DreamBox: An Innovative Approach to Mathematics

DreamBox is an intuitive program designed to further students’ math skills.

As an online program with engaging and beneficial aspects, students’ math performance is sure to skyrocket after its use.

Ensuring every student receives the supplemental education they need with individualized lessons will be far more straightforward.

DreamBox for kids brings an assortment of benefits to the table, especially when helping students meet state standards.

Even teachers will be able to benefit significantly from how the program is structured.


dreambox for kids
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DreamBox is designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade Eight and will help them learn in-depth concepts in a fun way.

Mathematics can be a difficult subject for children, so offering it in a game format can be far more beneficial.

Children will think they’re playing a fun and exciting game meanwhile diversifying their knowledge on essential topics.

It also helps provide educators with many metrics to track the progress of their classes.

There are two ways that students can use the program, either by downloading it to their iPad or via a web browser.

If students have a school account, they can easily use it at home without purchasing an additional license.

All of the questions and assignments delivered through the program meet national and regional mathematics standards across North America.

You’ll find the curriculum sides with Common Core State Standards and Public Schools Standard of Learning.

It’s also in-line with the Ontario Curriculum used in Ontario, Canada, and the Western and Northern Common Curriculum Framework.

What makes this program for kids unique is that it doesn’t solely focus on the students’ answers and how they answer.

By analyzing how problems are solved, the program can make accurate predictions of your class’ expected math proficiency.

These metrics are also used to support current and future learning initiatives so teachers can develop comprehensive lesson plans.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

The most useful aspect of this platform for teachers is the number of analytics and metrics they’ll access.

You can easily keep track of your students’ performance since the program develops predictive insights for you.

All of the data is laid out in a brilliantly organized chart with ratings and graphic systems.

Teachers will also know which problem areas exist per class to develop more effective lesson plans.

You can even look at each student’s progress to see if certain individuals require extra support with specific topics.

By using all of the professionally organized information, you can alter your instructions as necessary.

District administrators will also benefit from the data provided by the program to analyze their district’s performance.

On the dashboard, you can look at grade and class comparisons to determine if there are gaps in learning.

You can also organize the information by students, classes, schools, or grades to know where any problem areas exist.

If you have multiple schools using the program, you’ll love the optimization feature.

With this feature, you can look at what schools use the program most and least to cut costs.

For Students

Students are bound to love it, especially since it is designed with fun in mind.

Instead of being faced with traditional assignments, they can play an assortment of games that teach them their recommended curriculum.

It also differs in how it assigns questions compared to other math-related games on the market.

Instead of having students complete a pre-assessment, this program uses on-the-spot data to assign questions.

As students work their way through the games, the program adapts to provide students with questions based on their performance.

This process helps make sure every student learns at their own pace to meet their grade requirements.

If students repeatedly struggle with the same question, there are motivational techniques available.

Eventually, they will be provided with hints to help them work through the problem on their own.

As they complete questions successfully, students will be awarded tokens, which is another great motivational technique.

The more tokens students earn, the more they can unlock extra games.

Another enormous advantage is that all of the games on the program are now available in Spanish and English.

Students will especially love the individualized learning plans that can help them enjoy learning math without exceedingly high expectations.


There are many things you’ll get the most out of Dreambox for kids, such as:

Customized Learning

Every student is different, whether in terms of learned knowledge or learning style.

With this platform, children can learn at their own pace and to grasp concepts in their way.

They’ll also be far more likely to be interested in math since it’s laid out in a game format, rather than typical questions and answers.

Tracked Performance

It can be essential for teachers to keep an eye on your students’ performance and classes.

With the ability to take advantage of this program’s performance statistics, you can easily customize your lesson plans.

You’ll know what topics are hardest for your students to understand and individual difficulties for students.

After a couple of weeks of use, you’ll develop a better learning environment for all of your students.

At-Home Functionality

If you don’t want to have your students playing a math game during in-class discussions, you can use the program anywhere.

This program can be accessed anywhere, as long as students have a computer or iPad and the internet.

Teachers can assign at-home tasks, such as completing certain levels of certain games for homework.

Fun and Engaging

Overall, everything that DreamBox brings to the table will be beneficial for students.

With fun mathematics-based games, kids will be far more likely to stay engaged in their studies.

After a couple of lessons, you’ll start to see they’ll be more interested in math over any other subject.


There are two main types of pricing for the program, either a home or student license.

However, if students have a student license, they don’t have to pay for a home license.

The individual pricing is as follows:

Home License

  • Single Student: $12.95/month or $59.95 bi-annually
  • Up to Four Students: $19.95/month or $99.95 bi-annually

School License

  • $20/student per year
  • $7000/school per year (comes with unlimited licenses)


DreamBox for kids is a great way to get your students more engaged with their learning.

By establishing a fun yet educational environment, students can learn at their own pace.

Each of the questions is also provided based on individualized learning statistics to ensure they’re at the right level.

DreamBox is a very user-friendly tool that educators, parents, and students will all be able to benefit from.

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