Accelerated Reader: Reading Comprehension Made Easy

Accelerated Reader gives students the ability to show reading comprehension at their skill level.

Like math-based programs that allow students to use personalized lesson plans, this program does the same for reading.

Students will have plenty of reading materials at their disposal, while teachers can assign pre-made activities to test their comprehension.

Renaissance Accelerated Reader is a fantastic resource to help students better their reading skills in a streamlined manner.


The central premise of Accelerated Reader is to provide students with teacher-guided instruction, though their lessons are driven by themselves.

Students will complete an assortment of activities and quizzes to diversify their reading skills, but each assignment will cater to their skill level.

It’s a highly engaging form of teaching, as individual reading can help boost a child’s interest in particular subjects.

Based on every user’s level, a certain number of fiction and non-fiction reading materials will be suggested.

Students can then choose which text they want to read and then complete an assortment of questions after they’ve finished.

Teachers can also choose to assign specific reading materials, as there are over 200,000 options available.

How Does It Work?

You’ll find the program takes a more laid back approach to teaching by helping students believe they are merely reading.

When, in fact, they are consuming specially curated content to help them diversify their knowledge in reading, vocabulary, and other literacy skills.

By the time they have finished their assignments, classrooms will have the opportunity to experience focus skills mastery.

For Teachers

Teachers can rest assured that Renaissance Accelerated Reader is more than a comprehensive resource for reading materials.

All of the passages and questions are specifically designed to help students meet state-specific standards for learning.

It also helps to remove pressure from creating assignments for each of your classes, as the program does the work for you.

Each student will be matched with the right reading materials to receive a more customized approach to learning.

Teachers will have access to personalized dashboards with individual reports to keep track of their students’ progress.

You can review individual students or classes to determine if any concepts need to be further discussed.

With the ability to view important metrics, you can customize your in-class instruction to create a more inclusive plan.

Also, as students are in the driver’s seat with this program, all you have to do is make sure they have access to an account.

Your main objective is to set goals for each student and review their progress to see whether they are meeting their goals.

For Students

It is a great way to get kids engaged in reading, especially if they’ve never shown interest before.

With over 200,000 fiction and non-fiction passages, kids can choose from an assortment of topics they’re interested in.

Regardless of the subject, they will receive the same instructional lessons as their peers, improving their literacy skills.

When children have access to reading materials about subjects they find engaging, they’ll be far more motivated to work harder.

As mentioned, all of the assignments are given to students based on their skill and experience levels.

This process helps to make sure that advanced and less advanced students get the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Fortunately, the program’s layout is also simple to navigate, which is ideal for at-home assignments.

Students and their parents will be able to work through an assortment of quizzes based on their favorite reading materials.

Also, they are always accessible, allowing students to work through past quizzes during their free time.

As teachers have access to personalized reports, they can frequently check up on their students to provide extra help with specific topics.

With this process, students will have at-home and in-class support to strengthen their fundamental knowledge about reading comprehension.


You and your students will gain a long list of benefits from using this program. Here are the most noteworthy ones:

1. Student-Driven

Often, teacher-driven assignments and instructions work for a certain percentage of the class, while others might lag or be too advanced.

With student-driven programs, the individual users’ performance will determine which materials are available to them.

As your students become more experienced, they will begin to receive more challenging work. Over time, you are sure to see a significant improvement in reading comprehension.

Your students will also feel like they are in control of their learning, allowing them to have more responsibility for learning.

2. Meeting State Standards

State standards are particularly relevant to consider, as they are what help children to become college-ready.

All of the reading passages available through the platform are designed to help students meet these standards.

The specially designed assignments and quizzes are also formulated to help students work on state-standard skills.

3. Engaging and Informative

Even as adults, reading information about a topic you’re not interested in can be tedious. When you can choose passages about your favorite subjects, you’ll be more likely to pay attention.

As students select specific titles for reading, the program will begin to recommend passages related to their favorite subjects.

Students will quickly find this is a far more engaging way to get involved in improving their skills.

Teachers will also appreciate how informative each of the passages will be, even the fiction titles.

Readers are bound to take advantage of reading at any time for entertainment and education simultaneously.

4. Numerous Titles

Apart from the general categorization of fiction and non-fiction, this program has more specific categories to consider.

Readers will have access to Advanced/TASA Open Standard readings, specific subjects, state-required readings, award-winning books, and more.

The program has plenty of partners that provide passages, such as NPR, the Associated Press, the Smithsonian, and Nickelodeon.


There isn’t a specific price for this program, as every school and district has particular needs. You’ll have to contact their sales department to get a quote based on how many licenses you require.

You can request a demo to get an idea of how it works and whether it would benefit your school.


Renaissance Accelerated Reader is an exciting approach to improving reading comprehension and literacy skills.

Students will have personalized reading recommendations based on their skill level and interests, helping them stay engaged.

By sparking children’s interests, Accelerated Reader is sure to help promote regular reading and a more entertaining learning environment.

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