Big Universe: Digital Options for Improving Literacy

A Big Universe sign in is a fantastic example of how a digital curriculum can significantly improve learning.

By providing students with engaging lessons and differentiated instruction, they have control of their studies.

All of the diverse needs of learners can easily be met with this digital literacy program’s help.


big universe sign in
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This program is designed to operate as a supplemental education tool as well as an encompassing solution.

It’s one of the more diverse digital literacy resources, offering over 13,000 ebooks accessible 24/7.

Students and educators can access the content from relatively any device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Where this literacy solution stands out from the rest is its method of teaching users.

It’s a highly flexible model that allows students to take advantage of literacy from anywhere with the internet.

All users can find an onslaught of high-quality text since the program is partnered with over 40 renowned publishers.

By offering engaging, high-quality content, students can easily access one of the most balanced literacy programs.

However, the digital library is just one aspect of the platform that learners can put to fair use.

By using the program, students can improve their reading, oral fluency, writing, and phonics.

There is an assortment of activities, knowledge-based assessments, data, and quizzes.

It virtually eliminates students’ need to purchase or rent textbooks because teachers can assign eBooks instead.

The variety of texts available through the program is quite notable since it’s accessible to students from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Big Universe Sign In: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will finally have the opportunity to distribute interesting, engaging, and relevant content to their classes.

Within the program, you will find a variety of reading levels and text that addresses specific needs.

It’s a highly adaptable solution for blended classrooms and students at various learning levels.

Assigning specific texts by reading level is incredibly easy since each book cover clearly shows the text’s level.

You’ll find four reading levels that correspond with DRA, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, and Fountas & Pinnell.

For students with special requirements, there are unique collections designed for their reading level.

As an example, there’s an English Language Learners category and a special education category.

Regardless of the literacy challenges students will face, teachers have a wide assortment of text.

More than 70% of the literacy options are nonfiction and cover an assortment of topics, including math, art, science, and physical education.

With a teacher account, you can create unique bookshelves with a list of texts for your students to access.

Teachers can assign certain books by subject, student, unit, and other categories.

Ensuring you have sufficiently planned your reading lessons has never been simpler.

Along with the texts, there are many assignments, quizzes, and activities that educators can give their classes.

As students complete their assigned tasks, their grades and overall performance will be tracked and recorded.

Teachers can then access those metrics to track the growth of their students.

big universe sign in

For Students

One of the features that students love the most is the privacy of the program.

They can read texts suitable for their reading level and can keep their proficiency private.

As they work through their content, the reading level is hidden from the digital screen to work confidently.

Students can also choose specific texts based on their various passions and interests.

They can also opt to read texts about specific subjects for assignments or personal reading.

Searching through the diverse catalog of literacy options is simple since there are many filters, such as reading level, genre, and grade.

Another unique feature of this program is the writing tool.

Students can explore their creativity by writing, animating, and illustrating their books.

They can then opt to share the book with their teachers, peers, or family.

With unlimited access, students will appreciate being able to take control of their learning.

Also, by assigning reading materials based on level, they will learn more efficiently to boost their confidence.


Classroom Flexibility

There are a vast number of ways that teachers can apply this literacy program to their classes.

It’s a fantastic resource for in-class discussions and distance learning since students complete readings on their own time.

It can also be a great addition to workshops, group instruction, special education, ELL, and more.

Teachers can quickly assign books based on skill and a due date for any assignments or quizzes.

Students can then work at their own pace and ensure their tasks are submitted on time.

You’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in accountability and determination class-wide.

Differentiated Learning

Every student has their requirements when it comes to literacy.

This digital program ensures that every student’s needs are met and kept private from their peers.

Teachers will find it simpler to reach every student’s challenging needs with various texts available.

Along with aligning with Lexile, DRA, ATOS, and F&P, you’ll also have Spanish and Hi-Lo content.

Boosting Career Readiness

With the implementation of project-based learning, students can develop critical skills to help them in careers.

They will be responsible for engaging in academic tasks to assist them with preparing for essential certifications.

Also, the readings assist with a better understanding of job development and helping students with their electives.

Key Data Tracking

One of the most critical aspects of digital learning is for teachers to review their students’ progress.

Fortunately, a Big Universe sign in enables educators to keep an eye on their students’ challenges and successes.

By using this vital information, they can provide support where necessary to bridge any gaps in learning.

Also, it helps teachers group students based on skill level and proficiency for more targeted teaching.

Students will significantly benefit from getting the one-on-one attention they need to succeed in their studies.


A school can apply for a $1500 one-year license or opt to sign up for a $300 license per classroom.

As with most digital learning programs, districts are likely to receive a discount for multi-year and multi-school contracts.


By using a digital literacy program, students can take control of their learning.

This platform is intuitively designed to be highly adaptable to all instructional formats while adhering to core standards.

With several high-quality texts from over 30 publishers, there are plenty of great reading options for students.

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