Accelerated Math: Helping Students Improve Math Proficiency

Accelerated Math Home Connect provides students with 360-degree learning opportunities.

Math is one of the fundamental skills all students learn, but it can also be challenging.

With resources such as this, learners can get the support and individualized teaching they need to succeed.


accelerated math home connect
Source: Saint Joachim School

This program is a component of Renaissance products explicitly designed for furthering students’ education.

It helps improve the experience people have with math by offering more personalized teachings.

By taking individual students’ needs into account, their grades are bound to improve, and their knowledge can diversify.

It’s easy for educators to combine this program with other Renaissance products, such as Star Math, to provide well-rounded math practice.

By combining the two, you can identify students’ growth and then group like-minded learners.

All of the provided assignments are directly in line with grade-level standards and are tailored to each group or individual.

Over time, students will notice a significant improvement in their foundational mathematical skills.

With incremental learning opportunities, it can ensure all students are prepared for advancement.

Schools have noticed a significant increase in student readiness and preparedness for tests and assignments with this program.

Accelerated Math Home Connect: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers have the opportunity to provide students with a research-proven program to assist with overall growth.

It’s easy to see that many students struggle in certain areas of math and require unique teachings.

Instead of having to verify gaps in learning independently, this program helps streamline the process.

Math teachers will begin to notice a significant increase in free-time, which can then be allocated to one-on-one teachings.

All of the provided data through this program is essential for determining challenging content for specific students.

Educators can then ensure that all students work at the same level, though at their own pace.

One of the central objectives of this program is to help teachers provide well-rounded teachings.

You’ll find many tools such as worked examples, video tutorials, and math glossaries within the program.

Students will be able to lead their education by working through their assignments without teacher assistance.

By streamlining classroom activities, educators have more time to prepare in-depth discussions.

Also, you’ll have more time to establish better lesson plans for furthering fundamental knowledge.

Teachers will love how the provided metrics help them to hold students accountable for their learning.

All of the data can easily be printed and distributed to parents to keep them up-to-date with their child’s improvements.

For Students

Students love to have the ability to manage their learning, especially if they’re independent learners.

This platform provides relevant content to all students based on their skill level and assignment completion.

They can then independently work through an assortment of activities, quizzes, questions, and more.

All of the resources previously mentioned will allow students to master mathematics without teacher intervention.

Also, it helps boost a more positive community in the classroom because students can collaborate within groups to learn together.

Those who struggle with specific subjects can guarantee they will receive good one-on-one teachings for assistance.

The vital information that students need will be available on their user-friendly dashboard.

Here, they can review their teacher-assigned projects as well as recommended tasks based on skill level.

Using scaffolded learning, they can then work at their own pace to achieve the ultimate mastery of challenging concepts.

accelerated math home connect

For Parents

Accelerated Math Home Connect is a crucial component of the program for at-home teachings.

The central premise of this program is to bridge the gap between learning at school and home.

Parents and teachers can both log into the portal and review their child’s progress towards specific goals.

There is also the ability to facilitate conversations between teachers and parents to determine more effective teaching methods.

Parents can easily stay up-to-date with their child’s progress by signing up for automatic updates.

By keeping parents apprised of their child’s performance, they can help reinforce learning at home.

They can take a look at the overall progress of their students and their average percentages for quizzes.

Parents can review upcoming and past tests, including test results and the number of mastered objectives.

Another popular feature is the homework page, which helps students complete extra assignments from home.

MathFacts in a Flash, for example, is one of the many homework objectives designed to reinforce learning.

Students will work through practice questions at home while parents can review their progress remotely.

However, it’s important to note that this program does not support the test-taking from home.

To begin using the at-home features, parents will need to sign up for an account using their email.

Once registered, they can set up six different emails to receive updates about their child’s progress.


Personalized Educational Plans

Every student requires a particular type of teaching, regardless of math proficiency.

With this tool, educators can make sure each student gets the individualized attention they need to succeed.

On the Learning Schedule page, teachers can map out adequate educational plans based on skill level.

Assignments can be anywhere from one to five hours, focus on all or specific skills, and be tracked on the Progress Dashboard.

As students complete their tasks, the recommended content will adapt to their current abilities.

Multiple Modules

All aspects of mathematics are covered in this program to ensure students get a complete experience.

Teachers can opt to assign specific subjects, or students can work independently to diversify their skills.

There aren’t any core concepts that are lacking since it meets Common Core State Standards.

Independent Practice

Instead of only teaching students in the classroom, they can also work remotely from home.

Teachers can assign homework and encourage students to work on assignments outside of class.

With independent practice, students will feel emboldened and have more confidence in mathematics.


The most popular package for this program is the Enterprise Edition, which is $2899 per school.

If schools have 250 students, there will be an additional $1000 fee.

Each additional student above 250 will be an extra four dollars per year.

It’s well worth the investment since the Enterprise Edition includes:

  • Nine hours of professional development
  • Diverse content libraries
  • Unlimited technical support
  • One year of software hosting
  • Software updates

Achieving Math Proficiency

This program is designed for students at every level to assist with excelling in math proficiency.

Teachers can ensure their students get the educational opportunities they deserve at a good pace.

Also, parents can quickly get involved with the Home Connect program.

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