Compass Learning: Access to Prescriptive Education

Compass Learning is a fantastic resource to help teach essential subjects to students in an easy-to-understand format.

According to the company, students have shown a preference for learning in a more laid-back environment in a conversational style.

Using a Compass Learning login provides students with the ability to learn topics at their own pace.

By eliminating the pressure of standard teachings yet still adhering to the curriculum, it helps create a more thought-provoking experience.


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CL: Odyssey is currently available to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Instead of only offering supplemental education, teachers can also use it as a primary education resource.

Similar to most online educational programs, this program uses personalized learning as its key to success.

When learning paths are determined for each student, they will be provided with questions that meet their specific skill level.

There are plenty of courses available through this program, especially in terms of core curriculum courses.

Students will learn English Language Arts, History, Science, and plenty of elective courses.

Choosing to incorporate animated stories, animated characters, and casual conversations, students will have a more entertaining learning environment.

By engaging students’ creativity in this adaptive learning style, you’re bound to see a significant improvement in test scores and assignment grades.

Students can easily access the program since it is natively built for browsers.

However, there is also the ability to download the Puffin Academy app to access Odyssey via Android and iPad.

The interactive content on the platform is designed to access students’ interests to improve their engagement.

It will also assist with developing critical-thinking skills while navigating through the assignments and quizzes.

Many of the skills students will receive from this type of learning give them the essential foundation for further education.

They will learn how to actively learn either at-home or in-class, as well as build fundamental skills.

With the several types of courses available, students can quickly improve their writing, reading, and math skills.

Even though the approach to learning with Compass Learning seems novel, it aligns with state standards.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Before having your students complete their assignments, it’s highly recommended teachers take advantage of the ELA diagnostic.

With this feature, students need to complete an assignment to determine their current skill level.

Once completed, the program automatically adapts to provide students with individualized plans that meet their needs.

As your students work through their questions, teachers will be able to review each student’s metrics.

This information is essential since it tells you what specific areas of discussion students are struggling with currently.

Teachers also can customize the assessments for each of their students or the class as a whole.

If you want a more hands-on approach to how your class learns, take advantage of the customizable options.

Educators will add their instructional content, such as text, audio, or video, to pre-existing lessons.

You also have full control over the Odyssey material to add or eliminate certain elements.

All of your students’ scores will be digitally stored to review their progress throughout the year.

You can also easily communicate with parents and other administrators by sending timed reports.

With the Odyssey Community Forum’s help, teachers can connect with their students and entire classrooms via private messaging.

For Students

Students will especially love what their Compass Learning login offers, particularly if they’re visual learners.

Instead of being faced with traditional questions on paper, they can learn in a more engaging environment.

Also, since all of the lessons are personalized based on their skill level, finishing assignments will be easier.

This program is also renowned for its motivational capabilities.

The more motivational a student’s environment is, the more likely they’ll be to complete assignments on time.

Students are also able to keep track of their statistics by visiting the “Student Backpack” page.

On this page, they will communicate with their peers and teachers and receive personal progress reports.

As their personal progress reports become more positive, their attitude towards schoolwork and homework will become positive, as well.

This feature is essential for making sure students can hold themselves accountable and see their progress.

By staying up-to-date with their successes, students can make improvements to their approach to learning weekly.

Overall, it’s a convenient and easy-to-use solution to boost productivity in and out of the classroom.


Some of the key benefits you’ll get from this program are:

Parent Features

Parents will likely want to stay updated with their student’s achievements, so you’ll love the parent features.

When teachers assign parents personal passwords, they can log into Compass Learning’s portal and see their child’s performance.

Parents can also monitor the content through their child’s account, such as private messaging and contacting teachers.

Many Types of Reports

As a teacher, it’s crucial to stay on top of your students’ progress, where the reporting function comes in.

Over 30 different reports can generate per student or class, including time spent on activities or average grades.

You can even opt to print out the statistics to Microsoft Excel to analyze performance further offline.

Simple Communication

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get in touch with your students, this platform gives you that option.

Teachers can easily message their students and classes to assign specific tasks or quizzes.

They can also use this feature to contact parents to discuss their children’s studies’ progress.


The total cost of CL: Odyssey will depend on your district and school, with a few discounts to note.

The more licenses you have to purchase, the higher your discounts will be.

Discounts could also be available for signing up for multi-year contracts if you continue to use it over a long period.

Your best option to determine accurate pricing for your school is to request a quote through their website.


Students who have a Compass Learning login will be able to experience the exceptional benefits the program offers.

They’ll have access to customized learning plans in a fun and engaging way designed to further their learning with less pressure.

Even though the lessons are designed with a more conversational style, they also ensure students learn the appropriate curriculum.

It’s an essential resource for students, teachers, and parents alike, whether as primary or supplementary.

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