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Education City Math features powerful teaching technology for educators and better learning opportunities for students.

Educators will find it’s simpler to keep track of their student’s progress with Education City through its adaptive tools.

With actionable data and measurable outcomes, ensuring the success of your classes has never been simpler.

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Education City Math is one component of this diverse collection of curriculum-approved modules for students.

This platform is designed with the concept of providing schools with high-quality content for grades three through 12.

It focuses primarily on three areas of study: English, Math, and Science.

If you’ve been searching for a digital learning platform that easily assimilates with your classroom models, this is ideal.

It easily fits in with enhanced learning and teaching capabilities, providing teachers and students with ample support.

You’ll find several features specifically designed to assist with direct instruction as well as distance learning.

In each module, students can independently work through teacher-led screen activities or work on activities.

For direct instruction, educators can use pre-designed tests to appraise the retention of their students.

Distance learning is also supported, as the program provides students with all of the necessary tools for self-paced learning.

Teachers will also have access to many core support tools specifically designed to manage their classrooms better.

By the end of the year, you’ll notice a significant improvement in key skills both in school and at home.

Education City Math: How Does It Work?

There are several ways that teachers and students can put this program to good use, as we explore below.

For Teachers

Education City is a fantastic resource for teachers to have at their disposal for guiding one-on-one or self-paced learning.

After assigning specific modules to students, you can then refer to the tools on your teacher dashboard.

On the dashboard, you’ll find detailed assessments, actionable reporting, and core subject planning.

It’s likely one of the most versatile platforms that you can implement in your classroom as it transitions to the digital age.

Educators will select specific resources that are highly adaptable to your classroom to improve information delivery.

You’ll also be able to effectively plan classroom activities and assessments that are in line with your current curriculum.

Over time, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your classroom environment, culture, and collaboration.

One of the most impressive features of this platform is its assessment feature, which allows you to mark student’s progress.

You can opt to assign formative, summative, or unit assessments to analyze long and short-term mastery.

Apart from assessments, there are several other unique features you can use, including:

  • Learn Screens

At the beginning of a lesson, teachers are recommended to take advantage of Learn Screens.

These components help students understand the fundamentals of a topic before being brought into more in-depth aspects.

They are also a fantastic component to assign for independent study.

  • Topic Tools

You’ll love using Topic Tools to help bring new concepts to your classroom by using a whiteboard.

They’re one of the essential components for differentiated learning.

  • Activities

There are many activities teachers can use to their advantage to help keep students engaged.

Each activity is designed with bright and colorful images to capture the attention of learners.

You can also track your student’s activity while they work through the challenges per activity.

  • ThinkIts

One of the more unique concepts of this program is ThinkIts, which assist with critical thinking.

They’re teacher-led instructional components that establish higher-order thinking skills.

  • PlayLive

Implementing a little bit of competition in the classroom is a fantastic way to get students engaged.

With PlayLive, they will compete against their classmates by showing off their spelling and math skills.

They’re timed activities that will encourage your students to improve their retention.

For Students

You’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in student’s abilities with the help of this platform.

Not only will they have access to self-paced learning opportunities, but a healthier classroom environment as well.

All of the assessments and collaborative activities are bound to improve classroom participation and grades.

Also, the program provides essential intervention when students encounter a gap in their learning.

When they complete their activities and assessments, their scores will be analyzed and sent to their teacher.

Educators can then determine if there are challenging concepts that individuals or groups are struggling with.

Using this actionable data, teachers can develop more efficient lesson plans to reinforce key concepts.

If intervention is necessary, students who need the most help will get the assistance they need.

With more one-on-one attention, struggling students will reach the same level as their peers for future development.

If you’ve been finding it’s challenging to get your students engaged in their learning, this platform is helpful.

Using competitive tools, such as PlayLive, teachers can use Education City as a format for rewards.

If students win a competition or groups perform well, they can receive rewards such as pizza parties.

By implementing incentives in the classroom, you’ll find students are far more likely to take their studies seriously.

You’ll begin to notice a drastic shift in participation and accountability with their studies.

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Consistent Actionable Data

As an educator, one of the most important things you need is actionable data.

This program effortlessly tracks every student’s progress, providing you with up-to-date actionable information.

You can then use these metrics to apply different teaching skills or one-on-one counseling with specific students.

By focusing on learners who need the most help, you can encourage them to build confidence.

Also, you’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in their grades.

Automated Marking

It’s always beneficial to be able to streamline everyday teacher duties, such as marking.

By assigning tasks through this platform, the intuitive engine automatically marks student’s answers.

They will then be given instant feedback so they know what areas require remediation.

Student progression will be more streamlined, and teachers can save time on everyday tasks.


The cost for this platform will depend on the number of students in each classroom. You’ll find the starting price is approximately $555 per class.


With Education City, students can better understand key concepts with the adaptive learning engine’s help.

It focuses on the core subjects in their studies to help reinforce higher-order thinking skills with intuitive features.

Teachers will also have the ability to save more time on their everyday teaching responsibilities.

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