Edulastic to Help You Assess and Reinforce Learning Easily

With Edulastic, teachers and students can assess and reinforce learning.

This platform features enhanced technology to assist with classroom or distance learning.

It offers plenty of features, ranging from formative to curriculum-aligned assessments.


edulastic for students

Edulastic offers 10,000 free pre-designed assessments for teachers and students across several subjects.

You’ll find math, science, social studies, and ELA assignments available for your classes.

Within each subject, there are more diverse categories, such as geometry, PARCC test prep, and particle motion and temperature.

This program takes learning to the next level instead of supporting only in-class learning.

Students will be able to use the platform from home as well, helping reinforce their studies.

Each of the provided lessons is self-paced, allowing students to work at their own pace.

You’ll find the assignments combine various types of media, rather than text-only tasks.

Students can browse through articles, videos, and links to other sources for more information.

This method of learning helps improve student engagement by making assignments more interesting.

One of the primary features of the program is to allow students to learn at their own pace.

As users begin to complete assignments, the program will help evaluate their skill level.

Once evaluated, students will be provided personalized data-driven assignments based on their readiness.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will love the fact that they can provide instant feedback, whether at school or at home.

You’ll also find that all of the assignments are directly in line with state tests, ensuring standards are met.

The tracking tools implemented in the program are also essential to consider.

You’ll see the progress of all of your students, helping you develop more comprehensive lesson plans.

With the program’s help, you can help fill any prevalent learning gaps to ensure your classes are highly knowledgable.

Teachers can also look at their students’ achievements over time, comparing current statistics to past metrics.

There are many real-time features, but the most notable is the auto-scoring.

Instead of having to grade assignments manually, teachers can allow the platform to do grading for them.

By opting for this process, you’ll find data will be accumulated and analyzed substantially faster.

You can then download all of the grades to your grade book.

Fortunately, there’s also a free question bank that you can use to develop your assignments.

Teachers who prefer a more customizable approach can easily create quizzes and homework using the question bank.

Alternatively, you can create your questions and plug them into the digital platform, or use both.

There are over 30 different question types, a built-in authoring tool, and the ability to share questions with colleagues.

If you’re in a school with two teachers working on the same subject, you can easily share and collaborate with colleagues.

You’ll find this function will make it easier to create balanced assessments for every class.

For Students

Edulastic presents many of the same features students would have in a classroom experience.

Even when it comes to showing their work, there are online features for them to use.

They’ll love the built-in ScratchPad, which lets them work with freehand drawing, text annotations, and adding lines, shapes, and arrows.

You’ll also find that with the integration of digital learning, students can quickly complete their assignments from home.

It’s a far more natural way to manage homework instead of providing physical copies of assignments.

It also allows students to work at their own pace and in an environment most comfortable to them.

By far, the customizable lesson plans are bound to benefit the students more than anyone.

Learners will be able to receive assignments at their comprehension level to help them meet state standards.

This learning experience can help students feel more comfortable with diversifying their skill set at a relaxed pace.


Over 10 million users are enjoying this platform’s number of benefits, such as:

Seamless Integration

This program is phenomenal for teachers who already use other types of technology for their classes.

You’ll easily be able to integrate the program to Clever, Microsoft 365, Google, and more.

By implementing your existing programs and Edulastic for students, you can share assignments and push grades back to your grade book.

Online Training

For your students to get the most from their studies, teachers will need to learn how to use it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to try to learn the platform yourself since there are plenty of online training options.

Teachers can go through videos, articles, and self-paced instructional tools to learn the program’s ins and outs.

Tracking Features

Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, you’ll have access to plenty of tracking features.

You’ll see students’ individual progress, an entire district’s development, or specific classes.

With these features, you can ensure all of your students are getting the attention they need with difficult subjects.

Also, administrators can see whether their teachers are taking advantage of the platform as they should be.

Anti-Cheating Features

As an added benefit, you won’t have to worry about your students getting away with cheating on their assignments.

If you opt for the premium subscription, you’ll be able to access anti-cheat software to ensure that each student’s answers are genuine.


There are three types of accounts that you can have with this program, depending on your needs, including:


The basic Teacher account is entirely free, and you can get started using the program today.

Several of the other features you’ll receive with this account include:

  • Virtual lesson builder
  • Co-teacher access
  • Google Classroom sync
  • Auto-grading
  • 50+ enhanced items
  • 38,000+ questions from the question bank
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Unlimited student accounts

Teacher (Premium)

With the Premium account for teachers, you’ll have to pay $100/year, which is significantly less expensive than other platforms.

You’ll not only receive all of the basic Teacher account features but the following, as well:

  • In-depth reports and data
  • Practice-only settings
  • Parent portal
  • Rubric scoring
  • Team collaboration
  • Anti-cheating software
  • Flexible groups for students
  • State-specific tests
  • Playlists for assessments
  • Read Aloud feature

Districts and Schools

Depending on your needs, this account might not be necessary, but highly recommended.

The pricing for this account is custom, and you’ll have to contact their sales team for more information.

With the Districts and Schools account, you’ll have access to:

  • Teacher Premium accounts for all teachers
  • Custom professional development
  • SIS and LMS integration
  • Benchmark and common assessments
  • Leadership reports
  • District-wide data
  • Secure grade book exporting
  • Smooth transition from legacy systems
  • State test results importing
  • High-quality item banks


Schools that choose Edulastic for students are bound to see an improvement in grades.

By offering students technologically-enhanced questions, they can excel in learning in an engaging environment.

With an assortment of subjects and fantastic ready-to-use questions, it’s a tremendous teaching resource.

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