ClassTag: Parent-Teacher Communication Made Easy

Considering ClassTag vs Remind is important to find the best tool for teacher-parent communication.

One of the essential aspects of teaching is to foster a healthy environment for discussion.

With the help of this platform, educators can easily encourage parent participation.

ClassTag Overview

classtag vs remind
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There are over two million families currently using this platform to their advantage.

It’s a phenomenal tool available for parents to connect with educators and vice versa.

By encouraging communication with the pillars in a students’ life, their studies can thrive.

ClassTag vs Remind is more than a generic conference software; it combines many convenient tools for both parties to use.

With its implementation, the need for in-person parent-teacher conferences will lessen.

Also, it gives parents a direct way to contact teachers about their child’s in-school activities.

It’s far too often that parents have to rely on their children to learn about their school performance.

Instead of waiting for report cards, they can stay up-to-date with their child’s studies’ current state.

For example, educators can host digital parent-teacher conferences and provide actionable engagement statistics.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It can be challenging to manage your schedule with hundreds of students to teach annually.

This program is useful to help avoid the hassle of setting up in-person parent-teacher conferences.

Teachers can easily set up conferences to review students’ annual or quarterly performance.

You can also set up a time to talk to parents about their children’s schoolwork’s immediate concerns.

All of the conferencing options are available directly through the platform in an easy-to-use interface.

Making sure children get a well-rounded education doesn’t stop outside of the classroom.

By using this program to your advantage, you can quickly get whole families involved in activities.

For example, you can share volunteer opportunities, donation opportunities, and events with parents and guardians.

The calendar is one of the most used features since it keeps parents apprised of essential activities.

Another distinctive feature of the platform is that it features G-Suite integration.

You can hold parent-teacher conferences through Google Meet and sync all of your Google calendars with the program.

As an added benefit, you can offer direct links to calendar events using the tools on G-Suite.

Educators will love how easy it is to exchange important documents and files to individual students with the backpack feature.

Upon sign-up, every student will be assigned a CT Student Backpack where their important information is stored.

In the future, the platform will allow teachers to communicate with parents directly through Google Classroom.

For Parents

Keeping yourself up to date with your child’s studies is essential for any parent.

With this program, you’ll have access to the essential information about school events and performance.

Teachers can quickly provide progress updates, behavioral updates, and any concerns they may have.

In terms of your child’s safety, you can guarantee their information will be kept safe and secure.

This program is FERPA certified and uses iKeepSafe programming to maintain community privacy.

By navigating through your account settings, you can configure your privacy settings as you desire.

Your parent-teacher conferences and other files are accessible from any device.

The platform is compatible with smart devices and older devices.

Parents can log in to their child’s account from any tablet, computer, iOS device, or Android device.

The program’s most notable facet is that it helps keep you organized if you’re involved in your child’s school.

As mentioned, the calendar will keep you apprised of volunteer opportunities and sign-ups.

However, teachers can also add class-specific events, such as field trips and PD days.

If you’re not comfortable with video conferencing, there is also a built-in messaging feature to use.

You can quickly send texts back and forth with your child’s teacher in one convenient location.

classtag vs remind


Simple and Easy Communication

There’s no need to worry about the challenges of maintaining communication with families.

Teachers can easily reach parents within a matter of minutes, whether class-wide or individually.

Smart messaging is essential for ensuring you share crucial information with the most important parties.

Each of your communications can be automatically translated into over 50 languages.

You can also convert messages to texts or emails, depending on the preference of parents.

After your first couple of communique, you can confidently put an end to phone tag with your students’ caregivers.

Seamless Classroom Administration

Apart from enabling communication with parents, this tool is also useful for your students.

Using the calendar, you can keep your classes apprised of upcoming tasks, such as due assignments and tests.

You can also upload fun and engaging content, such as photos and videos from past activities.

Teachers can use the built-in features to create class-specific newsletters and announcements.

Even before the school year starts, you can provide parents with supply lists to help prepare their children.

Key Updates and Notifications

With this platform, it helps streamline activities by acting as your assistant in the classroom.

It will automatically send out weekly newsletters on specific dates, offer follow-ups and reminders about key dates, and more.

Quick Conference Scheduling

Another benefit of this program is that scheduling meetings are efficient and effortless.

All you have to do is post an event with time slots for parents to consider.

Parents can then choose a convenient time slot, effectively booking them in for the conference.

Like reminders about key dates, the platform also sends follow-ups to remind parents about upcoming chats.

ClassTag vs Remind

You’ll find that the program is a more in-depth way to stay in contact with your student’s parents.

Remind, on the other hand, sends simple reminders and texts about upcoming events.

With the program’s help, you’re fostering two-way communication in various ways using different mediums.


Fortunately, this program is an entirely free platform for students and teachers alike.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, and you’ll be granted access to its numerous features.


With this program, you can keep everyone accountable for the education of your students.

It’s ideal for managing and streamlining parent-teacher conferences and volunteer opportunities.

Also, you can ensure your students are getting support both in and out of the classroom.

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