Educreations: Teaching Anything from Anywhere

An Educreations login gives you the ability to teach an assortment of things from anywhere in the world.

This innovative video-based platform helps make the process of creating pre-recorded videos significantly easier.

You’ll also begin to notice a significant positive shift in your students’ receptiveness.

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When you have an Educreations login, you have access to an impressive number of features for creating video lectures.

It’s one of the most valuable resources for educators who work with blended classrooms and distance students.

When you create and upload a video, you can then share it with your entire class for them to review.

Explaining in-depth and challenging concepts will be significantly easier.

It also improves the quality of self-paced learning both in and out of the classroom.

With this program, you’ll have access to an assortment of features that make it easier to capture and share ideas.

Instead of live streaming, this platform is essential for giving students and other teachers resources to review.

Once a video is uploaded, it can be watched as many times as needed until the core concepts are understood.

It also enables instant sharing, so you can send the videos directly to your audience and post them on social media.

With this platform’s implementation, you’ll quickly realize that it’s made to accommodate digital classrooms.

Every concept and tutorial you share is hosted in a safe environment with top-tier security controls.

You can also encourage students to show their creativity by helping them create their tutorials.

Educreations Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Learning how this platform works is straightforward, making it a useful tool for teachers of any grade.

You’ll have to follow four necessary steps to create and upload your videos for your class to see.

  • Capture Ideas

The first step of the process is to capture the ideas you want to put forward with your tutorial.

You can share your tablet’s screen and record your voice simultaneously while creating visual guides for your classes.

The dynamic videos you create will make it substantially more comfortable for your students to understand more challenging concepts.

  • Add Supporting Content

Once you have the basic layout for your tutorial or lecture created, you can then add additional content for extra support.

For example, you can upload supporting documents and pictures from Google Drive, Dropbox, or photo libraries.

Adding web pages can also be fantastic as extra documentation to help students guide themselves through their tutorials.

  • Share Instantly

There are plenty of options available when sharing the tutorials you’ve created.

You can instantly share your creations through the Educreations platform to other users.

You can also send videos via email to colleagues, students, and parents.

Alternatively, you can share your content across social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

You will want to consider saving each tutorial that you create to ensure you can use it with your other classes if desired.

Another interesting concept of this platform is that it helps make saving content simpler with Cloud Sync.

Once you’ve finished a project, it’s automatically saved to your account and can instantly be viewed.

You’ll have full control over the sharing features, whether you want to keep specific private or public tutorials.

For Students

Students will love this platform’s idea because it helps make traditional learning more straightforward.

Hands-on learners will find it’s elementary to grasp challenging aspects with a more creative teaching approach.

This point is especially true if you teach distance education and enhance your lessons’ quality.

With access to innovative tutorials, students have access to self-paced learning.

They will quickly review every video multiple times to understand difficult concepts thoroughly.

They can also refer to the videos when preparing for a test to ensure they have all of their essential fundamentals.

You are bound to see a significant improvement in student retention and participation with video lessons.

The program will effectively engage your classes by implementing visual and creative elements to your lesson plans.

The more engaged your students are, the easier it will be for them to grasp each curriculum component.

One of the more unique aspects of this platform is that it allows you to give your students creative control.

Instead of sharing teacher-made content, you can have your students create independent tutorials.

This platform can also be highly beneficial for group projects, as peers can collaborate to create engaging presentations.

By putting the teaching tools in your students’ hands, they can improve their presentation skills.

It also helps to streamline the presentation process by offering the most important tools in one place.

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Interactive Tools

When transitioning to a digital classroom, you need to make sure you have interactive tools available.

You have everything necessary for useful whiteboard and screencasting presentations with this platform.

Teachers and students can quickly annotate, narrate, and animate their added content.

Easily Share Content

Sharing content with coworkers and other educators is effortless with the number of shareable features in this program.

You can save time constructing lesson plans by sharing your content with other teachers.

You can also gain valuable insights from other educator’s presentations to get inspiration for your content.

Improving Self-Paced Learning

It’s important to give students the ability to learn at their own pace to improve their mastery chances.

As they work on your presentation concepts, students can enhance their skills at a comfortable pace.

This process ensures that they learn how to control their learning and improve their accountability.


There are three packages available for you to consider, depending on the features you’re interested in, namely:

Basic ($0/year)

  • Create and join classes
  • Record and share lessons
  • Basic whiteboard tools
  • Single-draft saving
  • 50MB of storage
  • Email support

Pro Classroom: One Teacher and 40+ Students ($99/year)

  • Video exporting
  • Advanced whiteboard tools
  • Importing docs, maps, and more
  • Unlimited drafts
  • 5GB of storage
  • Priority email support

Pro School: Unlimited Upgrades ($1495/year)

  • Pro accounts for all students and teachers
  • Teacher and student management
  • School-wide feature configuration
  • Centralized billing
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Dedicated support specialist


With Educreations, you can transform your classroom into a digital-friendly environment.

All of the built-in tools adds an innovative and creative spin to traditional lesson plans.

Teachers can ensure their students quickly grasp essential concepts using uniquely designed tutorials.

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