Achieve 3000: Connecting Remote and In-Class Learning

Achieve 3000 has had a common goal over the past 20 years: to connect distance and in-person learning environments.

With this program’s implementation, you’ll be able to ensure every student’s learning is on track.

The Achieve 3000 portal is incredibly simple to use, allowing you to make the most out of distance learning.


achieve 3000 portal
Source: Franklin Special School District

The central premise of this program is to make sure every student has access to equal learning opportunities.

It’s particularly useful for at-risk students who have found it challenging to stay on track with their studies.

With the help of this platform, the success of students is bound to increase substantially.

It takes three main approaches to provide a comprehensive learning environment: equity, acceleration, and proven results.


As a teacher, you want to make sure all of your students can succeed, even in the most academically diverse classrooms.

With the help of this program’s literacy features, you can easily create efficient and comprehensive learning.

Students will have access to scaffolded assignments available at their level but providing the same information as peers.

Every student will also have access to individual reading levels to help them meet the same state standards.

It’s quite useful for younger audiences and to begin preparing them for college and further education.

All of your students’ strengths will be brought to the forefront while assisting them with the more challenging aspects of learning.

Achieve 3000 is highly recommended for all students, including advanced readers, struggling readers, and English learners.


The methodology for teaching literacy with this program helps students to move their Lexile knowledge steadily.

Students will continually progress level by level, helping improve the quality of their skills over time.

Interestingly, the company states that if your students’ reading gains don’t double in success, you get your next year free.

All of the solutions in the program are specifically designed to help students communicate, read, apply, and comprehend complex texts.

Within the program, you’ll find several great features, such as assessments, differentiated texts, embedded assessments, and more.

Proven Results

Both teachers and students will gain ample confidence from using this program to help better their literacy goals.

If you’re curious about the program’s proven results, consider their National Lexile Study.

Every year, the company provides an in-depth statistical analysis of all of their student data to show its success.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

This program is quite notable because of its many in-depth features.

Teachers will be able to use Actively Learn to help provide students with comprehensive frameworks to help them prioritize their learning.

It’s also entirely digital, allowing teachers to ensure their students have a ton of engaging texts to boost learning.

You can easily assign many fiction and nonfiction texts from an assortment of topics.

Using this method, students can have access to reading passages that interest them to increase their interest in their studies.

While reading about exciting subjects, they will also be pushing their minds to apply their knowledge better.

Another unique feature of this program is the Read-Discuss-Read platform developed by Dr. Doug Fisher.

Using it allows you to boost students’ engagement by establishing collaborative conversations.

You’ll find many integrated structural, literal, and inferential questions to help start classroom discussions.

Districts can also take a more customized approach to teaching while using this program.

It features a fully flexible curriculum that allows you to customize available content for your schools.

This approach lets you focus on critical areas of learning for your state to improve standards-aligned learning.

For Students

Students will appreciate being able to learn at their own pace while staying on-track with their peers.

All of the customized assignments and readings will help them learn more advanced topics at an agreeable skill level.

With online implementation, they can access their studies anywhere, making it an excellent option for distance learners.

While students work on their lessons, they’ll have access to built-in support for every grade level and reading material.

You’ll also find the materials are specially curated for several subjects, including science, language, and social studies.

With a customizable approach to learning, your students are bound to be far more interested in their education.

As they begin to see significant improvements in their learning, students can easily share their progress with their parents.

Fortunately, the program is highly compatible with most devices because the apps can be downloaded and used anywhere.

According to the company, up to 65% of users log into this literacy program outside of school hours.


Superior Student Support

The primary foundation of Achieve 3000 is to make sure students are fully supported at home and in their classes.

Compared to other online learning platforms, this program takes a more one-on-one approach to track student progress.

You’ll be able to look at current metrics, forecasted growth, and more to provide targeted instruction.

Every student will feel like they are receiving more one-on-one attention to help improve their overall performance.

Differentiated Learning

It’s far better to allow students to learn at their own pace, especially if there are significant gaps in learning compared to peers.

With differentiated learning, they can learn at an acceptable pace while focusing on the same concepts as their friends.

By getting an idea of students’ reading abilities from the start, the program can quickly provide personalized assignments.

This platform’s accessibility is particularly notable because it’s great for advanced and beginner readers alike.

You’ll also find it’s exceptional for ESL students who need a little extra guidance in literacy work.

Embedded Assessments

As students complete their readings, they will be prompted to answer several multiple-choice questions.

These questions are specifically designed to determine how well the student understood their reading.

It can also help analyze their strategies and reading skills to ensure their next assignment is adjusted correctly.

As students continue to improve their literacy skills, their assignments will grow with them.


All of the Achieve3000 solutions are customized depending on your school’s needs and the services you’ll require.

With that said, there is no information about generalized pricing; however, you can reach out to their sales department for a quote.

As an added benefit, you can also take advantage of the live demos to determine if it’s right for your school.


Using the Achieve 3000 portal encourages students to enjoy their literacy classes more than ever before.

With engaging reading passages, informative lessons and assignments, and a user-friendly design, it’s ideal.

Teachers will especially love using it for in-class and distance learning to help bridge the gap in knowledge.

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