Classkick for a Healthier Learning Environment

A Classkick login can help you build a healthier community with your students.

One of the best ways to ensure children learn to the best of their ability is to give them feedback.

With the implementation of this program, you can assist your students in meeting their maximum potential.

Classkick Login Overview

classkick login
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The central premise of this program is to help students learn in a more engaging environment.

In the classroom, there are often barriers between students and teachers in terms of getting help.

This platform is recommended to help make children more comfortable with asking for assistance.

There are a few unique features that it brings to the table that your school will love.

You can also give more assistance to students who need it the most based on their performance.

Educators will quickly find that this program includes monitoring, personalized lessons, and communicative features.

As an added benefit, even though it’s mostly designed for in-class learning, it’s also ideal for distance learners.

You’ll find all of the features are readily available to anyone with an account and an internet connection.

This design can help educators work with parents to establish a healthier learning environment at home.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

You can put this program to fair use in several ways, depending on how you structure your classroom.

The process is relatively straightforward and can be ready to use in a matter of minutes.

  • Preparing Assignments

The first step is for teachers to prepare an assignment of their choosing.

You can upload your customized assignment, or you can use various templates to create your own.

The built-in features help save the amount of time it takes to create lessons from scratch.

You’ll find drawings, images, audio, links, and videos to add to your instructions on the platform.

  • Assigning the Work

As you develop your assignments, you can decide whether you want your students to work in groups or not.

You can also opt for them to work on specific tasks in pairs or individually.

The platform will input their text, audio, drawings, or images to answer the assigned questions.

There are also fill in the blank and multiple choice answer formats, depending on your preference.

  • Providing Feedback

Once the assignments have been completed, teachers can then provide individualized feedback.

All of the feedback can be provided in real-time and by using many tools.

You can use stickers for achievements, written notes using the canvas feature, or recommendations in the help center.

An exciting feature of this platform is that your students can also rely on their peers.

While they complete the task, they can ask their peers for help anonymously.

  • Tracking Completion

As your class works through their assignments, you can see their work in real-time.

This process allows educators to keep track of their students’ progress and see how well they’re working.

Using this data, you can compile a list of problem areas for specific students or topics that need extra review.

When you log into your account, you can view your students’ work as they complete their assignments.

You’ll find it’s simpler to keep track of how they complete their assignments without looking over their shoulders.

For Students

Completing digital assignments is substantially easier for students compared to traditional paper tasks.

With the help of innovative teaching tools like this, they get the service and attention they need.

Several significant features make this program ideal for students.

  • Virtual Hand Raising

Instead of waiting for the teacher’s feedback at the end of the assignment, students can get immediate help.

With the virtual hand-raising feature, they can get their teacher’s attention in the middle of a task.

They can then choose to ask the question anonymously or ask for specific help.

  • Access To Detailed Feedback

Even if students don’t need to use the digital hand-raising feature, they will have access to detailed feedback.

Once finished, they can review the tips provided by their teachers to better prepare for future assignments.

Eventually, your students will be able to begin refining their assignments to meet the expected standards.

  • Empowering Student Development

Students learn in a variety of ways compared to their peers.

With every question, they can choose how they would prefer to answer a question.

For example, they can provide a short answer using audio, text, or drawing.

Giving your students the freedom to use different media to show their work can help improve their grades.

It’s also one of the best features to make this program a more customized experience for everyone.

classkick login


Widely Available

Both students and teachers can access the platform from anywhere.

With this feature, you can either assign in-class tasks or homework for your students to complete at-home.

You can also grade their work and leave informative feedback at home, instead of staying later at school.

Another great benefit of the platform is that it’s available from anywhere.

Parents can log in to the system and look at the feedback for their student’s assignments.

In terms of availability, you can access the program from your iPad or computer or Chromebook.

Versatile Design

As mentioned, a Classkick login can be used for in-class lessons and distance learning, but there are many other options.

You can quickly put the program to use for tutoring, notetaking, flipped classrooms, blended learning, and more.


There are two types of accounts that educators can sign up for, depending on the features they need.

The Basic plan is entirely free, while the Pro plan is $997/school with many more innovative tools.

Basic (Free)

  • Unlimited teacher rosters
  • 20 assignments per teacher
  • Pen and highlighter tools
  • Text boxes
  • Audio clips
  • Image and PDF support
  • Multiple choice and fill in the blank questions
  • Manipulatives
  • Stickers for achievements
  • Grades
  • Whole class view for student tracking
  • Peer helpers

Pro ($997 per school)

Everything included in the Basic package, as well as:

  • Student portfolios
  • Clever and Google Classroom integration
  • Grade exporting
  • Answer exporting
  • Folders
  • Student work exporting to PDF


Starting to use this innovative platform is a phenomenal way to revolutionize your classroom environment.

Students will feel like they’re getting the attention they need to succeed in their studies.

It also helps teachers to streamline their lesson plans, assignments, and discussions.