Her latest blog post is entitled Leaky.  

5. A wife blogs about being a foster parent, a friend, a sister and the being the wife of a “CF Warrior” at Kristinology. My favorite part of her blog is a page dedicated to other bloggers who also struggle with this disease.  

6. 66 Roses is a blog about a mother’s son who has CF. She is very detailed in her blog posts and is open and honest about what she and her family face each day. She also has a great video of what it’s like raising a child with CF. You can watch that here.  

7. was created by a very outgoing lady who just happens to have CF. In her latest post, she discusses the desperate needs of one of her friends who also fights CF.  

8. CF Stinks is a blog created by a lady in the prime of her life. She was diagnosed as age one. However, she is over 30 and still taking on everything that life throws at her. Be sure to check out her post about the “Gym Frenemy.”  

9. In Jamie Bugs blog, you will learn about her double lung transplant. You will learn of her thoughts, feelings and how she got through each day. My favorite post is “I am not Barbie!”  

10. In the blog, 2nd Chance at Life, you will read about a firsthand experience of a lady who has CF and has endured two different lung transplants. You can read her latest blog post here.  

11. The name of the blog Craving Oxygen says it all. This blog is about the a young females journey through life with CF.    

12. If you are looking for a man’s thoughts, experiences and ideas on CF, visit The Unknown Cystic. This gentleman has a great sense of humor which comes out in his writings.  

13. Lucy began the blog CF and Healthy to help others get their hands on healthy recipes and tips to staying well with CF.     

14. The lady that owns this blog discusses many issues on her blog such as how she deals with having CF herself. Some of the items you will find on this blog relate to hospitalizations, symptoms and above all things that inspire her.  

15. Inhaling Hope.  The owner of this blog discusses her journey through life as a wife and mother. However, she has one thing that increases her challenges to these things. She has CF.  

16. Kayla, who lives with CF every day of her life, created One Breath at a Time. In this blog, she discusses things related to CF as well as how she deals with issues.  

17. Colleen’s blog is about how she tries to incorporate Live, Love, Laugh into her daily life with CF.    

18. I have CF, so what?! was created by Lauren, who deals with CF each day. She loves to dance, laugh and remains strong at defining herself.  

19. A blog with a different tone is Illness Inspired Words. Kari has CF, however she presents her blog in a different format than others. She has picked up running to help her in her journey and will be running a 5K for More Than Just Me Foundation in April 2014. Using a heart rate monitor will help anyone with CF to be more aware of their body, while exercising. Kari also blogs at Kari Fighting for Roses.  

20. This creator of this blog is John, who states that he is “living my dreams with CF.” You will learn how he deals with daily life and struggles while getting married and raising a child.  

21. Ports, Pills & Parties is written by a teenager who has CF. She strives to live a normal teenage life in spite of her disease.    

22. This blogger understands that CF Happens and enjoys her life in spite of it. She is a military wife, bonus mom and CF fighter.   

23. Blue Eyed Breather is a blog about a young lady who strives to live a normal life. Emily blogs about the good and the not so good in her life and about her walk with God.  

24. I Dream of Daisy is an excellent blog about the trials of trying to conceive while also battling CF. It also discusses pregnancy and CF.   

25. If you enjoy quilting and crafting, you will enjoy the blog Not Enough Oxygen. This blogger also has a humorous way of telling her story.    

26. Pretty Clavicles discusses life with CF. It is intended for the owner, Lena to keep a record of her health, but also to help others understand CF.  

27. Managing her CF with supplements and a supportive family is what Cystic Fibrosis: Hope and Health is all about. The owner talks about nutrition and raising a child.  

28. Bostons and A Preemie is a blog dedicated to raising a child with CF. You will find information on daily struggles as well as answers to those struggles.  

29. In Glue Meets Paper, you will discover a mom who is a scientist, but at night enjoys being crafty. The added factor is that this lady is a mom to a young boy who has CF.  

30. My Life With Jack is a blog that discusses having three children, two of which have CF. You will learn about the diagnosis, daily life and how this family copes.

31. When Life Gives you Lemon is published by a mom of a little guy that has CF. You will read about her daily life as well as how to care for a child with CF.  

32. On The Journey of Faith you will read about how a mom and family deal with the fact that they have a child with CF. You will read about the fun and happy times as well as trying times.  

33. Two Salty Boys discusses the ride of a lifetime, having two boys that both have CF. You will read about the rollercoaster of life issues on this blog.  

34. On the blog, Living Life Breathlessly, you will meet a lady who has had a lung transplant due to CF. She still enjoys living life to the fullest.    

35. Puff Puff Live is a blog about a lady in her early 30s who refuses to let CF get her down. She discusses her life with CF and adds recipes to her blog. 
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