ESL BrainPOP for Engaging and Entertaining Learning

ESL BrainPOP is a diversified resource for all students, whether ESL or native English speakers.

With features like the BrainPOP Scientific Method, students can quickly grasp essential educational concepts.

It’s developed to provide engaging and entertaining content while establishing fundamental skills and mastery.

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There are three main components to BrainPOP: discovering, playing, and creating.

The entire platform is designed to provide an enriched experience when exploring fundamental educational components.

Students can work across their entire curriculum with an assortment of tools and resources to help along the way.

Not only does it feature a kid-friendly interface, but it also helps open learner’s minds. You’ll find students will be more receptive to teaching methods while educators have a higher capacity to teach.

There are several unique items included in the three-stage formula, including:


With creation, students can generate a concept, plan how to create it, and produce high-quality content.

These features can be applied to any topic in their curriculum, providing a more hands-on learning approach.

The three components of creation include:

  • Make-a-Movie

With Make-a-Movie, learners can create digital content with the help of text, animations, and images.

Students will pair digital media to tell a story about their module in the platform’s library, explaining challenging concepts.

By taking a more creative approach, understanding the fundamentals of the subject will be simpler.

  • Make-a-Map

Another option is Make-a-Map, which is an intuitive tool to help students make connections between core concepts.

Using the movie they had previously created, they can take clips, use keywords, and access images to develop their connections.

Creative Coding

To further enhance their digital learning abilities, Creative Coding assist with text and block-based coding.

As one of the more modern components of core curriculums, students can better grasp coding languages.


The features built into the play component are likely to be the most-used items in the platform.

With these products, students can learn core concepts through games, quizzes, and other interactive activities.

They will then be expected to analyze and evaluate each concept, applying it to further their education.


Learning games are essential for engaging learning, which is where GameUp becomes useful.

You’ll find an assortment of educational-based games paired with built-in support and resources to help students learn.

Primary Source

Students can examine and understand content through Primary Source. They will have access to artifacts and related activities designed to help them examine, interpret, and analyze content.


The Challenge component is essential for motivating students to better their skills over time.

You’ll find this module is similar to traditional test-taking, as it challenges students’ learned knowledge.

Quiz and Quiz Maker

If you want to take a more traditional approach to assessments, this component is highly recommended.

Students will have access to interactive quizzes designed to work on higher-order thinking skills.

Teachers can use the Quiz Maker to create personalized assessments to target specific skills and content.


As the last component of the program, students can discover and learn new information.

There will be a collection of explanations, images, and animations to assist with remembering fundamental skills.

The three components of this module include:

  • Movies

With Movies, students can review engaging animations and shorts branching across an assortment of topics. It’s a great way to bring their curriculum to life.

  • Related Reading

This facet will align with whatever students are learning at the present moment, assisting with supporting key strategies.

They’ll have access to informational texts of high-interest to keep them engaged in learning.

  • Belly Up

Instead of using movies, students can also access Belly Up, which has intuitively-designed comic strips.

Each of the comics is designed to align with BrainPOP Jr.’s topics.

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BrainPOP Scientific Method: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

BrainPOP ESL is a fantastic resource for educators to get their hands on for several reasons.

They will assign academic grammar concepts, reading and writing assignments, and educational content to learners.

Each module automatically adapts to the student’s understanding of English, ensuring they’re improving their proficiency.

The intuitive lesson plans are specifically tailored for each lesson, ensuring students learn useful information.

Each concept is also aligned with Common Core Standards while providing fun activities for them to enjoy.

You can guarantee that by the conclusion of their studies, students will have a diversified understanding of language functions.

For your benefit, you’ll have access to several exclusive tips and tricks to implement the program in the classroom better.

If you’re new to digital learning platforms, this feature is essential to ensure you can implement it effectively.

You’ll have access to graphic organizers, printable handouts and activities, as well as extensive vocabulary word lists.

Teachers can provide letter practice, language practice, vocabulary graphic organizers, and more with every lesson.

It’s a fantastic resource to ensure ELLs have access to high-quality content to improve their English skills.

Also, all of the worksheets are specifically designed to provide sequencing skills for further language proficiency.


Let’s explore all of the benefits teachers can expect from this platform.

Cross Product Content

If you’re a fan of the BrainPOP engine as a whole, you’ll appreciate how the ELL component is in line with other products.

You can easily apply all concepts of the program since they have similar thematic content.

For example, BrainPOP Espanol, GameUp, BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Jr, and standard BrainPOP are all connected.

This benefit is by far the best for teachers creating a diversified education for their entire classroom.

You can ensure every student has challenging activities based on their proficiency level.

Highly Adaptable

Compared to other learning programs, this platform is renowned for its versatility and adaptability.

It’s designed for all grades, rather than being recommended for younger or older learners.

The highly engaging content is bound to reel in all of your students, encouraging them to build fundamental skills.

Professional Development Opportunities

Along with the BrainPOP Scientific Method, teachers can benefit significantly from professional development features.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of features and tools, as well as in-person or online workshops with a personal coach.

When you’ve finished PD courses, you’ll receive a certification noting that you know how to apply the program effectively.

Also, there’s a collection of webinars and workshops for you to use the program better in blended learning environments.


There are several pricing options for this platform, depending on the content you want to access.

The tiered list is as follows:

  • BrainPOP ELL: $150.00
  • BrainPOP Espanol and Francais: $79.00
  • Standard BrainPOP: $129.00
  • BrainPOP Jr.: $119.00

Alternatively, you can opt to receive both BrainPOP Jr. and the standard package for $159.00 combined.


Implementing BrainPOP is simple with the diversified lessons and activities the platform provides.

If you’ve been looking for a blended learning platform for all students, this is one of the top choices to consider.

With a digital media collection, interactive activities, and printable assessments, ESL BrainPOP is ideal for English language learners.

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