Edthena: Offering Confident Teacher Development

Using an Edthena login can bring a substantial number of benefits to the classroom.

At the forefront of education, teachers are responsible for fostering a healthy learning environment.

With the ability to work on their professional development, students will get the attention and care they deserve.


edthena login
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This program is particularly notable because it focuses primarily on the skills and abilities of teachers.

Professional development and learning are a fluid arena that is continually evolving and changing.

Over time, as the needs of students change, as do the expectations of teachers.

Using this program, educators have the tools, advice, and skill-building features required to be the best teachers possible.

Teachers have the opportunity to deeply analyze their in-class performance to make small and significant improvements.

After their analysis, students are bound to benefit from the positive changes in their teaching.

You’ll find most people refer to this program as video coaching, which helps educators see their true potential.

By working towards empowering teachers, personal coaches refine any challenging areas of educating.

It’s a unique process that administrators will love to have available to boost their school’s rating and success.

Edthena Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

There are three main steps associated with this program: recording lessons, uploading the courses, and receiving feedback.

While in a classroom environment, teachers can record themselves using any video camera.

After the lesson is finished, the video is then securely uploaded onto the platform and shared in two ways.

Teachers can opt to share the lesson privately with a coach or share it publicly with other users.

Those who view the video can then leave tips, feedback, and commentary to encourage and motivate teachers.

All of the advice provided by users and coaches can help teachers refine their abilities.

On the back end, administrators and teachers have access to growth data to see any challenges and successes in teaching.

By diving deep into each individual’s progress, schools can ensure all educators are effectively prepared for in-class discussions.

Also, it’s a fantastic resource for determining where further training is required for specific individuals.

Another exciting feature available through the captured data is comparing teacher performance to district frameworks.

Every district has expectations for their educators, and by comparing individual statistics, schools can boost their teachers’ abilities.

The provided data is also essential for determining potential teaching trends per school to provide remediation, if necessary.

As the comments begin coming in per uploaded video, teachers can quickly analyze the text’s more profound meaning.

With the help of conversation-level trends, the system provides context behind comments to find the true meaning of tips.

Also, the conversations are essential for helping administrators and educators set and manage their goals.

Administrators can provide specific, actionable steps for teachers to complete.

Teachers can then mark individual comments as Commitments, which are components they will work on.

With the help of this program, educators have the opportunity to improve their teaching skills continually.

You can guarantee that after working towards professional development, students are bound to benefit greatly.

Teacher-student communications will be healthier, and learners will feel more prepared after their classes.

It also helps provide the confidence that teachers need to be exceptional educators.

edthena login


Highly Secure

One of the program’s top priorities is to ensure teachers protected when uploading their videos.

The top security features ensure that the videos are only accessible to users on the platform.

You’ll also find the program is FERPA compliant to protect the privacy of teachers and schools.

Mobile Options

If you’re not interested in accessing the program via a web browser, mobile options are available.

Users can download the app on Android and iOS devices to access all of the features in one place.

Teachers can record and upload videos on their phones and tablets and review comments from users.

Time Stamped Comments

One of the more useful features of this platform is time stamping, allowing teachers to place specific comments.

As you review your uploaded videos, any comments will be affixed to a specific part of the lesson.

You can then determine what specific comments refer to, such as teaching behaviors that need to be changed.

Review Previously Uploaded Content

Apart from uploading your content, there’s plenty of learning opportunities on the platform.

You can navigate through an excessive number of teaching lessons to learn essential tips and tricks for classroom discussions.

There are even recorded lessons from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Measures of Effective Teaching Project.

Access To Coaching

It’s not likely every teacher will want to put their teaching videos out for hundreds of thousands of people to comment on.

Fortunately, you can keep your lessons within a small circle by opting to share them only with their assigned coaches.

The accredited teaching coaches can then provide one-on-one advice for a more personalized experience.

Create Sharing Groups

Another exciting feature involved with sharing videos is the ability to create specific groups.

Administrators can make groups for specific subjects, schools, or districts.

After uploading their videos, teachers can then choose what group they want to share their videos with.

Changing the sharing settings is exceptionally simple because every video is first uploaded as private.

Each user then has control over their privacy settings to determine who can see the video.

User-Friendly Interface

There are plenty of user-friendly features available with an Edthena login, making it easy for anyone to use.

You can opt to upload videos manually or automatically.

The entire program is easily accessible for teachers who have yet to transition to the digital age.


It’s vital to get the most accurate pricing for your school and district by contacting their sales team.

Alternatively, there’s some speculation that access to a full license could cost up to $190 per year per school.

Depending on the number of licenses required, the total value could change.


With this platform, teachers can quickly diversify their skills and build foundational knowledge.

By receiving key tips and tricks from coaches and peers, students can learn in a better environment.

Schools and administrators can also effectively manage their employees’ training.

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