CK12: Concept-Based Approach to Learning

Students won’t accidentally learn how to leave a class on CK12 thanks to its impressive design.

Educators will love the program’s accessible features that allow them to create more high-quality lesson plans.

With its user-friendly design, you won’t have to worry about students accidentally leaving classes.


how to leave a class on ck12

The sole purpose of this program is to make sure that every student has access to high-quality education.

The company is a part of a non-profit organization designed to provide accessible STEM content to students.

They have ample digital resources for students, such as textbooks, adaptive practices, and simulations.

Schools will begin to see a positive shift in their student’s learning by implementing these modern teaching tools.

Classwork will be far more engaging and exciting for students, especially when it comes to maths and sciences.

You’ll also find that each of the modules is designed to allow children to work at their own pace.

With a concept-based approach to learning, all of the content is broken down into easily-digestible modules.

Each of the lessons will fit personal learning styles to make the most of what they’re taught.

As an added convenience, the platform is accessible on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will find this supplementary source of education to be quite useful.

It features different lessons for math, social studies, science, country-based geography, and photography.

Also, you won’t have to worry about ensuring your students have the correct materials since everything is built into the program.

Apart from the digital textbooks known as Flexbooks, students will also have access to a ton of other tools.

For example, you can assign digital quizzes, videos, flashcards, and many other interactive content types.

By taking this teaching approach, you’ll find your classes will be far more involved in their studies.

Teachers can also customize lessons and assignments as necessary.

You can use the pre-made examples as a framework to ensure all of the core concepts of your curriculum are met.

Alternatively, you can assign the pre-made materials to help you save time when managing your workload.

With an account, you can have access to other available programs, as well.

The programs include Braingenie (K-12 math and science questions), FlexMath (math tools and assessments), and I Need a Pencil (SAT preparation).

Using the teacher dashboard, you can keep track of your students’ progress as they navigate through their courses.

Educators can look at current grades and past grades to see their students’ improvements.

On the other hand, you will be able to take corrective action in areas your classes might find challenging.

As with any other digital teaching platform, the metrics you receive are the most useful aspect.

How to Leave a Class on CK12

An issue with platforms is with students purposefully or inadvertently leaving their classes.

Fortunately, this program doesn’t provide them with that option because teachers control the class rosters.

With that said, you can’t learn how to leave a class on CK12, but teachers can delete courses.

Once you’re logged into your account, you select the class you want to edit and visit the “Settings” tab.

Click “Delete Class” in the Settings menu and confirm that the group should be deleted.

Managing your classes is just as simple as any other task available from the teacher dashboard.

how to leave a class on ck12

For Students

Teachers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from using this program.

Students will finally have high-quality education that is custom-made based on their skill level.

Within each subject, there are a ton of sub-genres that kids will love, including:

  • Earth and Life Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Calculus
  • Algebra

Even the most challenging subjects are designed in an easy-to-understand format.

For example, algebra and calculus feature interactive components to help children grasp fundamental concepts.

You can also guarantee students will appreciate having access to an extensive collection of digital textbooks.

The digital texts are fully customizable and can be viewed on any device, ranging from smartphones to Chromebooks.

You can browse through the available online texts by subject, grade, or language without an account.

The design of all of the eBooks is awe-inspiring, with high-quality teachings and images.


App Compatibility

This program is highly adaptable to a ton of other programs you might already use in your school.

A few examples include Google Classroom, Edmodo Math and Science, Schoology, Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, Kiddom, and Chrome.

Plenty of Learning Methods

Every student will be able to find a learning path that is the simplest for them.

Students can read traditional textbook passages, participate in interactive simulations, and more.

The adaptive practice engine built into the program is essential for any student’s success, regardless of skill level.

Highly Customizable

Many teachers prefer to have a hands-on approach to their classes, and by using this platform, you can create the best possible assignments.

Considering even the Flexbooks are easy to customize, you can ensure your students are getting their core education.

All of the content within the program is in line with common core standards.

When it comes time for testing, teachers can assign personalized study guides to their classes.

You can also opt to use the pre-designed study guides, which help students review important concepts.

Social Interactions

Although most assignments are easy for students to do on their own, there is also a social aspect.

With the Cafe feature, teachers can ask questions and share ideas with other educators and students.

You’ll find the Cafe features a Science Corner and Math Corner, where teachers can answer student’s questions.


With all of the features this program brings to the table, it’s a surprise that it’s free.

Students and teachers can instantly sign up for an account and gain access to dozens of resources.


Signing up for this program is a phenomenal option for traditional and remote students.

With plenty of resources for parents, children, and educators, it’s perfectly designed for everyone.

By the end of the school year, you can guarantee students’ grades will be significantly improved.

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