eHallpass: Ensuring Safety With a Click

Managing a more secure learning environment is simple with an eHallpass login. eHallpass is a unique platform that provides administrators with all of the security features they’d expect from in-person personnel.

You’ll be able to build significant security benefits, implement anti-vaping restrictions, and manage classrooms in the entire building.

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With eHallpass, you’ll have access to four significant benefits to bring into your school.

Administrators can access social distancing support, security support, classroom management, and anti-vaping protection.

Each concept is essential for fostering a safer and more aware place for students to be for most of their day.

Social Distancing Support

Managing schools during a pandemic is something that requires unique tools for an unforgettable experience.

The social distancing support in this platform helps encourage specific protocols while maintaining essential safeguards.

You’ll have access to several benefits, including:

  • Contactless Hall Passes: With hall passes, students can show they’re supposed to be in specific areas without spreading germs.
  • Contact Tracing: As one of the most critical concepts of preventing infection, administrators can report who was where at the same time as ill students.
  • Volume Limits: With volume limits, schools can set specific amounts of people to be in certain locations at certain times.
  • Location Control: It’s easier to limit the number of passes available for every location in your school to keep students safe.
  • Deep Cleaning: Using this feature, you can keep track of how many students are in specific areas so you can effectively manage sanitization scheduling.

Security Benefits

Another substantial component of eHallpass is its security benefits, which provide real-time transparent data.

By using the actionable information in this component, you can determine which areas require the most attention.

You’ll find the following security benefits with this program:

  • Live Dashboard: Have access to all of the most important data for administrators and teachers readily available in real-time.
  • Incident Response: Educators can have real-time hall pass data on their devices to deescalate specific situations.
  • Hall Pass Use: Teachers can quickly see which students have hall passes and which don’t without having to ask.

Classroom Management

Along with maintaining adequate security for your school, it’s also essential teachers have access to classroom management.

There are several key components to this module, as we’ll explore in further detail below.

Educators will assign hall passes, use actionable data for better control, and manage hall pass abusers easily.

Anti-Vaping Benefits

Schools are facing another pandemic, the use of vaping devices.

With this program’s help, you can ensure students don’t have the opportunity to vape in bathrooms, hidden corridors, and courtyards.

You’ll be able to quickly block students from common meeting areas to prevent engaging in maladaptive behaviors.

eHallpass Login: How Does It Work?

Let’s explore all of the unique elements students and teachers will experience with this platform.

For Teachers

Teachers will experience most of this program’s upfront benefits, especially when it comes to managing schools.

One of the most important things we’ll explore is the classroom management tools built into this digital platform.

With eHallpass, you’ll be able to access:

  • Unique Data

One of the essential concepts of managing your classroom is to have actionable data.

You’ll need clear evidence of your student’s whereabouts to ensure they’re getting an adequate education.

With your teacher dashboard, you’ll have access to actionable data on an intuitive interface.

  • Limiting Hall Pass Abuse

Hall passes can be very convenient, but they are also easy for students to take advantage of.

With the ability to limit hall pass abuse, you can ensure students are in their classrooms when they’re supposed to be.

You’ll also be able to ensure they’re not purposely taking their time to run quick errands, such as going to the office.

  • Hands-Free Use

Hands-free tools are essential for schools, especially during the pandemic.

Students can be permitted to leave the classroom with a simple wave or head nod with hands-free hall passes.

There won’t be any need to exchange papers or badges that need to be disinfected between uses.

  • Establishing Fairness

If your students have complained about some peers getting more hall pass privilege than others, you’ll have data to rely on.

Since hall passes are approved, they are also cataloged, providing you with data about pass approval.

You can then review the information to ensure you’re fairly and consistently distributing passes to each student.

For Students

One of the most significant benefits of this platform for students is the anti-vaping benefits.

Instead of being in situations where peer pressure is too challenging to say no to, they can avoid the temptation of vaping in school.

Administrators can stop vaping in hidden areas of the school by preventing students from accessing meeting locations.

Students can also be prevented from meeting up with groups during class time if they’re awarded a hall pass.

This process is essential to ensure they’re spending most of their time in the classroom rather than wandering the halls.

Another interesting component of this platform is the ability to provide passes in advance.

For example, if a student has a scheduled meeting with their teachers, they can receive auto-passes.

There will be a notification sent to their device before the scheduled appointment to remind them of the meeting.

They can then ensure they are on time for their scheduled appointments.



The most notable great features of this platform are the following:

Data Security

Considering this app pertains to location services, maintaining the safety of your students and teachers is ideal.

eHallpass is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, ensuring all trackable information is kept safe.

Also, the app has received FERPA compliance for student transparency and protection.

Enhanced Freedom

One of the largest concerns with hall passes is that assigning them can be a lengthy process.

Instead of taking time to allow students to leave, teachers can do so with or without a device.

Even educators will be able to monitor hall pass use without having to ask students.


By signing up for the pilot program, schools can test this platform for free for 60 days.

After their trial has concluded, it costs two dollars per user per year, with volume discounts for schools and districts.


By implementing eHallpass, schools can retain control over their institutions by establishing healthy meeting patterns.

Providing an eHallpass login to educators and students ensures they’re in the right place at the right time during the school day.

It’s also an essential platform to maintain your school’s general security by managing student access to specific areas.

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