Edgenuity: A New Way of Learning

Edgenuity brings a new way of learning to the table, providing middle and high school students with the opportunity to take advantage of a blended environment with plenty of resources at their disposal. Depending on the schooling a student needs, this platform is handy for assisting students with getting the correct credits so that they can continue onto post-secondary education with ease.

The program is available to both in-school and homeschooled students, and you are sure to appreciate the benefits of this comprehensive license-based learning platform that brings the classroom into your home.



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One of the most important aspects of improving the quality of work that you can provide as a student is to remain accountable for your studies, which is what this program helps to offer. Not only will students be able to keep track of their progress along the way, but teachers can fully customize their lesson plans to adapt to their students’ ever-changing learning capabilities.

You’ll be able to take advantage of both supplementary and primary instruction, as well as offer students credit recovery so that they can continue to post-secondary schooling in the most comfortable environment possible.

By adhering to guidelines, this program is useful for students at all stages of life, whether they are struggling with in-class learning, are a student-athlete, or are interested in a dual credit program to earn both college and high school credits at the same time.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

What makes this unique is that it can be used by teachers who are already hired through the school. Teachers will have the ability to create lessons and interactive activities as well as assessments that their students will have to complete to be granted their credits for a specific subject.

You can remove or add features at your leisure to help boost your students’ productivity or to focus on a particular area of study that you have seen as a problem area for the entire class or specific individuals. By offering a more substantial helping hand for students, you will be able to adjust your content to ensure that your students are fairly graded based on their skill level, which is particularly essential for students with special needs.

Another advantage of Edgenuity is that it helps educators effectively communicate with parents online. You’ll find resources such as discussion boards, an email platform, and a chat where you can provide constant progress reports to keep parents apprised on their students’ success. You’ll also love how you can provide in-depth feedback about specific assignments and set alerts for students who may perform below-average in certain areas of study.

Overall, you’ll find the platform is highly customizable, but it is essential to note the restrictions and guidelines before you start creating your learning environment. For example, some post-secondary institutions require students who are using this tool to do so without any customizations; otherwise, their credits will be rendered invalid. The NCAA has been quite strict regarding these eligibility requirements, which means teachers will often have to submit their courses for pre-approval from the NCAA before they can be taught.

For Students

Students will likely benefit the most from the hands-on learning environment that this program provides, especially if they struggle in traditional school settings or have specific credit requirements. Of course, they will be able to focus on the core curriculum, which has an assortment of supplements and primary instructions.

There are also up to 200 individual high-school level courses that they can choose from. The core course offerings will focus on including history, math, science, and more, but there are phenomenal elective courses as well, such as digital arts and foreign languages.

As mentioned earlier, this platform allows students to remain apprised of their classroom performance so that they can help improve their learning and work towards achieving higher grades with or without teacher intervention. They will have access to highly detailed statistics every step of the way, including their completion percentages and a visual graph detailing their increasing or decreasing grades on tests and lessons.

Another advantage is that students will have several essential tools available online, such as interactive periodic tables, graphic calculators, and notepads. All of the typical in-class items that they would otherwise need to buy separately are already included.

One of the most outstanding features of this tool is that it is also designed for English Language Learners, allowing students to change the original English text to their native language so that they can easily navigate through lesson plans with minimal confusion.

With the opportunity to access the program through any Internet-connected device, students will be able to follow lectures, access interactive videos, and read through text for their assignments and graded tasks.


As you can likely tell, this is one of the most feature-packed online learning resources to put to good use. It’s not only a supplementary program but a full compulsory program for students. Some of the most notable benefits of the web-based platform include:

Meets Curriculum Standards

All of the content available through this program will adhere to the Common Core State Standards as well as the guidelines for the International Association for K-12 Online. You’ll find the assessments are in line with the Scantron Performance Series as well as the Northwest Evaluation Association’s MAP.

As mentioned earlier, the credits students earn can go towards the NCAA and the University of California and College Board’s Advancement Placement.

Regular Updates

Instead of developing a standalone program that remains stagnant for years and puts students at risk for learning outdated information, the platform is regularly updated twice a year to ensure it meets all of the current standards for students. This feature also means that there will be fresh and innovative tools, assignments, and assessment tools available for students and teachers to use to their advantage.

Multiple Learning Options

There is a variety of learning options open to students, the two most popular being MyPath and Dual Credit. With MyPath, students and teachers can work together in a more targeted fashion for focusing on subjects from grades six to 12 if they require additional help with specific areas of weakness. This program is highly recommended for students at any level.

Each user will have a specialized learning system, also known as an Individualized Learning Path, that pre-quizzes them before each lesson. By using this feature, students can avoid subjects they are already proficient with and target areas that might be of concern.

Dual Credit

There are a total of 13 dual credit courses that students can sign up for to get a jumpstart with their post-secondary schooling. With the assistance of SOPHIA, another online educational service, in these specific classes, students will receive both college and high school credits at the same time, and the credits are easily transferable to up to 2,000 post-secondary schools.


The most popular pricing structure of the program is the curriculum pricing, which is a cost assigned per student and will vary depending on the number of students per school. You might also find the price will change whether the school decides to use its own teachers or Edgenuity teachers. On average, you can expect the program to be anywhere from $350 to $1,200 per student.

If you want to train your teachers about the ins and outs of the program, you should consider the Professional Development Package, which includes on-site and online learning for training. Schools should be prepared to pay up to $2,500 per day per site for this type of training.


With an in-depth look at learning both in the classroom and online, Edgenuity is an excellent option for most students, whether they are excelling or struggling with certain subjects. Designed to be highly adaptable to any student, it’s a highly reliable resource to have.

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