CommonLit: Reading Available to Every Student

CommonLit is a fantastic resource for teachers searching for free content to help supplement their core curriculums. With an immense collection of Common Core-themed reading materials, this website will help you to bridge the gap between avid readers and students who could be experiencing problem areas.

With a three-pronged approach, their products are widely available to students, teachers, and administrators alike.




The goal of this problem is to offer a collection of free materials that can help to bridge learning gaps for students who have experienced difficulty with enhancing their reading comprehension skills.

As one of the essential things to have in their tool belt, using this program can help you to provide your students with more college-ready skills. Also, it’s a widely compatible program that is available on desktop and mobile, as long as the devices are connected to the Internet.

There are three main products that they offer, each with their benefits. First, there are Interim Assessments, then Formative Insights, and finally, the free Digital Library. It’s time that your school had the necessary resources to implement a renowned literacy program that your students will love to take advantage of, especially since over 70,000 schools are currently improving with their help.

As an added benefit, these programs are straightforward to use, even if you’ve never had the chance to experience a supplementary literacy program in the past.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Once teachers have signed up for their free account, you can then browse through the collection of thousands of reading passages to find the perfect ones for your class. All of the materials are available in an assortment of literary and non-fiction genres, which gives you the ability to offer new and exciting assignments for your students every week.

Teachers also can assign specific questions to their students about the readings, which is a unique way to ensure your students are held accountable for their assignments.

Finding the perfect content is easy, too, because the website has a pristine layout that is simple to navigate. Teachers can choose to search by title, author, or keyword as well as visit the different themes and units that are available. A few examples of popular categories include short stories, science and technology, and famous female authors. All of the written passages are designed for students between fourth and 12th grade.

After your class has submitted their assignments, you’ll surely love the tracking feature included with a free account. You will easily be able to analyze each student’s performance to see which areas may be a broader struggle for specific participants, helping you create a more diverse learning environment. Another great feature of the tracked statistics is that you can compare class reports across the board.

For Students

Students will appreciate having all of their reading comprehension work in one convenient location, especially as CommonLit is accessible across various devices. Not only will they be able to work on their assignments in class, but they can also do so at home, with the added benefit of being able to track their progress.

You’ll find the passages are highly adaptable to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students, as the company recently added Spanish reading passages and questions.

Even parents can take advantage of the reading library to boost their child’s interest in reading, as there are several different categories to choose from. You can guarantee kids will prefer to read about subjects that interest them, rather than the primary passages that are typically included with a traditional curriculum.

Also, as teachers can track whether students are completing their assignments or not, the readers will feel like they are accomplishing their tasks at a pace that is best suited for them.


There are a few essential benefits to make a note of when it comes to choosing CommonLit over other literacy programs.

Teacher Training

If you’re an administrator who wants to make sure your team of teachers knows how to put this program to good use, there’s the ability to book training sessions for a supposed affordable cost. You will be able to have live and recorded virtual training sessions to get everyone involved and ensure that each participant understands the program thoroughly.

There are also district-wide data reports and rostering support that you will have access to with the paid version.

Variety of Materials

There’s no shortage of reading passages available through this program, whether you’re looking for something more modern or a more classic approach to reading. Teachers will be able to choose from news articles, short stories, poems, and many other types of text that are sure to engage readers at every level. You can also take advantage of downloading the document directly from the website without even having to sign up for an account.

Available Statistics

As mentioned, you can track the statistics of your students to see their performance throughout the semester or year. This information is invaluable for teachers who want to ensure all of their students are learning at an appropriate pace without difficulty.

A couple of examples of statistics that you can review include: overall performance snapshots, overall class average, literary average, and short answer scores.


At this time, this tool is entirely free, whether you opt to sign up for an account or not. Still, we recommend that you do so that you can gain access to their other features. If you intend to purchase the training package, you will need to book a call with a representative to get a quote based on your state and the number of trainees.

With that said, as the program is straightforward to use, there might not be a need for training as long as teachers find the platform is simple for them to understand and explain to their students.


CommonLit is an excellent option for teachers who have been searching for a reliable way to help students improve their reading comprehension. With an extensive collection of resources designed for students from grade four to grade 12, you can help everyone establish ideal reading skills that are required by most universities and colleges.

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