eSpark: Beneficial Digital Learning

The digital activities from eSpark are bound to encourage students to boost their motivation and knowledge.

By combining several different types of activities, they will have an engaging environment for learning.

If you’re wondering, what is eSpark, it’s one of the most valuable resources that you can bring to the classroom.


what is espark
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All of the activities available through this program are specifically designed to entice students and educate them simultaneously.

Instead of merely offering games, you’ll also find videos and other digital activities catered to meet core standards.

Also, students can learn and succeed at their own pace based on their skill level.

This program focuses primarily on ELA and math subjects for students from kindergarten to grade five.

By leading students through a series of activities, the program can determine their skill level.

Once this is established, it will provide teachers with the information they need to assign tasks correctly.

After they complete the placement test, students will have access to plenty of activities and direct instructions.

It’s a novel approach to in-class learning since it transforms the experience of reading textbooks into an easily adaptable digital environment.

Another fantastic feature of this program is that it’s accessible anywhere, as long as students have devices.

They can easily use tablets or computers to work in-class or on their own time, making distance learning ideal.

There are plenty of other features built into the platform, such as connectivity tools for teachers and students.

Using the mood check-in feature, teachers can get an idea of how their students feel with specific tasks.

You can also use video recordings to allow students and teachers to communicate as if they are in school.

The central premise of this program is to take learning to the next level by focusing primarily on student performance.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers are bound to see a significant increase in participation and success with their classes because students are held accountable.

With the incorporation of data sets and alerts, teachers can stay up to date with their students’ progress.

You can also view metrics from your entire class to get a general idea of whether every student is struggling.

By using weekly activity reports, you can review specific areas that might be challenging for students.

You can also keep an eye on mastery, determining which areas your students excel the most with math and reading.

Teachers will especially like one-on-one interventions, allowing you to take a more personalized approach.

There are over 10,500 activities that you can assign to your students to keep them entertained and engaged.

By always having a new activity for them to do, you’ll help boost their interest in learning.

Also, a more personalized approach to learning helps foster a positive environment of confidence and growth.

For Students

There’s nothing kids love more than being able to play games and learn at the same time.

Fortunately, all the activities on this platform are accurately aligned to meet state standards.

Although they will feel like they’re playing a fun game, they will also be learning about core concepts.

By adding this platform to your traditional lesson plan, you can help students engage in schoolwork outside of school.

They will be far more likely to play their games at home, which makes it a fantastic homework option.

Also, there is the enabling of communication between students and their teachers since you can easily video chat through the platform.

Students can take advantage of this platform and learn at their own pace, allowing them to make the most of their lessons.

By completing individually assigned tasks that meet their skill level, they can grasp challenging concepts easier.

The platform adapts to different learning styles, which is ideal for a thorough approach to teaching all students.


Device Compatibility

Some of the digital platforms on the market tend to require students to own specific devices.

On the other hand, this program works on an assortment of devices either in the classroom or at home.

As long as teachers set up the at-home accounts for their students, they can use Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and desktops.

This benefit is vital for schools to take note of, as well. Not only will you be able to transition to a more paperless environment, but you will also likely won’t have to invest in extra equipment.

Teacher Dashboard

Keeping track of your student’s progress is of the utmost importance when using programs like this.

With the teacher dashboard’s help, you can track group and individual progress while students complete assignments.

Using this information can help you to develop more personalized lesson plans to target challenging topics.

Teachers also receive weekly progress reports to note any successes and failures experienced the previous week.

You’ll also receive different suggestions to help boost engagement and develop a more efficient learning environment.

As you begin to use the program, you’ll notice it helps teachers along the way.

Platform Integration

eSpark is highly compatible with a couple of the most used digital platforms in schools.

You can easily integrate Clever and Google accounts so that students can log in from any device.

It also helps to transition your school to a more digital learning environment, which has proven successful with younger students.

Ample Training Resources

Teachers and parents need to know how to use the program before students.

By taking advantage of the many training resources available from the developer, you can learn the program’s ins and outs.

The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it will be to begin using it in your classroom.


The cost of using this platform at your school will vary, as the rates change yearly.

At this time, individual teachers cannot sign up for an account for their class only.

District administrators will need to purchase a plan, and it must be used for a minimum of 50 students.

You can opt to receive a free trial to give your teachers the chance to try the platform before purchasing.

Also, you can choose to receive a free quote for your district.


If you’re wondering, what is eSpark, it’s a valuable resource that can help transform student’s learning.

Using eSpark, students can be a part of a healthier environment where they can learn at their own pace.

By combining core standards for reading and math as well as games, it offers plenty of benefits.

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