First In Math: Learning Math Easily

With a First In Math login, you can offer students a convenient way to learn math.

By enhancing their necessary math skills, they’ll find that this challenging subject is far more engaging.

Not only is it a useful option for classroom instruction, but it’s also recommended for distance learners.

First In Math Login Overview

first in math login

It can be a huge benefit to make math a more exciting subject, which is the platform’s premise.

Students will have access to over 200 short-cycle games that focus on essential core concepts of math.

Teachers will also assign a variety of pre-made tasks, helping make classroom instruction streamlined.

By the completion of the program, students will have significant improvements with higher-order thinking skills.

There are several modules that this platform helps your students work through to better their skills.

Some of the most impressive modules include:

Just the Facts

In this module, you’ll find pre- and post-tests, helping gauge each student’s skill level.

As an educator, you can then develop a comprehensive lesson plan that focuses on critical areas.

Students will work through whole numbers, integers, fractions, and decimals during this component.

Very Important Facts

By focusing on the fundamentals of mathematics, students can better prepare themselves.

In this module, they will work through videos, written instructions, and practice questions.

Your students will learn how to decompose numbers, adding, subtracting, and working with double digits.

Workout Gyms

To help put their skills to the test, students will love this concept.

You’ll find plenty of short-cycle games that help build math fluency and improve automation.

Students will find that working with multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division has never been simpler.

Bonus Games

After your classes have completed their core tasks, they can access tons of bonus games to keep them entertained.

Each game has several skill-building activities that are entirely untimed and designed for practice.

Fortunately, each game is scaled by grade to ensure your students are still learning while having fun.

K-2 World

This module is specifically designed for students from kindergarten to grade two.

All of the available activities are presented in stress-free environments that introduce basic math skills.

Overall, this module is best for establishing short-term goals and preparation for further education.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Learning how this platform works is exceptionally simple for teachers, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Not only is it easy for teachers to use, but also for students, which makes it simpler to teach.

The effectiveness of the program helps boost attitudes and scores when it comes to mathematics.

By merely assigning tasks and games, teachers can enhance their students’ math skills.

You’ll begin to see a significant improvement when it comes to addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction.

As your students complete their assignments, the platform provides raw data to help diversify your teaching.

You’ll be able to see what topics are the most challenging for your entire class or individual students.

Using this information will allow you to create more well-rounded lesson plans.

It will also be easier to determine if particular students need additional support.

If you’re looking for a digital platform with many activities to choose from, this is a great option.

There are over 200 classroom activities that you can use to your advantage, even for distance learners.

Some of the most notable include:

  • Adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing fractions
  • Exponents, decimals, integers
  • Algebra
  • Coloring activities

For Students

Most of the benefits of this program will be experienced by students, especially if they’re not fond of math.

Mathematics can be challenging, regardless of skill level.

Adding games and activities that reinvigorates learners will be far more entertained and engaged while working through their assignments in class and at home.

Parents can also benefit from using the program to give their students extra homework.

Whether you opt for timed assessments or untimed practice games, the options are endless.

As students work through their assignments, their grades and performance points will be logged.

When teachers use this information to shape their lesson plans, students have a more comprehensive learning environment.

After using this program, they are bound to show a significant improvement in their math skills.

Also, it helps to prepare them for future education better, especially if they struggle with math.

first in math login


Local or Distance Learning

Students can work on their assignments from anywhere with an internet connection with a First In Math login.

This feature helps make sure that learners always have access to activities to better their math skills.

It also makes it exceptionally simple for homeschoolers to use to their advantage.

Parents can sign up for a particular type of account compared to schools and districts.

24/7 Access

Instead of needing to be in school to use the program, it is available anywhere at any time.

You’ll be able to provide plenty of assignments for your students to use to their advantage when it’s convenient for them.

Also, this helps you to keep your students accountable for completing their assignments.

Multi-Age Solutions

Instead of developing a program for one grade, you’ll find plenty of math concepts for Kindergarten to grade eight.

Students will have several activities based on their skill level and understanding, as well.

With every task, you can guarantee they’re challenging themselves to perform at an appropriate level.

Practice Makes Perfect

The approach of this program is one of its most notable benefits.

It’s true when they say the more you practice, the better you become at a specific task.

Each of the assignments available on this platform is designed as a practice activity.

By consistently reinforcing critical mathematical concepts, students can improve quickly.

You can also use it as a pre- or post-test resource to gauge each student’s efficiency.

From complex critical thinking to fundamental shape matching, there’s something for everyone.


At this time, the pricing structure for this program is based on each student.

You can contact their customer service department to see if there are bundle prices available for schools and districts.

The current individual pricing structure is as follows:

  • 12-Month Individual Subscription: $29.95
  • Six Month Individual Subscription: $19.95
  • 12-Month Subscription Renewal: $29.95
  • Six Month Subscription Renewal: $19.95

Math Made Easy

Adding this math program to your class’ curriculum is a fantastic way to boost foundational knowledge.

Students will grasp the essential core concepts to assist them with their math needs.

With the variety of engaging activities and assignments, students have plenty to look forward to.

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