Common Curriculum: A Digital Lesson Planner

With the Common Curriculum Lesson Planner, you can work towards becoming paperless.

Teachers, schools, and teams can have an innovative digital format to organize their day-to-day activities.

There are plenty of exciting features built into the program for you to take advantage of.

Common Curriculum Lesson Planner Overview

common curriculum lesson planner
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Using this digital lesson planner, you can ensure all of your classes run as smoothly as possible.

When designing your daily plans, you’ll love all of the innovative features at your fingertips.

Educators can use pre-made templates, make customized adjustments, and add an assortment of activities.

The program is collaborative and excels in power and efficiency, ensuring you’re as prepared as possible.

There are over 200,000 teachers who currently use CC to help streamline their classes.

With the program, you’ll have access to lesson planning, unit planning, collaborative plans, and more.

Another exciting feature is that teachers can share assignments with their classes digitally.

All you have to do is use the “Class Websites” feature for even more sharable digital features.

Overall, it’s one of the most innovative online tools to ensure you stay organized.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

The best way to understand the features of this program is to go over each one in detail.

Some of the exciting features include:

  • Lesson Planning

Planning your lessons has never been more flexible since you can easily rearrange certain parts of your classes.

You can shift individual lessons to different days and add in unscheduled activities.

With this feature, you can reorder your lessons’ parts, depending on where your class is in the curriculum.

You can also move specific segments to and from several classes if you teach multiple classes.

With the attachments, you can integrate your planner with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

There’s also plenty of formatting features when designing your planner, including outlines, links, italics, and underlines.

  • Unit Planning

Instead of dealing with the finer details, unit planning allows you to manage and entire year’s course.

You can review your monthly or annual calendar to see what segments are upcoming.

You can also organize each unit into sub-units for even more organization.

Each of the lessons you design is movable, allowing you to shift them to any point during the year.

As an added benefit, teachers can add any vacation days, making it quite useful for PD days.

  • Collaboration

One of the more innovative features of this program is how collaborative it is.

Teachers won’t be forced to plan their classes in isolation because you can co-plan with teachers worldwide.

When one teacher changes the plan, it is immediately available to any other teacher on the project.

Educators can create groups for their team, district, or school.

Individual contributors can also add comments to get feedback from your administration and other teachers.

Co-planning is also highly recommended for when you need to develop lessons with your colleagues.

  • Class Websites

With class websites, teachers can manage their in-class and distance teaching.

When you create a website using CC, you’ll be able to design and assign tasks to your students daily.

This feature allows you to spend more time focusing on in-class discussions than managing digital features.

You can design a plan that will automatically post a particular assignment on specific days.

Teachers are also able to print and export activities for an entire day, week, or month.

For your convenience, your class website will be readily available on your smartphone or tablet.

For Students

Teachers will experience most of the benefits of the Common Curriculum Lesson Planner.

However, students will appreciate how streamlined their lessons will be.

When teachers are more organized, students can capitalize on their learning environment.

By adding digital features to the classroom, students can get more one-on-one time with their educators.

Also, they will easily be able to access their assignments and important topics digitally.

As mentioned, this platform is available via a computer or mobile device, which is ideal for the digital age.

The program’s content is in a user-friendly nature that will be simple for students to navigate.

Their parents can also review specific segments of their classes to stay apprised of their child’s work.

By helping to foster better organization and communication, students are bound to benefit from CC.

common curriculum lesson planner


Easy Standard Add-Ons

Each of your lessons must align with current curriculum standards.

With this program, all you have to do is develop your lesson plan and then choose a standard set.

Using a keyword, you can add any standard to your lesson plan to ensure it aligns correctly.

This process helps reduce the time it would typically take to ensure your students have suitable lessons.

With the standards feature, you will also have access to a tracker.

By using the tracker, you can quickly figure out if you’ve already covered a specific standard.

Visually Appealing Templates

Your lesson plans must be as appealing as they are organized.

Fortunately, teachers can easily make their plans their own with the help of the streamlined templates.

You can easily customize weekly planners to fit your style and how you work best.

For example, there are specific templates for science class labs as well as math blocks.

Teachers can take advantage of the pre-made templates and then make any adjustments as necessary.

You even can choose a different template for every day of the week.

Reusable Planners

If you’ve finished the school year, you’ll be glad to know you can use the same plans next year.

When you save your templates, you can access them for as long as necessary.

Teachers can easily copy their attachments, lessons, activities, and units from last year.


For all of the innovative features built into the platform, you might be surprised to learn that it’s free to use.

All you have to do is sign up using your email, and you’ll immediately have access to the lesson planner.

Also, upon signing up, you’ll have plenty of tutorials to use to help walk you through the program.

A Digital Lesson Planner Worthy To Try

By using digital lesson planners like CC, you’ll have an assortment of great organizational features.

Teachers, administrators, and schools can collaborate on planners to ensure students get the education they deserve.

Also, all of its user-friendly features make it exceptionally easy for anyone to take advantage of.

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