Flextime Manager: Seamlessly Managing Activity Time

With a Flextime Manager login, teachers can analyze and effectively manage classroom activities.

To assist with improving the organization of all of your periods, it’s a useful planning resource.

Both educators and administrators can take advantage of the many features it offers.


flextime manager login
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The central premise of this program is to give teachers and administrators the ability to manage students.

Whether they are out for recess or inside the school during rainy days, it’s an essential resource.

Keeping students engaged and motivated with their studies can ensure every second of school time is used effectively.

Managing multiple classes per day can be overwhelming, especially since every student has different responsibilities.

With the help of tools like this, educators can ensure students always have an activity to keep them busy.

You’ll find many of the features are designed for a real-world application so that management is as realistic as possible.

Another significant aspect of this program is that it provides real-time and easily accessible information.

Teachers across the school can look at specific students and their assigned activities to ensure attendance is kept.

You’ll also find it’s particularly useful for ensuring absent students can make-up for the activities they’ve missed.

Flextime Manager Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

As you can tell, this platform is essential to the daily planning processes for teachers worldwide.

In the program, you can create an assortment of personal activities.

Teachers can choose what they want to offer, how many students per activity, and more.

You can create a list of multiple activities that your students can choose from to sign up for.

The dynamic attendance data provided through the program is essential for ensuring all students are accounted for.

Also, you have full control over adding and removing students from specific activities, if necessary.

Teachers will find this resource is especially beneficial for students requiring remediation.

You can establish remediation rosters to ensure students are completing their activities to the best of their ability.

It also ensures that absent students have more than enough time to complete make-up assessments.

You’ll quickly find this program will become an essential part of your day-to-day activities.

Teachers can take online attendance that updates instantly, and the data is shared with rosters.

You also have complete control over creating closed activities, regular activities, and remediation activities.

For Students

Giving students more of an opportunity to manage their schedules can help boost their independence.

With an account, students can choose which activities they want to sign up for, depending on if they are optional.

Once selected, the activities are added to their calendar and can be changed at any time.

Students can quickly sign up for specific events in advance or the day-of, depending on their preference.

You can guarantee they will enjoy having personalized choices to manage their schedules.

Since teachers and principals can track where students are based on their schedules, it fosters a healthier teacher-student relationship.

Educators can ensure they hold their students accountable for completing their activities.

Another exciting aspect of the program for students is peer tutoring.

Teachers can set up one-click tutoring management for students to take advantage of.

The program will automatically match tutors to tutees based on their needs and subjects.

With this feature, students can get essential help with dealing with more challenging aspects of their courses.

flextime manager login


Complete Activity Management

Since teachers can create an assortment of activities, students will have plenty to choose from.

All of the schedules are dynamic in that they update in real-time and are easily adjustable.

With the fully integrated attendance-taking, teachers can manage all classroom activities in one place.

Removing Remediation Stigma

It can be embarrassing for students to be told they need remediation in front of their peers.

Instead, teachers can quietly let students know they require remediation through their schedules.

Educators can also group all remediation students, so they don’t feel singled out from their peers.

Visible Notifications

As with any schedule, things are bound to change, especially in a school environment.

It can be challenging for students and teachers to check their schedules every day to ensure their activities are still in place.

Fortunately, there’s an optional notification feature for every user with a Flextime Manager login.

If activities are moved to a different day or time slot, users will receive notifications.

They will also receive an update if any of the activities have been canceled, helping them rebook open slots.

There are seven priority management levels for notifications to alert individuals of essential and less important changes.

Boosting Student Engagement

When students can manage their schedules, they’re far more likely to participate because they have independence and control.

They will be able to select activities they’re interested in to foster a healthier learning environment.

Also, the flexibility of the program allows them to make more personalized choices.

Improving Educational Ownership

It is far more comfortable to hold students accountable for their learning when they have developed their schedules.

When they sign up for an activity and are expected to attend, there are very few excuses for absences.

Not only does this help educators ensure students stick to their engagements, but students will be more accountable overall.

Better Student-Teacher Discussions

With scheduling, teachers and students will have more open communication regarding activity choices and types.

By listening to student feedback, teachers can provide more entertaining activity options.

On the other hand, teachers can express the expectations for students and their attendance.

Overall, schools can ensure all students are accommodated in the best possible way.


Getting precise pricing will depend on the number of teachers requiring a license.

It’s recommended you consider scheduling a demo to first learn about the features of the program.

From there, you can contact their sales department to get an accurate quote.

Some schools have noted that Flextime can cost as little as four dollars per educator within a school.

The Easiest Way To Manage Time

Time management is an essential part of operating a school and ensuring students are always engaged.

With tools such as the Flextime platform, administrators and teachers can make sure there are many activities available.

Students will appreciate how they can finally have full control over their schedules for independent learning.

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