Edmodo: A School-Based Social Network

Edmodo is the combination of everything you would expect from a social network designed from school.

As a relatively new concept, many school administrators find themselves asking, what is Edmodo?

By networking teachers, administrators, parents, and students together, it’s a thorough communication tool.


what is edmodo
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As mentioned, the simplest way to explain the platform is as a social networking tool for schools.

The designers are Nic Borg and Jeff O’Hara, who wanted to develop an easy-to-use platform similar to other popular social media platforms.

The central premise of the platform is to provide straightforward communication with the privacy expected from any school.

Users will be able to do various tasks, such as hosting discussions, sharing grades and assignments, and posting videos.

Apart from allowing students, teachers, and parents to stay in touch, it’s a practical lesson planning tool.

It’s a highly accessible platform with over 21 million registered users as of 2013.

With a simple user interface that even the least tech-savvy consumers can use to their advantage, it’s beautifully designed.

It also offers complete functionality across web browsers and smartphones, allowing students to connect from anywhere.

Fortunately, it has plenty of protective measures to ensure the privacy and security of staff, students, and families.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

One of the reasons teachers will love it is because it keeps their most important information in one place.

Teachers will be able to effectively communicate online to improve learning in and out of their classrooms.

With the easy-to-use features, teachers can reach out to their students for several reasons, especially relating to classroom support.

You can easily share digital assignments, create and share quizzes, and use many other essential learning tools.

By setting up your classes, you can create closed circles of users rather than sharing information among all of your students.

For example, you can create a group on the platform for every individual English class that you teach.

There’s also the ability to organize students by period or subject, depending on your personal preference.

Once you invite your students, they will have access to all of the things that you post on the discussion board.

Many of the features are very teacher-friendly, allowing you to create posts just like you would update your Facebook status.

For Students

Even though students have access to a ton of other social media types, the network allows them to have a separate form of communication.

With this platform’s help, they can stay updated with the latest happenings in their classes.

All they need is a unique code to grant them access to a specific group, and then they can have access to the online materials.

Students will love being able to have a direct communication line with their teachers for questions and concerns.

They can also interact with other students in their class for group activities, establishing study groups, and more.

Since teachers can create their discussions, students will find it’s substantially easier to participate in online conversations.

Another advantage of this social media platform is that students can quickly turn in their homework and assignments online.

They even can access the platform from home, allowing them to complete tasks outside of school.

With the help of the schedule feature, kids can make sure their progress is on-track for upcoming due dates.

By enabling alerts, kids will receive notifications when specific assignments are due and receive messages.

Overall, the general design of Edmodo is quite similar to most other social media platforms.

For Parents

At first, parents are likely to ask, what is Edmodo?

Edmodo’s useful features don’t stop in the classroom since parents can also take advantage of its versatile design.

You can monitor conversations between your children and their teachers as well as their submitted classwork.

If you want to stay apprised of your children’s achievements, look at their grade section.

Parents will have all of the resources necessary to hold their children accountable for completing assignments accurately and on-time.

There is also peace of mind knowing that privacy is of the utmost importance for this platform.

Parents will only be able to see their child’s progress and communications, rather than the whole class.


The most notable benefits of this platform are:

Convenient Communication

In the 21st century, teachers are always looking for new ways to stay in touch with parents and students.

Instead of giving your number to your class or having in-person meetings with parents, you can use social media.

With its easy to use and highly adaptable platform, any teacher can put it to good use to enhance their online communication.

It’s an invaluable tool to have when you connect with your class to complete their assignments on time.

You can also use it to your advantage to alert students of changes and their performance statistics when completing assignments.

Since it’s available via a web browser or mobile app, you can easily access the program from anywhere with an internet connection.

Streamlined Design

Instead of overloading students and teachers with an excessive number of features, the platform is streamlined.

You’ll quickly see the different features it offers on your profile’s homepage and the customizable features.

Teachers will easily be able to use the built-in tools to create assignments and tasks for their students.

It’s a highly intuitive program designed with the everyday user in mind.

Exceptional Privacy

Whether you want to protect your students’ identities or their grades, the program’s privacy is ideal.

Teachers will keep all of their classes separate on the platform for a more personalized approach.

Also, all information about individual students is only accessible by teachers, administrators, and parents.

For All Ages

Everyone can take advantage of the interface since it has such a basic design.

It’s highly recommended for middle and high schools, but it can also be beneficial for elementary schools.

Parents can rest assured their children will have access to a user-friendly and safe communication platform.


At this time, signing up for an account is entirely free.

Depending on the account you want to sign up for, you have to provide certain information.

For example, students will need a specific class or school code before creating an account.


If you’ve ever wondered what is Edmodo, it’s an innovative social media tool for school.

Providing teachers, parents, administrators, and students the ability to communicate with each other is ideal.

By staying apprised of students’ performance, everyone can work together to create the best learning environment possible.

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