Ellevation Program for English Learners

Ellevation is a platform for English language learner levels across the board.

By offering differentiated learning opportunities, students can get the help they need in school.

There are plenty of unique features built into this comprehensive platform for any classroom environment.

Ellevation Overview

english language learner levels
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This program is unique because it not only offers tracking solutions but assignments, as well.

Schools will be able to work towards empowering their English learners while teaching them core concepts.

Whether you have an in-class or distance teaching environment, you can put the program to fair use.

Students can receive top-tier instructional planning to help them work through multilingual programs.

There are over 80 different classroom activities that you can use as standalone teaching resources.

Alternatively, you can add the activities to your existing lessons to help create more well-rounded lesson plans.

Accessing English learning has never been simpler than with the help of a program like this.

English learning students will feel far more engaged in their classroom activities, and their educational growth can be tracked.

Educators will be able to see what concepts require extra attention per student or in the class as a whole.

It also focuses on scaffolded teaching, which is essential for students at different levels.

As your students work through their assignments, the program provides questions based on their skill level.

This feature ensures that each individual is working at their pace for the best possible development.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

There’s plenty of features that teachers will be able to take advantage of with this program, including:

  • EL Management

Working with the English learners in your class has never been simpler than with this user-friendly platform.

Teachers will have access to essential data monitoring that helps support the learning processes of students.

As your classes complete their assignments, you can review the aggregated data based on their performance.

Using this data, you can determine which areas require greater focus for better understanding.

It can also help you determine if specific students require special attention to particular topics.

Each student will be assigned and an individual profile that helps make data tracking simpler.

  • Streamlined Instructional Decisions

Another benefit of having access to student data is to ensure they’re placed in the appropriate classes.

You can make top-tier decisions regarding program placement, accommodations, and services for your students.

Each of your decisions will meet state standards and ensure your students are getting the learning environment they need for success.

  • Ample Instructional Activities

Once you have been granted access to the platform, the number of instructional activities is outstanding.

Educators will be able to browse through an entire catalog of pre-made activities that can also be customized.

You can sort through the available modules by grade, language, subject, and other specifics.

You can then review the specific topics covered by each activity to make sure they align with your state’s standards.

  • High-Quality Resources

Renowned professionals have developed every piece of educational material you find on this platform.

Not only will the content meet state standards, but your criteria, as well.

To help boost the quality of your instruction, you’ll love the downloadable resources and demonstration videos.

For Students

  • Differentiated Learning

Every student has individual needs when it comes to their education.

With differentiated learning, every person gets the attention they need based on their current skill level.

Educators can customize differentiation per student to make sure English learners get best-scaffolded assignments.

For example, students can receive assignments that offer little support, moderate support, or high support.

Each of the assignments will have different ways to help students complete their tasks.

High support, for example, allows students to complete primary assignments collaboratively.

  • Enhancing Accountability

Keeping students accountable for their schoolwork is essential, whether at-home or in-class.

With all of the data that teachers have available, they can ensure their students appropriately complete assignments.

Teachers can also easily share performance data with parents to ensure they continue their education at home.

  • User-Friendly Design

Students are now accustomed to the digital age of learning, which makes this platform simpler to use.

However, all of the modules are also designed to be easy to use for students at every level.

There are several interactive and intuitive features designed to keep learners engaged and entertained.

Compared to traditional paper-based assignments, you’ll find your students are far more likely to be interested in digital projects.

english language learner levels


Assortment of Activities

Instead of offering two or three activities for different subjects, this program has many tasks.

Several examples of the activities include:

  • Double Vision Video

Students will consume information through high-quality videos that are maximized for language learning.

  • Snippet

With this feature, students will read through short passages and make predictions based on the content.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic learning resource since they are more engaging.

With this feature, students will listen to powerful podcasts and respond to questions to boost listening comprehension.

  • Writing Windows

When presented with an image, students will brainstorm phrases and words to describe the said image.

  • Triangle, Circle, Square

A review is equally as crucial as assignments, where Triangle, Circle, Square becomes useful.

After finishing an assessment, students will be asked to reflect on the activity.

They will need to share three of the essential points they learned as well as any confusing areas.

  • Worldwide News

In this segment, students will look at two news articles from different sources.

They will need to analyze the perspective of each piece and provide evidence to support their analyses.

  • Monologues

With this activity, students can share interesting facts about themselves to feel more engaged.

There are plenty of emotions that kids go through at every stage, which is where this segment is useful.

By sharing, they can build their language skills and a community with their classmates.

  • Informed Teaching

Another considerable benefit of Ellevation for English language learner levels is its approach to teaching.

Educators will have all of the most critical data to ensure their classes get the attention they need.

It also makes sure that teachers use quality data to manage individual student performance daily.


The specific pricing structure for the program changes from school to school.

It will mostly depend on the number of EL students in your district or each site that requires the program.

It’s best if you contact their sales team to get a personalized quote at sales@ellevationeducation.com.

English Language Learner Levels Program

With this program, you can create a great learning ecosystem for English language learners.

To help boost their verbal, writing, and reading skills, the scaffolded learning process is ideal.

With its help, you can make sure every student gets the one-on-one attention they require.

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